Diet for the lazy – best selection: the recipes, tips

We all love to eat, but to cook «proper» food, monitoring the number of potreblyaet proteins and carbs, exercise, counting calories is like not all. And, therefore, absorb all sorts of foods, click on fast food, sweets, not thinking about the counting of calories and exercise. Well, women who don’t want to spend a lot of time to cook low-calorie meals and exercise, can help water diet.

Diet for the lazy on ordinary water

The most popular and effective diet for the lazy on the water. Observing it is not necessary to increase the amount of fluid to five liters per day or to cut down daily meals to one or two than the sin of the individual girls. In fact, especially to limit yourself to something that is not necessary. Want to eat chocolate – eat. Willing to four times a day to eat high-calorie foods, hold for five snacks, drink sweet tea, please. Just remember that 20 minutes before each meal or snack (even if it is candy) you should drink two glasses of water (about half a liter).

Some girls resent that, pouring in water, they feel heavy and are simply afraid that due to the diet they will grow a big belly. I wonder why these ladies, do not fear that it will droop from pastries, fried potatoes, smoked meats. Leave your unfounded fears with regards to the fact that the water will stretch your stomach. No, she won’t dilate, but a large number of regularly eaten foods easy.

the above-mentioned diet for the lazy is not only to drink water 20 minutes before a meal. It also prohibits the admission of any liquid during a meal or within two hours after.

To comply with water diet for the lazy should be on for two weeks and no more than once per year. Fold over the 14 days up to 8 kg. Why is this diet effective? True, at first I can not believe that, without correcting the diet and not changing preferences, it is possible to lose weight.

Here are a few reasons weight loss on a water diet for the lazy:

1. Using the first liquid, we exclude the wrong interpretation of the signals of the body is coming, when man is hungry. It turns out that sometimes, wanting to drink, people mistakenly start eating. Realizing what to eat and especially do not want to be satisfied with one piece of fruit.

2. Taking warm water instead of food, it is easy to fool ourselves pritupov a strong desire to eat a lot. Summary: hunger is suppressed portions is reduced.

3. The fence runs from the calories that women could get from sweet sodas and juices. After all, if the girl wanted to drink coffee or juice, before she has to take a portion of the normal water. In the end, the juices already don’t fit and drinking water, as you know, quite low-calorie.

4. Psychological factor – the food becomes associated with the mandatory drink 500 ml of plain water, which naturally can cause the most optimistic sense. Therefore, in order again not to drink, many girls are willing to give up another snack, thinking that it is possible to do without it. And, experts say, most often it is the constant snacking contribute to the appearance of extra pounds. In these cases, most of the ladies use very refined, high-calorie food.

Regular drinking water also leads to leaching of biological «garbage», normalizes metabolism, improves the digestive tract, the hair, the complexion, makes a person cheerful, energetic, improves performance. Due to the reduction of the daily intake of calories and leading a more active lifestyle in connection with the increase of the energy level is intense fat burning.

it water should in small SIPS, making a little pause. Can be used mountain, or artesian normal «raw» water, but not boiled – dead liquid, devoid of minerals and salts.

if you liked this diet for the lazy, anyway, do not try to sit on it longer than two to three weeks. Otherwise it threatens the deterioration of the bladder, kidney, increasing pressure, occurrence of edema.

Since the diet for the lazy on the water leads to a partial leaching from the body of calcium, sodium, adhering to it, you need to take special vitamin-mineral complexes. Although the diet is not associated with limitations in usual intake, it is illegal to eat fried, sugary foods, pastries and meats still not worth it. Hot sauces, alcohol and soda should be removed from the menu. To improve the result and more to lose weight before you go on a diet, arrange one fasting day. Also it would be nice to train yourself to eat at a certain time, exercise regularly and sleep for about 8 hours. Water water diet is contraindicated in pregnant women and people who have liver disease, kidney, gastrointestinal tract.

Honey water diet

To follow the honey diet partly simpler than water, since drinking water accounts for only the morning and evening. When you do this, you need to drink not plain water, but a special honey drink. So this diet is strictly not suitable for people with intolerance to honey.

