Basic principles of nutrition to diet in psoriasis. Sample menu diet for psoriasis, permitted and prohibited food

Psoriasis is a disease with which man I first met a very long time.

Despite the fact that it was investigated thoroughly, there are instances when to cure disease does not work and he «lives» with the person throughout life.

The most ticklish problem is not even the symptoms, and the aesthetic side of the issue.

You can deal with it, if you pass not only medication, but also to properly build your diet.

Diet for psoriasis details all the permitted and prohibited to eat products. It is designed in such a way that, following the basic rules, people will forget about the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Diet in psoriasis: the basics of nutrition

Diet for psoriasis detail may be made only on an individual basis. The fact that the same diet for all people is not suitable. Someone may be intolerant to certain products. That is why a therapeutic diet is individually by the attending physician.

There are a few useful recommendations that imply the rejection of the use of certain dishes. Following these tips, people will be able to enrich your body with all the beneficial trace elements and provide for themselves a balanced diet.

The list of products not recommended for use

1. Spices. Many years of experience studying the symptoms of the disease allowed doctors to conclude that the food, including spices, have a negative impact on the General condition of the patient. In such products there is a high concentration of aromatic substances and essential oils that cause itching and severe skin irritation. This only exacerbates the disease. The most «aggressive» spice is cloves, nutmeg, paprika and pepper.

2. Hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts. Their use leads to a sharp reaction of the body to the allergen. It is recommended to exclude any items that have nuts. Even small amounts can cause severe irritation of the dermis.

3. Smoked meat, pickles and spicy food. They disrupt the gastrointestinal tract. Bowel instantly reacts to it that causes skin reaction.

4. Diet in psoriasis should be eliminate the zest from citrus. They have a lot of essential oils that affect the skin condition of the patient. Juices from oranges, grapefruits and other citrus are also included in the list of «taboo».

5. Fatty meats contain a large amount of arachidonic acid, which provokes the symptoms of psoriasis.

6. Alcohol. To use banned mostly those spirits that are made on the basis of grapes. They negatively affect the liver which leads to the formation in the body of toxins that accumulate and are not displayed. Even small amounts of alcohol is detrimental to immunity. For psoriasis patients, it is unacceptable.

7. Cheese is also considered a strong allergen. Despite the fact that this delicacy is very popular nowadays, skin problems it is necessary to exclude from the diet.

Diet for psoriasis describes in detail the reasons why a person needs to monitor their weight. In the presence of extra pounds is a strong stress on the joints, which are violations of the metabolic processes occurring in the body. For psoriasis is the opportunity to «break out». If you have problems with the skin, it is recommended to stay fit, not to provoke the irritation of the dermis.

Essential vitamins for psoriasis and the reaction of trace elements in the body

1. B vitamins, E, PP, P. for the most part they are contained in fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. When enough of these micronutrients, the body strengthens its protective barrier, which has a positive effect on the immune system. As a result the person will be fully protected from all negative factors that provoked the manifestation of psoriasis.

2. Zinc. In addition to fruits and vegetables also contains trace mineral in meat and grains. It is necessary for effective skin regeneration and stabilization of immunity.

3. Calcium in large amounts is contained in dairy products. Diet for psoriasis do not prohibit, but the products must be free of grease. Calcium calms the Central nervous system, soothes the skin, relieves itching and irritation.

4. Aminobenzoic acid. It is rich in vegetables and fruits. If a person suffers from psoriasis, to replenish the trace element is necessary. This acid prevents inflammatory reactions of the dermis.

The usefulness of ginger

Diet for psoriasis, is painted in detail by the attending physician for the patient, does not exclude the presence in the diet of ginger. This product contains a huge amount of nutrients, helps to eliminate accumulated toxins. Is composed of vitamins A, C, as well as sodium, iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus, amino acids. Ginger it is best to add fresh tea. It gives the drink a pleasant aroma and enriches it important for the human immune system substances.

Diet in psoriasis: therapeutic technique D. Pagano

This therapeutic technique has for many years practiced for getting rid of the disease without medicines. The effectiveness has been repeatedly proven. Pagano during his medical practice has studied the problem and determined how to keep the acid-alkaline balance in the body and to eat properly.

The technique is to turn it in your lifestyle. Purification and recovery of the organism occurs in stages.

The stages of the healing methods

1. Prolonged first stage – 8 days. During this period, the intestines actively to clean. The first three days the patient is required to stay on monofractal diet, the next three days on Apple.

2. The second step is increase the immunity, thus creating a protective barrier that does not pass the infection causing the psoriasis. A balanced diet is made individually for the patient by the attending physician.

3. Very often illness provokes a dysfunction of the spine. It is for this reason diet for psoriasis describes in detail exercises for prevention. Restrictions in physical activity no.

4. In the fourth stage, the patient is recommended to use the sauna and take a steam bath, to accelerate the process of cleansing and regeneration of the dermis.

5. Of course, stress is contraindicated. Only positive mood, timely rest will promote healing.

Diet result

1. Overall health markedly improved.

2. Itching will no longer bother you.

3. The disease does not progress.

The principles of nutrition according to the method Pagano

Diet for psoriasis on Pagano has its principles in the daily diet which the patient should follow if they want to solve their problem.

1. Mixing of products is strictly prohibited. Tea or coffee are not allowed to pour the milk and cream. Fruits such as melon, bananas, apples and watermelons are used separately and only in its pure form.

2. Eggs, meat and fish is best steamed. This thermal treatment method retains the beneficial properties of the products, if it «breaks» the molecules of allergens.

3. Fruits and vegetables are permitted as in pure form, and stew (a couple).

4. Grains can be consumed as part of oatmeal.

The amount of product in the diet

1. During the day at least 8 glasses of water is an important rule.

2. Lamb is allowed 2 times a week for 170 grams.

3. Poultry meat – 3 times a week, roughly 170 grams.

4. Eggs – 2 times a week for 2 pieces.

5. Vegetable oil – 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

Diet for psoriasis: detail menu for three days

When compiling a menu for a week should adhere to the principles of nutrition for Pagano. It is very important to follow the recommendations in the first few days, then you can slightly vary your diet and adjust it for you. We must not forget about the balance of alkaline and acid products.

Day 1

1. Morning. Oatmeal cooked on water or milk (skim). The dish is allowed to add one teaspoon of honey for taste. 20 minutes after a meal drink a glass of water with lemon.

2. Lunch. Vegetable soup, separate a piece of boiled chicken fillet. Together white bread allowed whole grain bread.

3. Dinner. Baked with steamed vegetables slice the salmon fillet. The dish is dressed with a small amount of olive oil, also added lettuce.

Day 2

1. Morning. Wheat porridge cooked on the same principle as the oatmeal on the first day. After 15 minutes the herbal tea.

2. Lunch. Braised celery with zucchini, separately, a piece protogenoi lamb.

3. Evening. Very tasty and healthy dish – bake in the oven cauliflower with a small amount of garlic and cheese. You can also eat a salad of beets and fresh carrots.

Day 3

1. Morning. Two boiled chicken eggs, coffee without milk and caffeine.

2. Lunch. Soup prepared with vegetables. For the second course – broccoli baked in milk with a small amount of garlic.

3. Evening. Stewed with carrots and onions pike.

These are only a sample menu, dishes you can pick your own, basing on the rules and principles of diet the diet for psoriasis. It is important not to forget about drinking regime.

Following the recommendations, the disease will no longer bother the patient will feel much better both inside and out.