The mainstay of treatment of colitis bowel diet! Diet for colitis bowel: product list and sample menu for 7 days

Colitis the bowel is a disease that brings a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

It is manifested by the inflammatory process occurring in the gut and damaging the mucosa.

The doctors divide the disease into two forms, acute and chronic. Colitis treated holistically with medication and a special diet.

Diet for colitis the bowel is appointed by the doctor and promotes faster recovery.

When you must go on a special diet?

Diet prescribed when a person is diagnosed with «colitis of the bowel». It can be defined independently and to contact the physician to clarify the disease and passing the necessary examinations and tests.

Recognize colitis following symptoms:

• frequent rumbling in the abdomen;

• soreness;

• flatulence;

• violation of the chair;

• a feeling of weakness and fatigue;

• in rare cases, a slight fever.

Bouts with colitis occur abruptly and can last from three to ten days. When it appears, the person feels severe pain in the abdomen. Thus it is necessary to go to the doctor. He will prescribe the necessary treatment and sign an appropriate diet.

The basic principles of the diet

There are two types of diet. They depend on the form of the disease. If the forms are periodically alternated, and food will also be replaced.

Diet for colitis of the intestine excludes the use of products that can cause fermentation and decomposition processes during digestion. Also the limited consumption of calories per day should be no more than 2000 kcal.

Diet for colitis of the bowel in the acute form

When the disease worsens to eat only a limited number of products. In the first days the patient is desirable and possible to use only liquid. It helps to cleanse the intestines. Then the doctor gradually begins to introduce light foods.

These include:

• crackers;

• fruit;

• eggs boiled;

• vegetable soups with the addition of lean meat;

• fish low-fat varieties;

• compote of berries and fruits;

• cottage cheese;

• weak tea.

Meals can be prepared from boiled, stewed and steamed foods. Do not use seasonings and spices.

Duration of the diet prescribed by a doctor.

Diet for colitis of the intestine in the chronic form

In chronic colitis can be eaten all the food from the allowed list. You can add lean fish weak Ambassador, oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. More likely to use low-fat milk and yogurt, stewed berries, fruit and vegetables, and natural juices.

Food should be varied. You need to eat at least five times a day. Products you can boil, bake and simmer.

The foods allowed

The disease is always accompanied by problems with the chair. Food depends on what kind of chair the patient. For constipation or diarrhea used in different products, which promote rapid normalization.

If constipation is allowed to use the following:

• a soup prepared without meat with vegetables;

• broth, cooked lean meat without oil;

• meat low-fat varieties of boiled or steamed;

• soups made from lean fish (sea and river);

• fish low-fat varieties, baked in the oven without oil or boiled;


• buckwheat;

• barley;

• millet;

• fresh carrot;

• fresh tomato;

• lettuce is fresh;

• boiled beetroot;

• pumpkin, steamed and boiled;

• boiled zucchini;

• cauliflower cooked;

• beans and peas boiled;

• boiled sorrel;

• fresh or baked apples;

• dried fruit (prunes, raisins, figs, dried apricots);

• milk drinks and milk;

• oil (vegetable, butter);

• fresh and dried herbs (dill, parsley, Bay leaf);

• cinnamon;

• celery;

• sugar and its substitutes;

• jam and honey;

• bread wheat and rye;

• cookie;

• pies with dried fruits, meat, berries and cheese.

Diarrhea can be used the following products:

• soup cooked in a broth of lean meats;

• rice water;

• the soup is made of vegetables;

• beef or boiled beef;

• chicken breast or chicken, steamed or boiled;

• lean fish boiled;

• pasta or noodles cooked in broth without fat;

• semolina;

• Fig;

• fresh cheese;

• butter with fat content not more than 2,5%;

• butter (50 grams);

• crackers, white bread, soaked in water;

• boiled egg (no more than 1 per day).

These products should be consumed for colitis of the bowel. When normal stool, to observe the dietary food needs for several days, and then you can expand the diet with products that will allow the doctor.

Products prohibited

Diet for colitis of the bowel must be followed without deviation. During this diet is forbidden to consume certain foods. They can trigger deterioration and cause complications.