The recipe of the drink: 150 g of water are mixed with one large tablespoon of honey and ten drops of lemon juice.

Drink honey mash should be an hour before first Breakfast and two hours before bedtime. The last intake of tea should match the dinner. You can eat all foods except starches that neutralize the beneficial effects of honey.

Another rule applies to the daily calorie intake. It should not exceed 1200 kcal (along with honey). To be honest, the impression that pounds are lost not because of the honey, but because of the hypocaloric diet. But a number of experts claim that diet contributes to it honey. And to confirm his words, they submit to the court another diet for the lazy, which is not associated with counting calories.

The main feature of the following diet – eating a tablespoon of honey before bedtime. Some nutritionists assert that the honey activates a hormone that promotes active combustion resulting fat. Start the process of burning while you sleep, you shouldn’t worry about what you eat during wakefulness. But it’s better if, slimming dieting for lazy girls will eat more of milk, including fermented milk products, but will also love vegetables, fruits that are rich in fiber, carotene, vitamin a and do not contain starch.

For example, carrots, apples, beets, tomatoes, and bell peppers daily use of honey will lead to even more fat burning. Ladies who comply with this diet, told me that the weight loss was about 1 kg per day. They noted an improvement of skin elasticity, cellulite reduction. However, all as one said that the honey diet works well only when at least three times a week I do sport (go to the pool, to the gym, etc.) So maybe not in the honey business…

Diet for the lazy on the vinegar

If you like to lose weight on the water, but all the same you two cups of fluid before a meal is too much, then pay attention to the vinegar diet. Such a diet for the lazy involves the use of names that Apple cider vinegar should be diluted in water. You will need a glass of plain water and a tablespoon of vinegar. This cocktail should be drunk half an hour before meals or before Breakfast and bedtime. You can eat any products. Weight loss – up to 10 kg in two weeks.

Some experts believe that Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy for the digestion of fat, toxins, toxins. They consider that the vinegar is fit for fight cellulite. It has a tonic effect. With regard to reviews about the diet, as positive – girl really lost weight and negative weight – loss is insignificant.

More effective is kefir diet, the essence of which – the use of water with vinegar before each meal. In any case, remember that to lose weight on the Apple cider vinegar not the people who are diagnosed with hyperacidity of the stomach, gastritis, etc.

after drinking with Apple cider vinegar always rinse your mouth. This will prevent the teeth enamel from corrosion.

Fruit and vegetable diet for lazy girls

Water diet on vegetables, fruits and water – this guaranteed weight loss up to five pounds in a week and beautiful skin color. However, if you have oily skin, then you need to eat more acidic and a little green vegetables, dry – sweet, mellow, normal. The fiber, minerals, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, of course, very good for the body, but for people suffering from bowel diseases, such a diet for lazy not suitable.

Adhering to a fruit and vegetable diet can be eaten raw or baked, boiled, stewed fruit. Daily rate: two pounds of vegetables and fruits as much, as well as 2-3 liters of water. Can eat less. You need to eat only when you feel that you want to have. Immediately after this, drink a glass of water. If after 15 minutes the hunger is felt – it is time to eat. Products are divided into five or six meals. For borrowing form a good idea to arrange fasting vegetable and fruit day once a week.

Special attention to eating fruits, vegetables is given in the Mediterranean diet for the lazy. It also calls for daily consumption of olive oil, unrefined cereals, wholegrain bread, pasta, dairy products and sea fish (six times a week), nuts. In General, there are plenty to choose.

Stay slim, less lazy and get on a diet only after approval by the doctor.

The fight against hunger for the lazy

The most common cause of failure with diets becoming the inability to overcome the haunting feeling of hunger, resulting from restriction of caloric intake and changing dietary habits. In order to reduce appetite and to avoid breakdowns, doctors recommend the drug Cefamadar, which acts directly on the hunger center in the brain and reduces appetite. It does not contain sibutramine and works gently, without side effects, discontinuation does not cause increase appetite and return «reset» pounds.

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