Diet for weight loss on 10kg for a week to get rid of excess weight. The best diets for weight loss of 10 kg, the principles of nutrition

Overweight is a common problem both women and men. It happens that the person is not a long time not getting on the scale, allows himself to relax, eat a lot of sweet and flour. The result can be predicted. After some time, your favorite jeans will not fit, and the scales will show unwanted weight. What to do in this case? Of course, the problem I want to solve as soon as possible. Diet for weight loss for 10 kg. There are several effective techniques that will allow just over a week to get rid of hated fat.

So if everything is «sweet» in quick diet

To lose 10 pounds in a week or 10 days perhaps, however, this technique is hard. Despite the great result, the system has a significant drawback. Rapid weight loss leads to the same rapid return.

For this reason, when exiting from the diet is important to build your diet. Strictly forbidden to directly lean on the sweet and flour, roasted potatoes and smoked chicken. This has a negative impact on the digestive tract, speed up the process of returning the lost pounds. The diet should be constructed so that the stomach was working properly, the metabolism is normalized, do not abuse the calories.

Diet for 10 kg now there are so many, however, efficient not all of them. For example, starvation. Of course, if a week to eat only water can be very hard to lose weight. However, as a result significantly affected human health. Fasting can cause the body. If you urgently need to lose 5-10 extra pounds, diet is necessary to pick up correctly.

Diet for weight loss 10 kg in buckwheat: the effective result for the week

Buckwheat diet is good because a week you can lose up to 10 kg, while cereals are allowed to eat as much as you like. The main thing – to prepare her «special» recipe.

One Cup of grits zaparivat two cups of boiling water for 12 hours (preferably overnight). It is strictly forbidden to add sugar, salt. Except buckwheat in the menu may include:

• butter fat content 1%;

• simple non-carbonated water;

• green tea;

• green apples.

Grapes and bananas are strictly prohibited, as characterized by a high energy value.

Approximate daily menu

1. Morning. 100 grams buckwheat cereal, a glass of kefir (you can substitute for green tea without sugar).

2. Lunch. 100 grams of cereal and 1 green Apple.

3. Dinner. A glass of kefir and buckwheat porridge.

Buckwheat contains many valuable vitamins, trace elements. For the body it is extremely useful. The duration of the diet should not exceed 10 days, as you can harm the health.

Diet doctors: the principle of fasting fasting

Diet doctors guarantee weight loss in a week to 10 kg.

To repeat the system is allowed not more often than 1 time in 1.5-2 months. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to spend money to buy expensive products.

Menu healthy, tasty, inexpensive.

The only drawback is due to insufficient energy value of foods, a person can feel fatigue, headaches, sometimes dizziness.

Diet for weight loss 10 kg in 1 week: detailed daily menu

1. First day – during the day you should drink 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water. The entire amount is distributed over 6 times, used hourly.

2. The second day is skim milk (on the day of 0.8 liters), 1 green Apple before bed (half an hour).

3. Third day to unload, as in the first.

4. Fourth day vegetable. You can prepare the salad of the following ingredients:

• dill;

• cabbage;

• carrots.

Dressed this salad with olive oil, salt, other spices to add is strictly prohibited.

5. The fifth day will be a repetition of the second.

6. On the sixth day, in the morning, allowed to eat one boiled egg. Lunch valid 100 grams of chicken meat, the same amount of canned peas. An hour before sleep you can eat 1-2 green Apple.

7. The last day of the curd. Per day allowed to eat 500 grams of low fat cottage cheese, drink 1 liter of milk. Before going to sleep is not forbidden green Apple.

Fasting diet doctors gives good results. The diet is structured in such a way that the body is cleansed of toxins. For a week method allows you to lose up to 10 kg, it all depends on the starting weight of the person, his individual characteristics.

Diet «the Mayo»: the loss of 8-10 kg per week

The basis for the methodology of reducing weight is made fat burning soup. Is it allowed in any quantity, the more the better. However, diet is necessary to diversify a little bit. The soup contains very few calories, the body will lack energy. Including diet other products can fill this gap.

