Diet for gout: nutritional guidelines, sample menus, recipes. What you can and can’t eat during acute gout

Gout is a disease during which the person strongly disturbed metabolism of proteins. In this condition, patients are recommended a special diet for gout. About its features and principles, and will tell in this article.

Diet for gout: what can

The main objective of the diet for gout is to reduce uric acid levels in the body.

Thus, there are the following allowed foods and dishes that patients with gout can be consumed:

1. Pasta from durum wheat.

2. Soups with vegetables and cereals may be present in the diet menus daily.

3. Vegetable oil in limited quantities. It is best to consume Flaxseed and olive oil.

4. Honey can be eaten, but in small portions.

5. Very useful the use of cereals – rice, oatmeal, buckwheat.

6. From vegetables you can eat almost everything, except some limitations At the same time, better to give preference to the zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, beets and greens.

7. Allowed the use of homemade juices from fruits and vegetables.

8. It is very helpful to eat all dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt. Importantly, they were not greasy and fresh.

9. The bread you can eat is white, but it needs to be dried.

10. Of sauces you can use light cream sauce without spices.

11. You can often eat nuts – almonds, walnuts.

12. Sometimes the menu can be diversified seafood – squid, shrimp, sea cabbage.

13. For the second you can serve the pickle, beetroot soup, vegetarian soup and milk.

14. The fish you can eat, but not oily varieties and boiled. It is better to eat trout and Pollock.

15. From the meat you should choose lean varieties (Turkey, chicken, rabbit).

16. Eggs can not eat more than one a day.

17. Allowed cheese and milk that needs to be diluted.

18. Can of sweet marshmallow, pears, apples, jellies and light desserts.

19. From drinks you can drink tea with milk, broth hips, decoction of wheat bran, berry jellies and compotes.

Diet for gout what not to eat

Gout is forbidden to eat the following foods and products:

1. Meat and fish nourishing broths and jellies.

2. All smoked products (fish, meat, bacon).

3. Dishes with vinegar and citric acid.

4. Any preservation.

5. Sprats, canned fish and meat.

6. Mushrooms in any form.

7. Legumes.

8. Fatty meats (goose, duck, pork).

9. Fatty fish.

10. All roasted and salted.

11. Hot sauces and spices (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise).

12. Sushi.

13. The by-products.

14. Caviar fish.

15. Sausages.

16. Salted fish.

17. Semi-finished products.

18. Fast food.

19. Fatty cheeses and dairy products with high fat content.

20. Ice cream, cakes, cookies, chocolate and candy. In General, you should limit the use of any confectionery.

21. Alcohol in any form or amount is strictly prohibited.

In limited quantities, you can eat the following products:

