What is the diet for weight loss legs effective? Feed efficiency in the diet for weight loss legs reviews only positive

Heavy bottom, even in combination with a sleek top and slim waist visually makes the figure is too massive.

To rectify the situation will help physical activity and diet for weight loss feet, involving a varied and balanced diet.

Unlike many other nutrition programs, compliance with which makes you give up most foods, it does not require such categorical measures.

It is important not to deviate from the diet and be patient, because fast weight reduction is impossible without harm to health.

The basic principles of nutrition

Knowing the General rules of diet for weight loss legs, easily create a diet tailored to individual preferences. The main principle is that to expend energy need morethan it enters the body. In other words, we should reduce the calorie content of your diet, while avoiding the constant feeling of hunger. To achieve this will be possible by choosing healthy foods instead of candy, cookies, chips and other harmful things. After all, they do not provide the body with energy for a long time, however very high in calories. You should also give up alcohol. It enhances the hunger, so even a small amount contributes to overeating.

To the diet a balanceddaily menu should include proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Many have resorted to the mono-diet, like eating one rice or buckwheat, but do not lose weight or some time later again and quickly put on weight. The reason for this is lack of balance between the elements. After all, rice and buckwheat are carbohydrates, so there is a shortage of protein and fats. Therefore, each meal should include all these elements.

During the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats releases energy needed by the body. Protein acts as building material for muscles, hair, nails. Carbohydrates can be simple, contained in large quantities in sweets, baked goods, fruits, and complex included in the composition of cereals. Fats are present in fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, and abandon them entirely on a diet for losing weight in legs not necessary. To get rid of excess weight, you must reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates in the diet, preferring complex: pasta and cereals. As an alternative to candy and cookies can be used in moderation fruits and berries, honey.

Intake of healthy fats in the body provide products such as olive oil, fish, meat. They are also contained in nuts, which are high in calories, so do not abuse them. The protein source can be meat, fish, dairy products such as cheese. Every meal, except dinner should contain carbohydrates and proteins. And the first should be consumed in the first half of the day. In the evening you need to avoid carbs, replacing them with protein foods: meat, eggs, cheese.

How to replace harmful foods during the diet for weight loss legs?

In the early stages, to abandon the usual tasty, but unhealthy eating can be difficult. To move to a new better diet gradually to avoid stress to the body, allowing in the morning something forbidden. For example, a few sweets or a few pieces of biscuits. Gradually, however, try to abandon them. Moreover, there are many alternatives that will not slow down the process of burning fat and during the diet for weight loss legs.

The most difficult usually have those with a sweet tooth. Alternative to cakes and sweets can become honey. However, it is quite caloric, so it would be only a couple of teaspoons. To replace a favorite homemade jam is a low-calorie jams. You should choose those, which are no preservatives. Peanut butter spread on whole wheat bread, replace butter or cheese on the sandwich. It is possible to put the pieces of banana. This combination is tastier than any dessert. Peanut butter also adds to the mess. It is very useful because it contains vegetable fats. Dried fruit is healthy and natural, but high-calorie sweets. They have little and in the morning, add some stuff in the porridge in the morning.

As a dessert you can cook a casserole of cheese, eggs and semolina. For sweetness add fruit, berries, honey, and as the sauce use low-fat yogurt. Very sweet work baked apples. Of them take out the core and fill with cottage cheese with honey. If you remove sugar from the diet does not work, you can buy special substitutes, like stevia. She has a natural origin and safe for health.

Fatty meats can be replaced with rabbit, Turkey, chicken. Suitable beef, but cook it properly, bake in the oven or otvarivaya. Such meat is not less tasty than fried in oil. Mayonnaise is replaced sour cream with low fat, white bread – whole grain, sweet drinks, lemonade, natural, compotes or fruit drinks without sugar.

The menu for the day when dieting for losing weight in legs

In the diet should not be overtly harmful products: semi-finished products, mayonnaise, farinaceous foods, too oily and salty foods. It is based on should be simple and natural food: cereal, cottage cheese and dishes from it, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

In the sample menu offered a variety of options of meals from which to choose the one that corresponds to the individual preferences, and add to it a tea or coffee without sugar.


