Diet Maggi — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews on the diet Maggie, and examples of recipes.

Diet Maggi — description and General principles

Diet Maggi — one of the slender detachment meet your protein needs. Often it is called eggshell, and comes across the name of cheese and egg. Both these varieties are effective and do not require «testers» hungry exploits. The menu includes many more products than is determined by name — lots of fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs and even meat. Designed diet for three weeks, each subsequent week has a specific diet. During this time the expected weight loss from 7 to 20 kg, if of course you have this amount of excess weight.

As diet long, the entire month the body will adapt to your new weight and you will change your food habits. So to keep the weight off after graduation would be easy enough. When deciding on a diet of Maggi, you need to evaluate your body for allergic reactions. As the menu had a lot of products — allergens, it is better to remember at once – do you have allergies to eggs, or grapefruit? The presence on the menu of citrus fruit can lead to allergies, and my mouth will accumulate acid, and felt the tingling of the tongue.

The first part is considered the egg. You have to eat a monotonous Breakfast of eggs and citrus. Good results can be expected only failure from fried foods. Of course , there is no need to use such a diet at 3-5 pounds of excess weight — you can choose something easier. But if the expense of extra pounds is in the tens — that is, the chance to say goodbye to excess weight. It is desirable to add a moderate physical load and tune in to what this mode is designed for «fighting» character. And let you help thoughts that basically, Maggie is a balanced system, and therefore not harmful.

Diet Maggi — what products can be used

Basic foods — eggs, extra — cheese, meat.

Allowed fruits: oranges, plums, melons, watermelons, pineapples, apples, pears, kiwi, pomelo, tangerines, apricots, peaches, grapefruit. Vegetables — beans, carrots, green peas, squash, eggplant.

It is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water, you can drink tea without sugar, without milk. Sometimes you can drink a glass of soda, diet sodas. If hunger hurts very much, you enter the menu, fresh cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, but always after the main meals. Salt, garlic, and spices are not excluded. Low-fat cottage cheese you can substitute low-fat cheese.

Diet Maggi — what foods not to eat

Forbidden fruit for diet Maggi: mango, dates, grapes, bananas, figs.

To say goodbye for at least a month will have butter and any fats. Also prohibits the broth. Refuse from sugar, mayonnaise.

Diet Maggie is incompatible with alcohol. Alcohol, osvoivshis under stress, can cause a lot of damage. Those diets , which are based on the consumption of beer or wine, require a completely other «snacks». It is undesirable even to drink white wine, which many believe diet, even if you firmly believe that it is not tastic. In the far corner and threw the cigarette during the diet accelerates blood circulation, changing the chemical processes. Additional diseases can accelerate premature aging.

Diet Maggi — menu examples

Consider the characteristics of supply at each stage( 4 weeks — 4 phases).

The first week is vegetables, boiled meat and fish. And Breakfast is always the same — boiled egg and grapefruit. The first days of almost fasting. For dinner still cooked meat, and nothing more.

On the second day included more vegetables and fruits. Then add the cheese. Of course, about any pieces of Glebe, and especially the bread rolls, pastries and other Goodies. Sunday — only boiled meat.

Second week. Breakfast is the same. Second Breakfast is quite modest – boiled meat and salad without oil. Lunch egg white — 2 cool. Thursday and Tuesday dinner «given to the enemy» — that is, nothing is impossible, have to take lunch. Other days — a salad of vegetables or fruits. The second week of the Breakfast remains. On Saturday you can add a little prunes.

Third week — very poor menu fruits and vegetables, plus boiled meat. The first three days of low calorie vegetables, potatoes excluded completely. Boil the chicken, but there’s only pieces without the fat and skins, good white meat without hryaschikov and soft parts of the bones. Welcome steam processed to retain maximum nutrients.

The fourth stage is characterized by minimal use of eggs. Remains easy dinner, easy menus, harmonious selection of vegetables. Boiled vegetables will be combined in the raw, and it’s all in one meal. To end diet stock up on oranges and good mood — after all, you are the hero. The willpower of a person, who to the end are worthy of respect.

Diet Maggi will perceive not all. Many people simply can not eat this amount of eggs, even eating them with plenty of vegetables with meat. Women often replace eggs with cottage cheese, which contains approximately the same amount of protein. Egg diet Maggie is digested much better, strengthens bones, lowers cholesterol. To eat it you need quite a bit — no more than an egg. You get about 2 large spoons. But this diet may deter people who have problems with stomach acidity. To get results, enough to withstand 2 weeks of fruit and cottage cheese diet. In the menu you can replace just one ingredient, and therefore, the menu get less nourishing than egg.

Menu diet Maggi for 1 week

During this diet you will no longer need to worry about Breakfast. He will always be ready — because every day you will need to eat this morning boiled egg and 1 grapefruit.

Monday – fruit for lunch and meat for dinner.

Lunch: to choose the most attractive fruit of the allowed foods and eat it as much as you like in one sitting. It could be Apple, apricot, watermelon, pear, orange, melon, and so on.

Dinner boiled lean meat chicken or cook something from stewed meat (except lamb).

Tuesday — more diverse.

Lunch: remove the skin from chicken and again boil or fry without oil.

Dinner: boiled 2 boiled eggs and serve with a salad of salad vegetables — what you will find from peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes. To make toast, or some stale tortillas. Vitamin Supplement — 1 orange and grapefruit.

Wednesday: eggs cheese model.

Lunch — cheese, tomatoes, cook Tostik.

Dinner: boiled meat without fat, or braised beef. (Except lamb).


Lunch: back to mono-meal of one fruit is allowed.

For dinner again eat meat or minced meat, add a salad.

Friday fish menu

Lunch: traditional boiled eggs, plus a stew of several vegetables (without fat). (for example, carrots+green peas)

Dinner: boiled or stew fish, chop the vegetables for the salad, nice dessert — 1 grapefruit or orange.

Saturday: meat-fruit day.

Lunch: a mono salad, one (orange, melon, apricot, watermelon, Apple, pear, etc.)

Dinner: boiled meat without fat and skins, (lamb is rejected), and add the salad vegetables.

Sunday we can say more vegetable a day.

Lunch: boiled vegetables, fresh tomatoes, Kritsa (boiled or fried). Grapefruit or orange.

Dinner: boiled vegetables.

All the days you can drink tea or coffee without sugar and milk and plenty of water.

Diet Maggi — useful tips and reviews

To track results diet, follow a few simple rules. The next morning, be sure to weigh. Try at least a few minutes a day to exercise. The main rule of the diet Maggi — if you missed a day and got off schedule, need to start the week again. Repeat diet for the fifth week necessary at first, but then go directly to 4 parts. Additional vitamins are not necessary — the presence of vegetables and fruits will give the body the right amount in full.

Who can keep this diet? Yes, anyone! Men and women of any age. Remember about contraindications. If you have discovered an Allergy to eggs or you do not carry large amounts of raw vegetables, it is better to abandon it, and pick up a more suitable option.

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