Diet for gastritis — a detailed description and useful tips. How to eat with gastritis.

Diet for gastritis — a description and General principles

In our stressful time prevalent diseases associated with poor diet, fast food, Smoking and alcohol abuse. First of all, this gastritis – inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which is accompanied by swelling and aching or sharp pain in the upper abdomen. Among the common symptoms are also observed nausea, vomiting, belching. Stomach constantly feels like a crowded vessel, there is a lack of appetite and weight loss. In addition to stress and improper diet can cause this disease can also of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

There are several types of gastritis, therefore, the diet for patients may vary. In acute gastritis diet is the most severe, remission allows you to expand the diet. However, any stage or form of this disease mean a strict ban on alcohol, fried, fatty and spicy foods. In addition, you must refrain from Smoking. Meals should be regular, about 5-6 meals a day, food must be thoroughly chewed.

Diet for gastritis — what products can be used

Gastritis with low and high acidity of the food will be slightly different.

At high pH

Bakery products: bread only yesterday baking, wheat, dry biscuits and cookies, biscuits nesdobnoe only 1-2 times a week, cakes of dough baked nesdobnoe. Allowed to boil noodles and pasta.

Cereals: preferably cooking inviscid and pureed porridge with water or milk from semolina, buckwheat and oats, as well as soufflés and puddings.

First courses: soups are one of those vegetables that are allowed, with the addition of well cooked cereals, seasoned with butter soups on vegetable broth, well cooked meat or chicken.

Main dishes: low fat steam and boiled dishes. You can use meat, poultry and some offal: tongue, liver.

Eggs: can be eaten only cooked soft-boiled or scrambled eggs cooked in a double boiler.

Fish: low-fat, steam or boiled in water.

Fruits and vegetables: steamed or pureed.

Also allowed to eat moderate amounts of sugar, honey, marshmallows and candy, jam.

Dairy products: sour, you can prepare dishes of them.

Drinks: weak tea, juice is not too acidic, cocoa, or coffee with milk.

At low pH

Breads: white bread, slightly stale or dried, whether to use flour or 1st and 2nd grade. Buns and cakes from nesdobnoe dough pies with cooked filling (rice, meat, fish, cheese, jam, eggs). Noodles and pasta.

Grits: cook crisp cereal with water or with milk of all cereals. Pilaf is desirable to prepare low-fat and no meat.

First courses: soups broths of meat, rather weak or with meatballs, soup, and soup without sour products (sauerkraut, tomato, pickles).

Meat: low fat, without tendons and skin, boiled, fried and baked. Chicken, hot dogs and sausages dairy, language, permitted food stuffed pancakes.

Fish: low-fat, boiled in water, also it can braise, bake or fry.

Vegetables: boiled, steamed or baked.

Fruit: use only not rude and not very sour, cook compotes and kissels, mousses.

Dairy products are allowed not perechislennye, only with a normal acidity, fresh butter, refined vegetable oil, eggs.

Drinks: tea, fruit and vegetable drinks and juices, diluted with water, cocoa or coffee with milk, stewed fruit.

Diet for gastritis — what foods not to eat

In gastritis with high acidity before a person must reduce in the gastric juice the secretion of hydrochloric acid. So you can not consume foods that can trigger its excess allocation. It’s rough, smoked, salted, sokogonnym and spicy foods, marinades, pickles and spices.

Excluded from the diet:

Rye bread and fresh, sweet and flaky pastries.

Cereals: barley and barley, beans and millet.

Broth: meat, fish, mushroom, vegetables, okroshka, borsch and cabbage soup.

Meat: fatty, stringy, canned.

Fish: fatty and salty, canned fish.

Vegetables and fruits: cabbage, onions, spinach, canned, pickled and marinated vegetables, pickles and mushrooms.

Dairy: limit ice cream and chocolate, sour, spicy and salty cheese, dairy products with a too high acidity.

Eggs: hard-boiled and scrambled eggs.

Drink: carbonated black coffee, beer, champagne, alcohol, brew.

