What diet is needed in acute gastritis: limitations. Permitted foods on the diet in acute gastritis, menu

The exacerbation of a gastritis – a dangerous condition, which returns the symptoms of acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

At the first sign of deterioration is an urgent need to go on diet: it’s the only way to avoid hospitalization.

The symptoms of acute gastritis and a stomach

Gastritis is a very common disease. According to who, one in six of the 10 thousand a person suffers from gastritis, that is more than half the entire population of the planet is sick. And it is only those who went to the doctor.

Gastritis is a mysterious disease. Doctors don’t know exactly what caused it: whether improper nutrition, whether the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, or alcohol and cigarette «diet», whether stress. So and exacerbation of gastritis can happen at any time. Ate a Burger, drank at corporate pile of alcohol, smoked an extra cigarette, nervous because of the unjust authoritative reprimand; and the symptoms of inflammation of the mucosa is evident. Nausea, pain, vomiting, belching, bloating – the main symptoms of an exacerbation.

As soon as they appeared, you need to immediately take action. Especially if aggravation starts pulling severe pain. The first day should refuse to take food. All that is possible, – a decoction of dried or fresh rose hips in a warm, non-carbonated mineral water and plain drinking water. Allowed tea, but without milk and sugar, not cold and not hot. The total volume of liquid in the first day or at least 2 liters.

Starting from the next day for at least a week will have to follow a strict diet in acute gastritis. This means that you need to eat only permitted foods and cooking them in a certain way.

The basic principles of the diet

The point is to create a for stomach the most sparing conditions. The mucosa should be given time to recover. At the same time will be in the «hothouse conditions» the pancreas and liver to decrease bile secretion. The calorific value of the diet in acute gastritis will be reduced somewhat and is around 2200 kcal. Fasting is not necessary, although the diet is restricted in fat and digestible carbohydrate. The patient is allowed to eat complex carbohydrates – 300 g, fat – 60 g, protein – 90 g. the Amount of water is not regulated, you need to drink at will.

The basic principles of nutrition with the following:

• allowed the products should be either boiled or steamed;

• anything fried, baked is impossible;

• cooked food should be wiped through a sieve or blend in any way;

• salt is limited to 3 grams per day, spices could be added;

• fat should not exceed a specified rate.

Diet for acute gastritis due to the low calorie diet leads to weight loss. It is quite suitable for people with obesity, helps to establish lipid (fat) metabolism in the body.

Important points:

• introduced a complete ban on tobacco and alcohol, which will worsen the patient’s condition;

• 6 meals a day diet allows you not to experience hunger and do not overeat;

• small, no more than 300 g, the portion size is not traumatic and does not overload the stomach;

• extra gentle factor – neutral or slightly warm temperature of the food. Hot and cold dishes banned;

• during acute exacerbations of sports needs to stop.

To the stomach is restored, the mucous should not do to annoy: neither the spiciness of the dishes, no large solid pieces of food or temperature different from body temperature. As a rule, the restoration of the normal condition of the stomach goes 2 weeks.

The list of prohibited and allowed foods

Gastritis vary in the degree of acidity of gastric juice. Diet during exacerbation of gastritis allows for the use of the following foods and ready meals:

• stale bread or crackers from it;

• one egg in the form of steam omelet or soufflé;

• milk, sour cream, including in the form of sauces and dressings;

• well pureed low-fat cottage cheese, fresh yogurt (at low pH);

• baked and pureed vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots;

• vegetable soups with these vegetables with cereals, pureed necessarily;

• pureed liquid porridge, cooked in water or with a small amount of milk (no more than 1/3 of the total amount of fluid);

• boiled lean meat pureed cooked in a soufflé or meatballs;

• burgers low-fat varieties of fish;

• pasta;

• sweet compote, jelly, mousse, jelly, decoction of fresh berries and fruits;

• low-fat, unsalted soft cheese;

• tea regular and herbal.

A total ban is all fried, spicy, salty, fatty. It is impossible to include in the diet foods on the diet for acute gastritis:

• burning vegetables – onion, garlic, radish, radish;

• raw vegetables;

• raw fruits;

• mushrooms and mushroom broth;

• fish and meat broths;

• fatty meats;

• fatty fish;

• fresh bread, muffin, puff pastry;

• spices;

• beans, barley, millet;

• food and animal fat;

• rye bread (at high pH).

Absolutely not on the diet in acute gastritis alcoholic and carbonated beverages, ice cream, bacon. If you are using onion to improve the taste, then it should be as small as possible to slice and stew in a water with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Menu for 7 days with acute gastritis

A diet with acute gastritis, remember that overeating can not. When the pain in the stomach subsides, the appetite returns. But it is better to drink an extra glass of warm water, than to overload the stomach and stretch the mucosa.