To prepare fat burning soup prepare the following ingredients:

• large tomatoes (2-3 pieces);

• 6 medium-sized follicles;

• a small head of cabbage;

• fresh celery;

• sweet peppers (2 pieces);

• vegetable stock cube.

Vegetables washed, cut in small cubes, then filled with water. The soup brought to the boil, held for 10 minutes on strong fire, then the fire diminished. The dish is cooked until, until the vegetables are soft. At the end of cooking the soup for flavour and added vegetable stock cube.

Sample menu for a week «minus 10 kg»

1. First day – unlimited soup, drink plenty of fluids. Resolved any fruit, except bananas.

2. The second day in addition to soup, you can afford to eat 2-3 baked potatoes with butter.

3. Third day – soup and any vegetables (boiled, baked), but now the potatoes are banned.

4. The fourth day – a little bit of discharge. During the day drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water and also eat fat burning soup.

5. The fifth day – at least 1 time per day to eat soup, you are allowed to eat 400-500 grams of boiled beef.

6. Day 6 and 7 – soup and any vegetables and fruits except potatoes, bananas. Preference is given to apples, cabbage and cauliflower.

If during the day the person will feel hunger, to quench it allowed the bowl of fat burning soup.

Diet for weight loss of 10 kg on apples and yogurt

Kefir-Apple diet need to stick a little longer than a week, namely 9 days. The technique is incredibly simple. The main advantage is that apples contain a large number of important for the human body vitamins, minerals. System reduce excess weight allows just 9 days to lose up to 10 kg (depends on the individual characteristics of the human body).

The disadvantage of this method is absence of dietary carbohydrates. For 9 days you may feel a slight weakness, sometimes even dizziness. To repeat the diet allowed no more than 1 time in 3 months.

The approximate menu of the Apple-kefir diet

1. During the first three days, you can afford only yogurt low-fat (1%). The required daily amount of 1.5 liters.

2. The next three days the emphasis is on apples. Fits only the green variety. The required daily quantity of apples – 1.5 kg.

3. The last three days – repeat of the first.

Principles of diet, the rules of the «extra» weight loss

Presented weight loss of 10 kg differ menu. However, you must remember that all methods of weight loss have similar principles, the following of which is necessary to achieve the best result.

1. During the diet are allowed to eat only those foods which allow menu.

2. Daily need to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water – it is important for any technique of weight reduction.

3. Losing weight is fraught with lack of vitamins in the body. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase pharmacy vitamin complex, drink in addition to fill the balance of nutrients.

4. Excessive physical exercise during the «emergency» diet is prohibited. They can be fraught with severe weakness and dizziness, loss of consciousness.

Diet for weight loss 10 pounds in a week gives effective results. However, if you do not change your diet at the end of the route technique, the excess weight immediately comes back.

To maintain a healthy body, you need to follow some rules.

1. It is recommended to eliminate from the diet sodas and store-bought juices (lots of sugar).

2. Strictly limit the use of flour. For example, sweet buns can be replaced with a slice of bitter chocolate, candies, dried fruits, and white bread black.

3. Sugar is one of the main enemies of a beautiful figure. You should try to completely eliminate it from your diet. If you want to drink sweet tea instead of sugar added teaspoon of honey.

4. You must train yourself to consume carbohydrates in the morning and proteins in the second. This will help to normalize the metabolism, the body will function correctly.

5. It is strictly forbidden to eat 2 hours before bedtime, as during this period slows down the stomach.

You need to understand that losing weight on 10 kg is a very serious step. Any extra diet can cause the body stress, it is impossible to forget. To resort to methods of losing excess weight is not permitted more than 1 time in a few months, otherwise it will be impaired metabolism. If you want to achieve effective results and to prevent «the return of the» lost pounds, you need to strictly follow the rules of the chosen diet.