Diet Marina Africanoboi: it is weight loss or a good surgeon? What diet kept Marina Afrikantov, menu for days

New diet (weight loss) occur after weight loss the next television or movie star.

No exception and diet Marina Afrikantov, the participants of the popular reality show «Dom-2».

Arriving at the project in the form of well-fed girls with chubby cheeks, Marina Afrikantov soon left his «household» for a while, and to return smote them and regular viewers greatly emaciated figure.

Great view of the body augmented by the absence of the usual chubby cheeks, causing speculation across the country on Africanoboi plastic surgery.

Myths about weight loss Africanoboi

Manufacturers of all kinds of funds «for weight loss,» quickly picked up the news about postroynevshaya the Marina, and each of them now claims that his «amazing technique» has had such a strong effect.

According to information from the Internet, Afrikantov, not knowing recommends:

• herbal spray for weight loss;

• chocolate-slim;

• soda bath;

• green coffee

• monastic tea;

• Goji berries;

• Chia seeds;

• magnetic earrings.

This is only a small part of the «magic» ways to lose weight attributed to the Marina. But actually none of these ways the girl didn’t tried it, and, according to her, helped her to lose weight following a strict diet of Marina Africanoboi.

Detractors also helped to spread rumors about major plastic surgery, not believing that after a diet, Marina could get the cheeks and increase the lips. And they say that the work was not very high quality.

But Afrikantov has not yet confirmed these conjectures, and says that only the control over her eating behavior may well affect appearance.

Unsuccessful attempts at weight loss

Marina tried many diets, but none of them gave the desired effect – the girl has lost up to 5 kilos of excess weight.

Diets that tried Afrikantov:

• buckwheat,

• cabbage;

• Hollywood;

• Japanese;

• Brazilian.

This is only the basic diets that have failed.

In the end to lose weight more than 20 kilos helped the following method.

History of weight loss and diet Marina Afrikantov

Constant quarrels and misunderstanding with a boyfriend led to depression and rapid weight gain. Mono didn’t help. The former beauty Queen was forced to take drastic measures. In her case it was a lifestyle change. As she Afrikantov prefer not to share with all the complete technique of your weight loss, the stories of friends and publications in the media we have compiled a rough list of the actions that led to good results (about 25 pounds dropped weight).

Diet Marina Afrikantov was hard to limit daily calories, total ban on some products and diet. That is, by and large, the essence of weight loss in reducing the energy value of food entering the body, and a parallel increase in energy consumption.

Which prevents the diet:

• baked goods, especially pastries;

• flour products (including pasta);

• sweet pastry;

• foods rich in fats;

• carbonated drinks.

The diet lasts not more than 21 days. In connection with the severe restrictions may need to be taking multivitamin preparations, in order to ensure the vital needs of the body.

Meals diet Africanoboi

You can use the following the diet throughout the diet, but a lot of hard to stick to such recommendations, in this case, you can eat vegetable or fruit between main meals.

First day:

• Breakfast — tea with honey, low-fat cottage cheese;

• lunch – Apple, grated on a grater, add some lemon juice;

• dinner – lean beef braised with vegetables.

Second day:

• Breakfast – slice of low fat cheese and coffee;

• lunch – 100 grams of boiled fish and a Cup of fish broth;

• dinner – half a liter of yogurt, Apple.

Third day:

• Breakfast – muesli with yogurt or a fresh fruit juice;

• lunch – tomato juice with a slice of black bread;

• dinner – 100 grams of boiled chicken meat.

The fourth day:

• Breakfast – oatmeal with honey;

• lunch – vegetables and 2 pieces boiled chicken with no fat;

• dinner – yoghurt (yogurt) and a pear.

Fifth day:

• Breakfast – a sandwich of black bread and cheese;

• lunch – vegetable soup, some fresh vegetables;

• dinner – cucumber and tomato with a slice of cheese.

The sixth day:

• Breakfast – tomato and cucumber;

• lunch – chicken broth, a piece of black bread;

• dinner – salad with carrots, cabbage and cucumbers.

The seventh day:

• Breakfast – two apples and a glass of juice from your favorite fruits;

• lunch – salad and fruit juice (without sugar);

• dinner – two boiled eggs, half a liter of yogurt.

Repeat the above menu according to the methodology, to three times. At one time, the term diet should not exceed three weeks. Again, you can «sit» on a diet not earlier than in a month, otherwise the high probability of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Daily caloric food intake Africanoboi was from 500 to 1000 calories, too little. Weight loss in this regime is inevitable, even without increasing physical activity, and weight initially, will be to leave the muscle, and fatty tissue begins to melt away much later. «Dogadatsa» it is possible to «skin and bones», only the damage to the female body, when it is the same disastrous.

With regard to physical exercise, the Marina Afrikantov doing daily 20-25 minutes of cardio (running or walking at an intense pace).

The girl claims that the most difficult days – the first when the cravings are very strong, but the second week becomes much easier, and not so much want to eat.

How to get out of the diet of Marina Afrikantov

As in some other weight loss diets, and in General the advice of doctors and nutritionists, the above diet is the basic requirement: to drink a day not less than one and a half liters of water or herbal decoctions. To fixate if the result depends on losing weight. If to control appetite and allow a fatty meals, pastries and alcohol, dropped pounds do not return.

One of the guarantees of the success of the diet is the right way out of it. Three weeks of constant feelings of hunger have changed the body’s reaction to food intake. If the «present» birthday, to be sure – all eaten by the weight of the cake will remain in the form of fat around the waist, thighs and other places that he is not happy. To add to the diet calorie need very little, and give your body to get used to the new volume. Giving a day extra 200 calories, make sure the reaction a couple of weeks – if weight has not increased, it is possible to add another. As you saw in the balance of «doves», remove from the diet of 100 calories, wait a few more weeks and watch.

Note: under 150 calories means a small piece of bread with a thin layer of oil, or a bowl of cereal, no butter, or 300 grams boiled potatoes with a teaspoon of butter, or other products that must be entered each day one at a time.

To continue this control is necessary as long as the body will not go into a stable mode of spending is obtained from food energy. The duration of this process is unknown, and depends on the sex, age and state of health.

Doctors ‘ recommendations for diet Africanoboi

In winter, low-calorie diet Marina Afrikantova «for the lazy» «sit» does not recommend any doctor, especially before the New year: first, the idea is almost doomed to failure because of the upcoming holidays, and secondly, it is dangerous to health. In the cold season to eat more than in summer, for a man is normal, even necessary – energy cost for heating large. The best time of year for that diet – summer.

Similar experiments doctors do not advise women during and after menopause, teenagers, pregnant, lactating, and patients with chronic diseases (especially gastrointestinal tract).

Physically active people a diet of Marina Afrikantov should be approached with caution – from hunger, there is a risk of losing consciousness on the treadmill.

What do the followers of the diet Africanoboi

Opinion thin girls confirms the effectiveness of the method, thanks to him losing from 2 to 25 kg weight loss over a complete cycle. Without exercise the effect, of course, will not be stunning, but it will certainly.

Advantage diets – only healthy food, and lack of too small quantity.