Diet «Minus 7 kg in 7 days»: is it possible to lose weight in a week for a size? Important rules diet «is Minus 7 kg in 7 days»

The idea is to lose weight in a week seven pounds is very popular.

Care the idea each day to lose two pounds of excess weight.

However tempting the desire and resultat need to evaluate objectively. Unlikely to happen every day to burn a pound of fat. It’s just not possible physiologically.

However to lose seven cage is still possible.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the basic principles

Let’s really evaluate the problem. A day really to lose from 100 from 200 grams of fat. Accordingly, during the week it is hard to lose weight mainly by getting rid of excess water and fecal masses. But it is already done. Seeing on the scales cherished numbers, you can tune in to a longer process.

The advantages of the proposed «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» that the harm it will bring. The undoubted advantage of the diet, besides weight loss, will be even and healthy skin, good health and high spirits.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» – something between a mono-and a rigid low-calorie diet:

• the main principle – to exclude for a week from the diet all, except for one percent low fat yogurt and a very limited list of products. In the day you can drink only half a liter of fermented milk drink;

• instead of yogurt, you can eat the same amount of fat-free yogurt;

• allowed to cook in a kefir-based smoothies or cocktails with the addition of a small amount of fruit in permitted days;

• you can change the days of the week places: no harm to weight loss;

• the total number of these products need to divide evenly into six meals. This will avoid feelings of hunger;

• dinner until nine at night, but after – not. Breakfast was to be at eight in the morning.

The duration of the «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» – exactly seven days. After this rapid diet should be discontinued.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: how valuable is it?

Can be useful for a quick diet? Strange, but this question can be answered positively. However, only if the following two rules:

• losing weight the person is completely healthy;

• diet lasts no longer than a week.

What healthy «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»? The products that make up its diet.

1. Yogurt, like any dairy drink stimulates the stomach, digestive system as a whole, normalizes the bowels.

2. Low-fat curd is well absorbed, cover the body’s need for fatty acids, supports the elasticity of the muscles.

3. Fruit – a source of fiber, vitamins. Thanks to the fruit’s metabolic process go correctly.

4. Potatoes improves mood and performance, normalizes the nervous system, relieves feelings of hunger.

5. Chicken breast – protein diet with almost zero fat. It is entirely composed of easily digestible protein, due to which well satisfies hunger, promotes the burning of body fat by stimulating metabolism.

6. Mineral water cleanses toxins, stimulates the removal of toxins.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the first option of the menu

The menu is made so that during the day a person drinks allowed number of kefir (500 ml) and eats one approved product. The number of allowed product regardless of its quality – 400 grams. Thus, the total amount of food per day – 900 grams.


• Butter and potatoes. Starchy vegetable can be boiled or baked (in the oven on a sheet in the foil in the bowl multivarki). You can cook the potatoes in the steamer.


• Repeats the previous day.


• Yogurt and fruit. You can eat any fruits, except bananas high calorie starchy, overly sweet grapes and mango.


• A few kefir will be breast of chicken or a broiler chicken. The meat is allowed to boil or bake. Preferable the first option.


• Repeats Wednesday: yogurt and fruit. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Fruits can be baked in the oven or cook them a salad.


• This day waiting for losing weight caloric shock. Nothing to eat on the sixth day of a diet is impossible. The whole day will have to hold on to mineral water without gas.


• Again, fruit, fruit and nothing but fruit. You need to console yourself with the thought that this is the last day of the marathon.

Throughout the week, can there be an attacks of acute shortage of sugar. Before break breaking bad and eat chocolate, pretending that nothing happens, eat a few dried figs or dried apricots.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the second option menu

The second option is a guaranteed loss of seven pounds in a week – the strict buckwheat diet. You can vary what low-fat yogurt and apples green. Of yogurt you can drink a day not more than half a liter, and apples to eat two or three pieces.

To cook buckwheat is only one way, excluding cooking. In the evening a glass of cereal need pour boiling water (two cups of boiling water per Cup of grits). Perfect thermos. If not, you can do the usual pan, wrapped tightly in her towel.

This method of cooking will retain in buckwheat the maximum amount of nutrients. Salt, spices, oil cannot be used.

A Cup of steamed buckwheat to be divided for the whole day.

To eat recent times a day four hours before bedtime. If one feels extremely hungry, you can drink some yogurt.

Why such a hard «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» for example? Primarily because of the efficiency. The second point is the ability to clear the body is intoxicated, normalize high blood pressure. Yeah and spend money on effective way to lose weight is not necessary.