Constipation prohibited the following products:

• strong and fat broths;

• soup prepared with noodles or other pasta;

• soups and broths prepared with the addition of mushrooms;

• meat and fried fish;

• lamb, pork or fatty beef in any form;

• pasta;

• mushrooms in any form;

• semolina;

• wheat bread of higher grade flour;

• spicy sauces and spices;

• mustard;

• red and black pepper;

• radish;

• turnip;

• radish green and white;

• coffee;

• tea strong;

• chocolate.

Diarrhea banned the following products:

• soup made from peas;

• soup prepared with the addition of beans and other legumes;

• side dishes of peas, beans or beans;

• spicy foods;

• milk;

• candy (chocolate, caramel);

• marmalade;

• cakes (any);

• cakes (any);

• sugar (more than 45 grams per 24 hours).

Diet for colitis of the bowel does not imply the consumption of fatty, fried and smoked food and salty and spicy foods. Their use in disease adversely affects its course.

Sample menu for 7 days

Diet for colitis of the bowel must consist only of approved products. Meals should be frequent (about 6 times a day), but small. Meals should not be hot or cold. It is best to eat suitable boiled, pureed foods.

1 day

Breakfast: salad from cabbage (color) walnuts (grated), buckwheat. It can be refilled with butter (natural). A decoction of berries.

Snack: you Can eat pureed Apple.

Lunch: lean Beef, boiled with carrots and vegetable broth. Fruit compote without sugar.

Snack: Dried fruit, soaked in water and grinded to puree state.

For dinner: Fish low-fat varieties of boiled and chopped.

Day 2

Breakfast: boiled Vegetables and a casserole of fresh cream with compote of berries without sugar.

Snack: Baked pear sprinkled with powder (sugar).

Lunch: Soup with the addition of pearl barley and cabbage rolls, boiled rice wrapped in steamed cabbage leaves.

Snack: carrot Salad (fresh), seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Dinner: lean Fish boiled with a decoction of rose hips.

Day 3

Breakfast: Salad of beef boiled with the addition of cucumbers (fresh). Fried eggs from one egg with a decoction of dried fruits.

Snack: Salad vegetables (fresh).

Lunch: cabbage Soup with boiled lean beef and tomatoes. A decoction of rose hips.

Snack: Soaked in water dried fruit without the prunes.

For dinner: Chicken cutlets, steamed and served with steamed mixed vegetables. Weak tea.

Day 4

Breakfast: Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (fresh) with the addition of onions, no Mayo. Porridge of rice, boiled in water.

Snack: Fresh mashed pear.

For lunch: Soup, cooked vegetables, burgers of lean meat, which is steamed cauliflower and mashed into a puree.

Snack: Fresh, low-fat cottage cheese.

Dinner: Fruit (apples or pears).

Day 5

For Breakfast: Burgers from lean fish, steamed and served with a salad of assorted vegetables. Compote of berries with no added sugar.

Snack: vegetable biscuits with light tea.

Lunch: Soup of vegetables and chicken breast.

Snack: Soaked in water dried fruits.

Dinner: cottage cheese Casserole with raisins.

Day 6

Breakfast: Boiled in water oatmeal with chicken fish low-fat varieties, steamed. A decoction of rose hips.

Snack: Chopped fresh Apple or pear.

Lunch: lean Beef cooked with mixed vegetables. Casserole of fresh curd and one Cup of nonfat yogurt.

Snack: fruit Salad of fresh apples with lemon juice.

Dinner: Burgers made from chicken meat with low-fat yogurt.

Day 7

For Breakfast: Fish low-fat varieties, shredded and seasoned with lemon juice, mashed potatoes and weak tea.

Snack: fruit Salad of fresh apples.

Lunch: cabbage Soup on low meat broth, a casserole of cheese with berries.

Snack: Vegetables boiled teams.

Dinner: Cutlets or meatballs, made from beef on the water with roasted vegetables and tea (weak).

Two hours before sleep is allowed to drink one glass of buttermilk with a fat content of not greater than 2.0% or weak, sweetened tea. Meals can be prepared only from the allowed foods methods of cooking, stewing or baking.

Colitis bowel gives a person a lot discomfort and discomfort. The disease should be treated under the supervision of a physician and comply with all its recommendations. Diet for colitis of the bowel will help to get well soon and subsequently to avoid repeat of illness.