• Breakfast: cereal patties of boiled rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, mashed and breaded in bread crumbs. You can add a little milk or sour cream sauce.

• Second Breakfast: black tea with milk and a little wheat crackers.

• Lunch: potato soup, chicken of beef rubbed with a small amount of boiled pasta. A glass of fruit jelly.

• Snack: fruit or berry jelly.

• Dinner: mashed boiled squash with meat Patty, steamed. A Cup of pudding or yogurt.

• Easy late dinner: a Cup of yogurt or a serving of fruit jelly.


• Breakfast: a serving of grated low-fat cottage cheese with a spoonful of sour cream.

• Second Breakfast: green tea with milk and wheat toast.

• Lunch: vegetable soup, a little boiled buckwheat with meat meatballs, stewed fruit.

• Afternoon tea: tea with a slice of soft cheese.

• Dinner: mashed potatoes with fish cutlet, steamed.

• Easy late dinner: mashed pear.


• Breakfast: flummery, green tea.

• Lunch: broth hips with fruit jelly.

• Lunch: vegetable soup with noodles, chicken cutlet rubbed with rice, compote.

• Afternoon tea: tea with milk and wheat crackers.

• Dinner: casserole of boiled carrots with sour cream sauce, a cutlet of chicken.

• Easy late dinner: fresh yogurt.


• Breakfast: mashed oatmeal with a small piece of butter, broth hips.

• Second Breakfast: grated cheese with a teaspoon of sour cream.

• Lunch: soup with rice and carrots, steam meat Patty with a side dish of barley grains.

• Afternoon snack: mashed banana.

• Dinner: dumplings with curd and sour cream, compote.

• Easy late dinner: slice of cheese or cottage cheese with tea.


• Breakfast: casserole of cheese with a spoonful of jam, broth hips.

• Second Breakfast: milk tea with wheat crackers.

• Lunch: soup-puree of cauliflower and broccoli, potato patties with meat filling, steamed, sauce on the sour cream.

• Snack: app cookies, tea with milk.

• Dinner: steam fish cakes, mashed potatoes.

• Easy late dinner: a Cup of yogurt.


• Breakfast: egg white omelet with a slice of dried bread, compote.

• Second Breakfast: green tea with crackers.

• Lunch: vegetable soup with fish balls, dietary pilaf with chicken.

• Afternoon snack: baked Apple.

• Dinner: mashed boiled buckwheat with chicken cutlet steam. Kissel from fresh or frozen berries.

• Easy late dinner: soft cheese, green tea.


• Breakfast: casserole of grated cheese with sour cream or spoon of liquid honey.

• Lunch: wheat crackers with tea.

• Lunch: vegetable soup, shabby, boiled pasta with meat meatball.

• Afternoon tea: jelly from berries or fruit.

• Dinner: dumplings with cheese or potatoes (optional), sour cream, and green tea.

• Easy late dinner: a Cup of yogurt.

If the evening feels a strong hunger, you can also drink half a Cup of yogurt or eat 150 g natural, the best homemade yogurt.

What you can do on the diet for acute gastritis

Despite the limitations, with acute gastritis, you can eat enough delicious. You can cook cereals, vegetables, meat, and dairy dishes.


• two liters of water;

• Bank corn;

• chicken leg;

• half a Cup of rice;

• three potatoes.

With the legs cut meat and cook it until tender in boiling water. Separately boil the rice. Send in a weak broth diced potato. Once the potatoes are cooked, put in a saucepan the corn, pre-drain the liquid and banks. Salt to taste, let stand.


• a pound of cheese;

• egg;

• three carrots;

• tablespoon of potato starch;

• three spoons of sugar;

• half a Cup of milk;

• three tablespoons of semolina;

• a pinch of salt;

• vanilla as desired.

Carrots grate on a fine grater, put in a saucepan, add sugar and milk and boil until soft. Pour semolina, stir and leave on the fire for 3 minutes. Curd wipe, mix with egg and starch. Put in cheese and carrots, mix, salt to taste, add vanilla and put in muffin tins. Keep in the oven for half an hour and serve with honey or sour cream.

• Cup of rice;

• a pound of cheese;

• tablespoon of butter;

• half a Cup of sugar.

Cook rice in water. Pumpkin cut into cubes, sprinkle with sugar and also cook in a small amount of water. Clean the rice (in a blender), blend the pumpkin, connect them and fill with oil.