Also forbidden to eat hot spices: horseradish, hot sauces, mustard and vegetable and animal fats.

Not recommended to use any products with vinegar and salted, and are also unripe berries and fruits, dried fruits.

Gastritis with low acidity

Low acidity makes it difficult to digest heavy food, irritating the gastric mucosa. Diet in many cases, helps to normalize the acidity. Can’t have cold and very hot dishes and also hot and spicy.

Excluded from the diet:

Bread and cereals: fresh bread from any flour, flour products.

Cereals: corn, barley, millet, legumes.

Soups: dairy, pea and bean, millet.

Meat and fish: oily and hard spitting, to limit consumption of mutton and pork. You can not eat smoked and salted fish, canned in marinade.

Vegetables and fruits: raw, fermented, marinated and pickled ( cucumber, radish, onion) and mushrooms and garlic, rough and raw fruits and solid grains( raspberry, red currants, gooseberries).

Milk: rennet cheese, foods high in acidity and limit the use of sour cream.

Fat: beef, mutton fat, lard.

Spicy seasonings: pepper, horseradish, spicy and fatty sauces, mustard, grape juice, beer, kvass.

Diet for gastritis — examples menu

In acute outbreaks of disease should consult a doctor and discuss with him diet. Menu of a patient with gastritis in remission stage should include all the necessary for the human body components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and mineral salts. The first meal should not be too abundant, after sleeping for another production of digestive juices a little inhibited. The second meal in two or three hours after Breakfast, then lunch, snack two to three hours, dinner about 19 hours. Before bedtime can drink a glass of milk, juice or liquid jelly, in order to avoid a night of sucking in the stomach and discomfort in the digestive tract.

Breakfast semolina or rice porridge, steam cutlets, a glass of light, of warm tea. It is also recommended potato or carrot puree, scrambled eggs, boiled lean fish and cooked vegetables: beets, cauliflower.

Second Breakfast: it is recommended to use a drink and a sandwich. For example, a glass of juice or liquid soup allowed fruits and berries (raspberries or black currants, apples, cherries, plums). Alternatively, you can choose dairy products (a glass of milk a day yogurt or fresh kefir, coffee with milk). Sandwich: a slice of stale bread with butter, doctor’s sausage, Apple or blackcurrant jam.

Lunch: salad — vinaigrette with sunflower oil (potatoes, beets, carrots). Vegetable soup, can also be included in the diet of dairy soups – vermicelli or rice.

Of the meat products on the second prepare steam cutlets from meat or chicken, fish cakes, boiled lean fish or meat. Side dish: potato or carrot puree, boiled beets, mashed rice (buckwheat) porridge. The third served the compote liquid or jelly with fruit (apples, plums, raspberries, apricots, peaches cherries, black currants) .

As a dessert is quite suitable for baked apples with sugar syrup, fruit and berry mousse, fresh cream, whipped with sugar. You can eat some ice cream, fruit juices and syrups rich in vitamins.

Afternoon tea: tea and nesdobnoe bun, a sandwich with fresh butter or milk, juice, yogurt, one-day yogurt, jelly.

Dinner: cabbage rolls, boiled egg, boiled potatoes, liver pate, rice or semolina (you can add fruit syrup), cottage cheese with milk, weak tea, milk with the addition of a small amount of sugar.

Diet for gastritis — useful tips and reviews

As a rule, in the preparation of food for patients with gastritis have to eliminate virtually all spices. The food didn’t seem fresh, you can add more greens, perfectly suited for these purposes, parsley, dill and celery. Moreover, it is important to provide the body with vitamins. Finely chop the herbs and add it to all dishes during a meal. Food must be fractional, but without the snack, so the stomach has time to digest the food. It is very important to chew your food. Incorrectly and hastily chewed food is one of the first risks of developing the disease. You must chew every bite at least 25 seconds to the stomach got gruel, which is easy to digest.

Remember that the treatment of gastritis is, above all, adherence to the principles of rational nutrition. For reviews people who adhered to a strict diet in gastritis, the pain and symptoms of the disease took place by themselves within a month.

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