Specifics of diet for type 2 diabetes: a menu for the week. The recipes and allowed foods on the diet for type 2 diabetes menu

Upon detection of the disease diabetes mellitus type 2 you need to reconsider your diet.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is sufficient to exclude foods that affect glucose levels and insulin in the body.

Really need to stick to a special diet that excludes unwanted products.

What should be the diet for type 2 diabetes: a menu for the week

The idea that you have to sit on a diet, pre-programming people’s minds in a negative attitude towards it. First, the diet was severely restricted, and secondly, a lot of time will have to spend on cooking. The diet includes simple dishes from the ordinary ingredients. Don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to create meals.

If you are using diet degree need to include in the diet:

• vegetable fats of high quality in small quantities;

• fish and sea products;

• low-fat milk and dairy food;

• all kinds of fiber, including cereals, breads (whole grain or rye), vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Proper diet should give the best available balance of nutrients:

• animal and vegetable proteins – 15-20%;

• fats – not more than 30%, should give preference to vegetable;

• complex carbohydrates – can be from 5 to 55%.

What products should be discarded:

• confectionery;

• margarine;

• sauces and mayonnaise;

• sausages, especially smoked;

• sweet drinks;

• flour products;

• sweets – substituted sugar;

• alcoholic products;

• semi-finished products and fast food;

• fatty meats – pork, lamb.

When creating dishes is very important to remove excess fat from meat, remove the skin – if it was a chicken. Need to cook without using oil – steamed, broiled, baked.

Selection for diet diabetes type 2 menu for the week

If you diabetes diet have to stick to a lifetime. But it is easy to make delicious and diverse. The second dinner will always be a dairy – the last meal can consist of a glass of kefir, sour milk, unsweetened plain yogurt to choose from. Example menu for the week:

1. Monday:

• Breakfast – make a salad out of shredded carrots (not more than 70 g), to eat a portion of Herculean porridge with milk and a piece of butter and to drink unsweetened tea;

• lunch may consist of any tea without sugar with diet app cookies and half a banana;

• for lunch, cook vegetable soup with a slice of bread, buckwheat with steamed beef cutlet and salad vegetables, drink berry juice;

• snack – you can eat a choice of fruit or handful of berries and drink unsweetened tea;

• dinner cabbage patties with meat, boiled egg, rye bread, tea from the collection of herbs.

2. Tuesday:

• is waiting for Breakfast cottage cheese with dried fruit – dried apricots and prunes, a small portion (100 g) oatmeal with milk, bread made from bran and tea;

• second Breakfast – ripe Apple and jelly;

• lunch – low fat soup with meatballs, 1 medium size boiled potatoes, beef tongue, too, in boiled form, vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumber, greens) and stewed fruit;

• afternoon tea – a glass of tomato juice, vegetable salad from any fruit piece of whole-grain bread;

• dinner – pumpkin porridge (portion 200g), small meat Patty, salad, bread, tea or compote.

3. Environment:

• Breakfast – egg white omelet with cheese and a slice of rye bread, endive with sweetener;

• second Breakfast – lemon tea, a couple diet pancakes;

• lunch consists entirely of vegetable dishes – the portions of soup, salad and stew, slice of bread;

• afternoon tea – fruit salad;

• dinner – cottage cheese casserole, her portion of peas to 70 grams, you can drink tea.

4. Thursday:

• at Breakfast a little barley porridge (no more than 30-50 g), boiled soft-boiled egg, cucumber-tomato salad, green tea and baked Apple;

• second Breakfast – banana;

• lunch – noodle soup with vegetables, buckwheat, chicken liver roast with the addition of onion, tomato or cucumber with fruit juice;

• snack – cottage cheese cheesecakes and a decoction of rose hips;

• at dinner add veggies and make meat balls, to drink tea with bread.

5. Friday:

• Breakfast – a piece of boiled fish 50 g, cabbage salad, unsweetened tea or chicory;

the second Breakfast – Apple or grapefruit;

• for lunch, bean soup, diet risotto with chicken meat, steamed vegetables, e.g. eggplant, bread and cranberry juice;

• afternoon tea – peach or tangerine;

• dinner – small portion of oatmeal with fish Patty, bread and a salad of your favorite vegetables, dessert and drink tea with lemon and savoury biscuits.

6. Saturday:

• for Breakfast you can treat yourself to cheese souffle, app cookies, exotic salad of apples and Jerusalem artichoke;

• second Breakfast – favorite fruit;

• lunch – fish soup, barley porridge with chicken breast, juice;

• afternoon snack – vegetable salad and tea;

• dinner – steamed meatballs of beef, a bit of buckwheat, and steamed vegetables.

7. Sunday:

• in the morning – cottage cheese with a salad of grated carrots and Apple, bread and tea;

• second snack – an easy scrambled eggs with bread and vegetables, tomato juice;

• lunch – pea soup, rice porridge with sausage, juice without sugar, salad;

• afternoon snack – salad of fresh cabbage;

• dinner – millet porridge, bread and prepared with love in an authorized manner fish, stewed fruit.

Recipes cooking for diet for type 2 diabetes, menus for the week

1. Bean soup. You will need: vegetable broth 2 litres, green beans, a small handful, onion, parsley, 2 medium potatoes. In the boiling broth to put the chopped onion and the potato in 15 minutes, beans. Bring to boil, after 5 minutes, turn off and sprinkle with herbs.

2. Cranberry juice – a Cup of berries and 2 liters of water. Sugar not use. Grind the berries, separating the juice, digesting the puree with water, separating the pulp, mixed after cooling with the separated first juice.

3. Cabbage schnitzel – need cabbage leaves, a little salt, breadcrumbs and vegetable oil, 1 fresh egg, which you beat. Leaves white vegetable you need to boil, squeeze a little, folded several times. Then, dip in egg, roll in breadcrumbs and lightly fried.