1. Oatmeal with fruit or low-calorie jam, cottage cheese casserole, egg;

2. Sandwiches of whole wheat bread with fish, an omelet;

3. Pancakes with low-fat sour cream, buckwheat or rice porridge.

Second Breakfast

1) cottage Cheese with honey, nuts or low-calorie jam;

2) Yogurt with berries or nuts;

3) a Banana;

4) Whole-grain bread and a glass of juice.


1) Chicken breast, cooked in the oven or steamed, with pasta of durum wheat;

2) beef patties and buckwheat;

3) liver stewed with onions and carrots, and rice;

4) and a Turkey and a few side dishes.


1) Baked Apple;

2) a glass of low-fat yogurt or milk;

3) omelette of 2 eggs;

4) a handful of nuts or a few pieces of dried fruit (raisins, prunes, apricots, figs).


1) Chicken with vegetable salad of cabbage and cucumbers;

2) cheesecake;

3) beef with green beans;

4) cottage cheese with cinnamon.

Second dinner

1) a Glass of kefir;

2) green Apple.

Important moments of people’s diet on a diet for losing weight in legs

You should eat often – every 2-3 hours, but small portions, don’t overeat. This principle allows to speed up the metabolic processes in the body and start an active process of fat burning. Before each meal drink a glass of water. This will prepare the digestive tract to work and help you to avoid overeating. During the day you should also drink a lot of pure normal water if there is no medical contraindication. The lack of fluid in the body affects health, causes drowsiness and fatigue, especially during the diet for weight loss legs, when you have to limit yourself to food. Therefore, it is important to always have on hand a bottle of water, to which you can add fragrant slices of cucumber or lemon.

A during eating watching TV, reading books, browsing news feed or communicate in social networks and imperceptibly eat more than necessary. Better to spend half an hour focusing on lunch, and all the things to carry out later. We should not neglect Breakfast. It should be complete and the most caloric meal of the day. It is necessary to include carbohydrates and protein such as porridge and cheese, or sandwiches with whole grain bread and scrambled eggs. Disclaimer Breakfast typically leads to overeating in the evening.

Between the main meals, which should be three, you can make a small snack. A handful of nuts, Apple, yogurt without sugar, or a little cottage cheese with honey will relieve the city will save from overeating at lunch and speed up the metabolism. Choosing a snack of fruit, should be eaten in moderation, as some of them (bananas, grapes) are high-caloric and contain large amounts of sugar.

To refrain from eating after 6 PM, as recommended by most diets, it is not necessary. Importantly, no later than 3 hours before bedtime, and dinner with protein and fiber. When overcome by hunger, it is difficult to sleep. Night in this state, the body has not been recovering. So if before bedtime the feeling of hunger, you can eat a small green Apple or a Cup of yogurt.

You should know that the diet focuses not only on feet but also on the whole body in General. Remove fat in a specific area is impossible. However, if to combine a diet of slimming legs with exercise, you can accelerate weight loss and strengthen muscles that will allow faster to achieve the desired shape.

Sports should not be too tedious. After you have easy, but a good tired. For the untrained body physical activity is a great stress, therefore, the probability that after a few times at a gym, for example, or a lesson in aerobics lost all desire to do. Better to start with daily walks. Most underestimate their role in weight loss. But brisk walking every day for a month will achieve a significant reduction in the volumes and strengthen the leg. Most effective walking to do on an empty stomach in the morning before Breakfast. During this time, just will have the appetite and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Another useful habit of morning exercise. Let it be a simple warm-up exercises for all muscle groups and stretching at the end. This complex can be found in video clip of him doing sports beautiful girl. Their figure will be an additional motivation on the way to patanatomy body. If you can not do exercises at home, you can join the group lessons with the coach. Diet for weight loss legs in conjunction with such aerobic exercise gives you a very fast result. However, you must train regularly.

To combine a useful physical exercise and have fun on the dance. Today there are many destinations for every taste: pop, dance, elements of gymnastics and acrobatics. The biggest advantage of dancing is that they develop flexibility and grace, doing light gait and form a correct posture.

If resources permit and the apartment has enough space, you can purchase a cardio machine: treadmill, Bicycle, stepper. Regular training on them is useful not only for figures but also for the heart. The presence of the trainer at home allows you to save money and time that would be required at a gym. To do it boring, you can simultaneously watch TV or listen to music. If you follow the basic principles of the diet and lead an active way of life, a few weeks later, will notice changes in: weight will drop, and the feet and the whole figure will look slimmer.