Diet: how to help yourself to move it

This article is about how to help yourself make a diet mentally, to turn it from a source of stress source of pleasure.

Hardest of all to endure the diet mentally. Even if you get enough of essential body substances, even if you don’t face exhaustion, and physically you feel bad, from an emotional point of view, all might be not so good.

You know the feeling when you can’t think about anything except food — and it is one that can’t eat on the diet? When the hours between meals stretch endlessly, and diet food seems so unappetizing that she did not want once again to even look at, what is? How about measuring your weight daily and disorders from the fact that it decreases not so fast as we would like?

However, all these negative emotions can be if not removed then at least reduced. Tell you a secret: not every diet is right for you. You may need to try several different diets before some kind will result. But, no matter how many diets you have tried for yourself, do not need each of them to turn into a tough challenge and a good fight. Period your diet is a time of new opportunities and discoveries, so bring in positive, switch from painful thoughts to something good.

How do you do it?

1. Hobby

If you don’t have a hobby, it’s time to make it. With diet every time like how to start a new life, so here’s a great reason to add something else, of which you still have not tried.

Go back to what you always wanted, but for some reason it was postponed. Try to do some crafts, play video games, to start something to collect. If the portable hard diet you will start to do something new and enjoyable, then your hobby will repay a good part of the negative feelings from the changed diet.

If the hobby you already have, even it is possible to find something new that you’ve never had to do. For example, if you plant flowers, you can put what you have had. If you love photography, then it is a good idea to buy some not tried you lens. Think as it should — surely have available your usual Hobbies, there are some untouched aspect.

The main thing — to switch attention from burdens diet to a new, pleasant moments, which will give you your hobby.

2. Dishes and utensils

If so you now have to prepare food that is not very hungry, you should make the process a little nicer to cooking has brought more joy.

Treat yourself to a new, beautiful tableware, or kitchen utensils, of which you have been thinking of, but it’s not going to buy. If it’s some kind of kitchen appliance, how should break it, try all the possibilities and determine which you like the most. Try to cook food like you’ve never done: for example, instead of a simple soup to make soup, or chop the vegetables in the salad interesting figures.

3. New recipes

Surely you got a list of recipes along with the description of your diet, but it is not necessary to strictly follow it. Write a list of foods that you are allowed to eat, and then find a few recipes that are not in the description of the diet.

Try to add in food and spices that you have never used; or prepare new food for you: for example, a couple in the oven or blender.

Search for new recipes and cooking new dishes, too, will not let you get bored and dive into serious thought about how you feel bad no forbidden foods. Products will be allowed, diet, meals will not hurt your figure.

4. Clothing

To use or not use during the diet scale is a personal matter. Some advise to choose a good scale and monitor the changes; some, on the contrary, recommends to not get rid of the weights and not depend on them.

In any case, a great addition (or even a full replacement) for the weights can be clothes you can’t wear. This can be your existing stuff, and something new that you bought for future use.

Instead watch your weight, watch your sizes. Track the progress of your diet is not kilograms and centimeters; try not yet appropriate to wear and see how much easier it’s getting to wear it. Try to make yourself a few sets; buy buy this clothing shoes; pick up things like those that you wear now, but smaller.

Experiments with clothes will also bring you lots of joyful emotions and new ideas, and it is certainly better than counting the hours until the next meal and figure out will not cause any bun tangible harm to your diet.

5. Cosmetics

Together with the dietary products well buy and new cosmetics. It is best to choose those tools that you didn’t use it. Let your body rebuilds its internal processes and learning how to burn excess weight; and you yet enjoy the appearance. Tidy hair and skin: make yourself masks, nativities oils and take an aromatic bath. You can do the massage: do it yourself or walk to a specialist, and at the same time to look into the Solarium.

The effect of this will not take long, and even if the diet you won’t help much, well-groomed skin and hair is not going anywhere.

As you can see, in order not to suffer from the inability to eat your favorite food, you need to shift your mind into something more pleasant. Diet for many is a serious challenge, but the more new and joyful lessons, you will find yourself at this time, the easier it will be to move it over all the thoughts about food will fade, and you will not notice as the diet ends.

Your new classes will help and continue to not be afraid of diets, because in your mind they will be linked not only with the discomfort and internal struggle, but with something new, pleasant, bringing joy.