Diet for high cholesterol — a detailed description and useful tips. Sample diet for high cholesterol.

Diet for high cholesterol — a description and General principles

Cholesterol may be different. The harm or benefit it brings to the body? As the diet helps to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood? Let’s understand what is cholesterol. and what role it plays in the human body.

The process of exchange of substances depends largely on the steroids, which include the biologically active substance cholesterol. From it are formed bile acids, sex hormones, vitamins. Without them, the correct functioning of the body is simply impossible, because it is constantly necessary to remove toxins and products of metabolism participate in metabolic processes of the body, to regulate the flow in the tissue of different substances. But at the same time, blood vessels can form atherosclerotic plaques that can cause circulatory disorders. In some cases, they can be very dangerous. Blood vessels become clogged with the direct participation of cholesterol entering the blood in the composition lipoproteidnyi complexes.

Excess cholesterol is transferred to liver and decomposed into individual components — metabolites which are then excreted. High-density HDL (lipoproteine complexes high density) enhances the anti-sclerotic properties, but cholesterol plaques can cause poor circulation and blockage of distant arteries. This most often occurs with obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, constantly increasing pressure, gout, liver disease, malfunctions of the thyroid gland. Diet for cholesterol designed to reduce the amount of foods that increase cholesterol in the blood. The consumption of these products should be restricted to first time diet, and then try to take her items as a way of life.

Diet for high cholesterol — which foods can be consumed

Of flour products should be preferred products of wheat flour, dry cookies, unsalted cakes. Welcome porridge from cereals (oat, wheat, buckwheat), cereals and soups.

— Meat and fish — only lean, without skin, boiled and baked. Sausage products – low-fat sausage, ham.

— If you really want to eat a herring is better to soak it in milk, seafood, you can choose any.

— low-fat dairy products;

-berries, fruits (fresh and canned), juices;

— vegetables: cabbage of any kind, beets, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, greens.

Do not increase the cholesterol level of eggs — you can eat them as much as the body allows.

Among the drinks are preferable to infusion hips, weak black and green tea, coffee, coffee drinks, fresh juices.

During the diet you can eat branny bread in half with wheat (150 grams per day), a little sugar.

Diet for high cholesterol — what foods not to eat

To exclude from a menu, use baking(especially products with cream), chocolate products, sauces and gravies, fatty foods — meat, fish, bacon, poultry, fish, offal ( kidneys, liver, brains, smoked and spicy food), cooking oils. Among dairy products, you should not choose too fatty.

Large amounts of cholesterol can give semolina, pasta, sweet fruits, and such vegetables as radishes and black radishes, spinach, sorrel. Strong tea, cocoa and coffee are also harmful.

Diet for high cholesterol sample menus

To lower cholesterol, you need to reconsider your diet, at least during the diet plan. Meals it is best to boil or simmer, to completely eliminate fried foods, as frying produced highly insoluble fats. Food should be unsalted, steamed with a minimal amount of vegetable oil. But to completely remove the cholesterol from the diet is impossible, but rather to combine such products with plant foods that contain high amounts of fiber. Vitamin D can give fish, and a small amount of fish oil. Minerals it is possible to saturate the body with nuts.

Menu options

No. 1

Breakfast: prepare omelet with meat (140 grams), buckwheat porridge, tea with milk (skim).

2 Breakfast» salad with kelp;

Lunch: soup, cereal (barley with vegetables, with added vegetable oil, chicken, steamed vegetable side dish. For dessert an Apple.

Afternoon tea: fill a thermos rosehip (200 ml broth), soy bread (50 g).

Dinner: fruit pilaf, baked fish, tea with milk.

At night: kefir (200 ml).

No. 2

Breakfast: boil the buckwheat tea.

2nd Breakfast: one Apple.

Lunch: barley (soup) with vegetables and oil

Meat steam cutlets or meatballs, steamed vegetables ( carrot), juice.

Afternoon tea: brew briar.

Dinner: chop the vegetables for the salad, dressed with vegetable oil. Fish stew with sauce. Potatoes. Tea.

A glass of kefir at night.

No. 3

Breakfast (8 am): egg white omelet with milk, butter and sour cream, or oatmeal with milk and butter, vegetable salad with greens, tea or coffee with milk.

The second Breakfast (11 days) low-fat cottage cheese to grind with a small amount of sugar, add Apple, Cup of broth hips.

Lunch (14 hours): cook vegetable soup from potatoes, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. Boil the meat and serve with a prefabricated side dish. Compote of apples.

Dinner: Crackers, white bread, sugar, fresh fruits, drink rosehip. Stewed cabbage with fish (perch), rice with dried fruits tea.

At night you can drink a glass of yogurt.


Diet for high cholesterol — useful tips

How to lower cholesterol with folk remedies? A simple recipe consists of only two ingredients — horseradish and lowfat sour cream. Grate the horseradish root on a fine grater, add one Cup sour cream. Take 3-4 times a day with food. Well to add to this one boiled carrots (not mixing).

To lower cholesterol also help vegetable juice.

The recipe options:

— carrot juice (100 grams) mixed with 60 grams of celery juice;

— carrot juice(1/2 Cup) mixed with cucumber and beet juice (¼Cup).

What is the normal cholesterol in the blood?

Healthy people have a rate of cholesterol less than 5 mmol/L.

If a person suffers from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, the figures may be less than 4.5 mmol/L.

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