Diet «Minus 60» — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about the diet «Minus 60» and sample recipes.

Diet «Minus 60» — description and General principles

Catherine Mirimanova developed a diet for myself. Just imagine – to lose 60 pounds, while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. The fact that she was able to succeed, is the main proof of the effectiveness of the diet «Minus 60». In fact, it is the propaganda of a separate food, supplemented by temporary limitations in the eating. After 18: 00 meals are excluded completely! It’s a real power system, which for many becomes a way of life.

Great attention is paid to the psychology of weight loss, it is quite obvious that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle will require a revision of habits and the abandonment of many of them. The generation of new, positive eating habits takes time and requires huge efforts. The use of these factors in combination with physical exercise allows you to become fit and healthy, and to redirect their energies to achieving the other goals.

Over time, the lack of dinner absolutely does not cause discomfort due to the body’s needs will be satisfied for the whole day. A feature of the diet is that no dietary restrictions no, but only up to 12 hours. You can eat whatever your appetite, and in any quantity. Followed by a lunch break from certain meals and light dinner for up to 18 hours. Over time, the body adapts to this regime. This diet is suitable for weak-willed people who find it difficult to follow the more stringent options.

Diet «Minus 60» envisages the fulfillment of three basic rules:

1. If you need to lose weight, do not start doing it from Monday, the first day of the new year, etc. you need to Start now — it is the right beginning of a diet and the key to its success.

2. Enjoy consistent restructuring your eating habits, entering into the diet of healthy food and rejecting the harmful, and discard large portions.

3. Choose foods depending on the time of day. Up to 12 hours a day there are practically no restrictions, except for milk chocolate. Starting with lunch introduces some limitations, which must.

Diet «Minus 60» — what products can be used

Glad that to give any significant products completely is not necessary. Will remain familiar vegetables and fruits, meats, cereals, potatoes and so on. In either case, the Breakfast, even if you always replace it only with a Cup of coffee. Better to eat, and it just needs to start the active metabolic processes in the body. Before noon you can afford everything, of course, not overeating too excessive. For the first time for «owls» in this can be difficulties as we have to completely rebuild the routine and nutrition.

To comfort yourself that don’t have to give up your favorite dishes entirely. Potatoes, pasta, sweets — all — products allowed, but only till 12: 00. The dinner menu can include, for example, rice, vegetables, salads, dairy products. Diet Minus 60 does not imply the denial or the limitation of salt — add it as much as you want. Of the spirits can be left dry wine, it enhances metabolic processes in the body. You can build a cocktail of freshly-squeezed juices, adding a little spirits.

Diet «Minus 60» — which foods should not be consumed

Have to limit sugar. Despite the fact that complete rejection of the sweet is not required. You can first reduce the number of spoons of sugar in tea or coffee (for example, from one to two). Sweet and semi-sweet wine is replaced with a dry or semi-dry. Fully it is necessary to refuse only from the sweet milk chocolate. In a pinch, you can replace it with black.

To diversify the diet, first of all, by changing side dishes. Do not overdo the pasta and potatoes — remember that there is still a lot of opportunities are vegetables and cereals that you can combine and prepare in different ways. Boiled, steamed, baked dishes – but only till 18: 00.

What is for dinner? As juices stimulate the appetite, eliminate in the evening their full. Fruits should not be used as a snack – it is better to eat them during meals. It is prohibited for dinner to use potatoes, pasta, corn, pumpkin, avocado. Not welcome and mushrooms, even in the composition of any of the dishes.

Diet «Minus 60» — examples of menu

A few words about water. Nutritionists recommend to consume during the diet at least 2 liters of water. However, the diet «Minus 60» is not the greatest limitations in products — for the whole day you will have time to eat as much food as you require your body. So do not force to drink water only because they need to be. Trust your body and drink as much as you want.

Lunch is the main meal in this diet.

Lunch «Minus 60»: Zucchini with minced meat in the oven

Ingredients: Zucchini (2 PCs), minced meat (pork-beef, 120 grams), tomatoes (2 PCs.), cheese (50 grams), olive oil (1 tablespoon), garlic, spices ( oregano, black pepper), salt.

Method of preparation

Cook the minced onion and garlic, saute in vegetable oil, add the mince, dried herbs and fry for a few minutes. Pour boiling water over tomatoes and remove the skin. Cut into cubes and add one-third to the mince. Salt, pepper. Zucchini cut into pieces of 3-4 cm, take out the middle with a spoon. The remaining spread a layer of tomatoes in the form and add salt on top place the zucchini stuffed with minced meat. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees. In about 30 minutes. After 15 minutes, sprinkle with grated cheese and when serving the finished dish — thyme.

Dinner «Minus 60»: Steamed vegetables with cottage cheese (4 servings)

Ingredients: vegetables – zucchini (4 pieces), sweet peppers (2 pieces – green and red), tomatoes (2 PCs), onion ( 1 piece), garlic ( 2 cloves). Cottage cheese (200 grams), eggs ( 2 PCs), fruit vinegar (6 tablespoons), chopped herbs , salt, black pepper.

Method of preparation

Prepare the vegetables. Cut the slices of peeled onions, also cut into slices zucchini (they should be small). Remove serdtsevinka of zucchini. Clean and cut peppers, remove seeds and cut into squares. Tomatoes cut into slices.

In a wide casserole put a layer of onions, peppers and courgettes, salt, pepper and add vinegar. Cover with a lid and simmer for about 40 minutes. The cottage cheese mix thoroughly with the garlic (skip through the frog) and eggs. Add spices, and put a lot of vegetables on top, not stirring, about 15 minutes before end of cooking. Sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Other options, light dinner menu:

— meat without a side dish (100 grams);

— porridge, or rice with vegetables;

— Dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes it happens that in any case knock eating schedule. If you are late with dinner for a few hours, then you can only use the last option.

Diet «Minus 60» — useful tips and reviews

Skin care

Those who have seen people lose weight on a large number of pounds, know that the skin might react to the loss of weight very suddenly. Therefore, the diet’s author gives advice to women on care of a skin of the face and body. Use special creams against wrinkles care for skin around the eyes. Welcome anti-cellulite, scrub, aloe juice, cocoa butter.

Physical activity

Do not have to overload yourself with intense strength training, but to give a day a few minutes for the gym and charging needs. And you have to combine exercise with fresh air. Choose the type of physical activity that you like – it can be trainers, Biking or simple Hiking in the Park – in the complex you will surely achieve excellent physical shape. And best of all sports to alternate — for example, in one day of training on the simulator, the other is dancing.

Psychological advice

The main cause of failures in the beginning of the diet – lack of confidence in their own strength. That’s why we delay its start, looking for a special occasion, any occasion. It is not necessary to torment yourself with doubts — start right now! Before you become slender, you should try to accept yourself as you are now. To lose weight should only be for fun, not for the sake of fashion or others. You can lose weight and can not lose weight – it is your choice and only the people have the right to decide what he should do. But if you choose a diet «Minus 60», you know — thousands of women have already passed this way and succeeded, and it means that can you. The main thing — not to miss lunch and dinner at first, so that they become a necessity. Of course, lightning-fast results should not wait, but it is not necessary to tighten the conditions. Love yourself like you are, and become even more beautiful!

The advantages of the diet «Minus 60» can be attributed to its efficiency, balance and softness, so it can use even pregnant women and nursing mothers.

By cons should include its duration. That is, the one who want instant results will be disappointed. But the effect of the diet «Minus 60» is long, and a weight with the right way of life after it returns.

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