You need to be aware that to lose weight on buckwheat seven pounds in seven days really. But the price of weight loss high. The lack of complete protein, nutrients and fat in the diet – impact on metabolic processes in the body. For a healthy person, it is valid for a very short time. A week is the maximum that you can afford to sit on the option «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days».

In the presence of any chronic or acute disease this is weight loss impossible.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the third option menu

Lightweight version of the previous «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» can be called gentle. Together in buckwheat, apples and yogurt can be consumed daily fat-free cheese, yogurt made from whole milk homemade and natural vegetable or fruit juice.

Menu for one day can be.

Breakfast: a plate of steamed buckwheat, half a pack (one hundred grams) low-fat cottage cheese, 150 grams of natural yogurt.

Lunch: a plate of buckwheat, two slices of semi-hard cheese, fresh vegetable salad no dressing.

Dinner: steamed buckwheat without any additional components.

Late dinner: a Cup of yogurt or a small green Apple.

To use this option of losing weight as «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» can be no more than one or two times during the year. This is a very big stress to the body.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the fourth option menu

The last option is «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» suggests that diet during the week will be only three basic product: oatmeal, apples and cheese. That makes sense.

1. Oatmeal will fill a useful «long» carbohydrates that will perfectly contribute to the saturation even a small amount of food .

2. The apples will give the charge of the b vitamins, C, A, essential for normal digestion, fiber, and will satisfy, give pleasure, satisfy sugar cravings.

3. Cheese – a well-known product for weight loss. It is rich in protein, healthy unsaturated fatty acids and also amino acids miraculous. It is almost as low in calories, like apples, and has the ability to saturate a long time without attacks of hunger. Thanks to the cottage cheese legs, teeth, hair during the «Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» will not be affected.

Menu for the whole week will look the same.

Breakfast: medium bowl of boiled water unsweetened oatmeal. You can add salt very little, if no salt to eat does not work. Instead of oatmeal you can eat a Cup of muesli (no more than 40 grams). Valid a small amount of dried fruit. One hundred grams of skim cottage cheese. One or two apples. Unsweetened green tea. Coffee lovers can replace the tea with a Cup of espresso or Americano.

Lunch: oatmeal with a spoonful of honey. One hundred grams of cottage cheese. Two or three sour apples.

Dinner: one hundred grams of cottage cheese. Two or three apples. Tea or mineral water without gas.

The day you should drink at least two liters of fluid as pure water, herbal tea and non-carbonated mineral water. Dinner for three or four hours before bedtime. If the evening very hungry, you can drink honey water (in a glass of water – teaspoon of honey).

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days»: the output and contraindications

All four options diet for seven days are very hard. Just pick up and start on the eighth day to eat in the usual way, without any restrictions, of course, impossible. This can harm managed to rebuild the body and to reduce all diet efforts.

The best way to get out of the diet – gradually over the next weeks to introduce protein foods, cheeses, vegetables, soups, raw and steamed vegetables. At the same time you need to leave at least one meal the same as it was during the diet.

So on the first day permissible to eat a salad of seasonal vegetables or a plate of steamed vegetable stew. On the second day to vegetables, you can attach a piece of boiled chicken, beef, Turkey. Pork, especially fat, is forbidden.

Then for lunch you can eat a bowl of chicken broth, boiled egg, a bit of leafy greens. Dinner during the exit should be easy, without an abundance of food. It is permissible to cook your own boiled or baked fish with vegetable juices.

Since the second half of the week vegetable salads can fill with oil – olive, sunflower, Flaxseed. Allowed to fill the salads with a spoon of natural yoghurt or low-fat store-bought sour cream.

What else can be done.

• If you gain weight do not want to have to follow the diet at least a month. First of all you should limit myself in sweet and fatty. Cake, butter, white bread, meats, pickles, marinades – banned.

• If you really want sweet and forbidden, it is better to treat yourself to a rim of dark chocolate. By the way, it will help to cope with cravings.

• Very good to enter in the weekly schedule of sport activities. Home fitness too. Go along with Leslie, if walking have neither the time nor the energy. Spin the hula Hoop exercise on a range of health, walk with the children, husband or alone. Any regular physical activity will keep the body in shape, maintain weight, strengthen the muscles and will power.

«Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days» guarantee weight loss on average two pounds per day. This is an encouraging result, which can inspire the continued weight loss less extreme way. Proper nutrition, elimination of bad food and sport – the only way for many years to preserve the shape and good health.