1. Cocoa can be drunk no more than twice a week.

2. Tea, but not strong. It is better to dilute the milk.

3. Coffee often. It needs to be strong.

4. Sweet fruit drinks can occasionally. Mostly decoctions of fruits and dried fruits you should drink without sugar.

5. Whole milk you can drink no more than twice a week

6. Sausage can be no more than twice a week.

Diet for gout menu for a week


1. Breakfast: soup squash, yogurt, Apple.

2. Second Breakfast — nuts, a decoction of the dried fruit.

3. For lunch you can cook soup, steam chicken cutlet, salad of boiled beet and green tea.

4. Afternoon tea – a glass of kefir and app cookies with raisins.

5. For dinner to cook chicken roll with prunes and cream sauce, mashed potatoes and cucumber salad. From drinks — cocoa.

6. Before bedtime drink a glass of sour milk.


1. For Breakfast porridge with berries and nuts, green tea and toast.

2. Second Breakfast – baked Apple with honey.

3. To cook for dinner buckwheat soup with meatballs. Drinks – Apple juice.

4. Afternoon tea – a decoction of rose hips, rye bread.

5. For dinner to serve baked fish with vegetables and potatoes, cheesecake and pudding.

6. Before bedtime drink a glass of buttermilk.


1. For Breakfast, either light soup of carrot and broccoli, fruit juice and vegetable stew.

2. Second Breakfast – fruit mousse and juice.

3. For lunch to cook milk soup with noodles and boiled egg. Drinks – berry broth.

4. Snack – cottage cheese casserole with fruit, and strong coffee.

5. For dinner to cook rice porridge, cabbage rolls and beet salad with cucumber. From drinks mint tea.

6. Before going to bed drink a yogurt.


1. Apply for Breakfast pancakes with jam, juice carrot-Apple.

2. Second Breakfast – a glass of milk and a bun.

3. For lunch to make home-made chicken liver pate, sour cream, soup and vegetable stew. From drinks – broth hips.

4. Afternoon tea — milk, nuts, honey.

5. For dinner to cook boiled shrimp with sauce, stewed potatoes with carrots and eggplant. To drink green tea.

6. Before going to bed drink a yogurt.


1. For Breakfast serve soup with buckwheat greens, toast and tea.

2. Second Breakfast – cheese, nuts and yogurt.

3. For lunch to cook rabbit stew with vegetables and buckwheat. Drink – a decoction of bran.

4. Afternoon tea – Apple juice.

5. Cook for dinner boiled fish with rice.

6. For the second dinner to apply the yogurt and cottage cheese casserole.


1. Breakfast – vegetable puree, beetroot salad, tea.

2. Second Breakfast – banana, fermented baked milk.

3. For lunch to bring a dish of beef, cheese, and rye bread. From drinks coffee.

4. Snack — yogurt.

5. For dinner to cook buckwheat porridge, boiled egg and salad vegetables. From drinks — broth hips.

6. Before sleep drink warm milk.


1. For Breakfast to cook pancakes with jam and tea.

2. Second Breakfast – fruit salad.

3. For lunch to cook barbecue chicken in the oven and vegetables. You can drink peppermint tea.

4. Afternoon tea – a glass of buttermilk.

5. For dinner to cook stuffed fish with vegetables and potatoes. To drink the juice.

6. Before going to bed drink kefir.

This menu is not final. It is possible to add other dietary dishes, the recipes of which now not a problem to find.

Diet for gout: principles of nutrition

There are such principles of nutrition for gout:

1. A sick person with gout need to maintain a certain diet. Thus, you need to eat at the same time, not missing meals.

2. A day should be at least five meals a day, including light snacks of fruit.

3. Serving dishes should not be too large, so people do not overeat. At the same time, fasting is strictly prohibited.

4. In the day you should drink up to two liters of pure water, not counting the fluids from juices, soups, etc. you can Also drink mineral water.

5. Served with optimal temperature. Can not eat too hot or cold foods.

6. People who are overweight are advised to contact an experienced dietitian, which will additionally write them a diet menu. The main thing is to avoid fasting, as this may lead to the opposite of a slimming effect.

7. We need to completely eliminate from the diet salt and sugar.

8. Do not overload the menu, indigestible food. Thus, fish, meat, legumes and liver better to eat at different times.

9. Is strictly prohibited the night of the meal. The last meal should be two hours before bedtime. After that, you can only drink water.

10. All meats and fish must undergo heat treatment. It is best to boil. In addition, it is also allowed stewing and steaming. As for frying, this cooking method is strictly prohibited.

11. It is useful to arrange fasting days for gout, that is, at least once a week to eat only vegetable or dairy food. Before that it is better to consult a doctor.

12. People with gout need to avoid overheating, as this can cause deterioration in their condition.

13. All vitamins can be taken, but only with the permission of the doctor.

14. A day can be consumed not more than 400 grams of carbs and 80 g fat.

15. The basis of the diet in gout should be prepared liquid meals, vegetables and fruit. Also often need to eat cereals and dairy products.

16. In that case, if in addition to the gout a person is suffering from severe concomitant diseases (diabetes, hypertension), the diet must be selected with reference to these pathologies. Also the patient should consult with additional experts.

17. Time of treatment of gout a person should give up Smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle.

18. In acute gout the patient should eat only liquid or pureed meals in the form of soups or mousses. They will be better absorbed.

Very often gout is diagnosed in people who suffer from excess weight. In this case, the patient is on a special diet, which is aimed at stabilizing and weight. At the same time, power provides for the practice of fasting days to three times a week.

Choosing diet, the doctor must consider not only the underlying disease of the patient, but also his weight, age, overall health and the presence of concomitant diseases.

The overall success of gout treatment, traditional methods of treatment largely depends on the correct observance of the diet, because even a one-time overeating or intake of fatty foods can greatly aggravate the patient’s condition.