Diet in cholecystitis — the description and useful tips. The rules of food with cholecystitis and examples menu.

Holitistic is a big problem in the modern world. Inflammation of the gallbladder suffer today 10% of the population of the globe, most often, oddly enough, are suffering from this disease residents are quite wealthy countries.

Solidified bile into the stones, gives a lot of trouble. The formation of the stones has a negative impact poor diet, Smoking, overeating, chronic infections, lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, immune status and many other factors. First, there is a violation of the outflow of bile and then zachekanivajut ducts formed sand or stones the size of a buckwheat grain. More susceptible to the disease women and fat people.

What to do if diagnosed with holitistic? Will always have to stick to a diet, there’s nothing to change. During remission it is possible to slightly increase the number of allowed foods, but still, in many ways will have to deny yourself. If the disease is not running, in many cases, diet and herbal medicine (herbal decoctions) help to improve health without the use of drugs.

Diet in cholecystitis — the description and General principles

When holetsistita recommended to eat small portions as often as possible, at least 4-5 times a day. It is highly recommended to make a diet with regular meal times. It is important that the bile does not stagnate. The admission of food into the body, the clock can be regarded as a cholagogue, especially it’s natural for a weakened gastrointestinal system. Three traditional meal involves more than Breakfast lunch and dinner and two intermediate receiving the second Breakfast and afternoon tea. Eliminates overeating, abuse of confectionery. Breakfast and afternoon snack are a snack, use fruits, sandwiches, weak tea or fruit drinks. Soft drinks will have to exclude in order not to affect the nervous system and not to introduce an imbalance in the body’s production of hormones. Overeating may cause spasm of the biliary tract, which will increase pain.

Diet in cholecystitis — what products can be used

In nutrition in holetsistita should give preference to products that reduce cholesterol levels. First of all, this cereals, vegetable oil (preferably olive), fish, nuts. The paradox is that alcohol is not considered in this case, the worst enemy — a glass of dry red wine can significantly reduce the rate of cholesterol, so it can also be included in the diet. Few know that one of the Oriental spices – turmeric can stop inflammation of the gallbladder. With its help, amplifies the promotion of bile, as the stimulation of contractions of the walls of the gallbladder.

Permitted foods:

-meat and poultry (low-fat), eggs ( 2 PCs per week)

— sweet fruits and berries;

from stale flour products recommended products;

— vegetables: tomatoes,carrots, beets, zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, eggplant;

in the finished dish, you can add vegetable oil

— butter (15-20 g per day), sour cream and cream in small quantities;

— sugar (50-70 grams per day, along with added to meals).

Diet for cholecystitis — what foods not to eat

This disease is strictly prohibited to eat large amounts of saturated fats, so may not be out of the question and hamburgers, French fries, fried meat and other fried foods and smoked meats. This food increases the cholesterol in the body, therefore, can cause an exacerbation of the disease. Nobody wants this development, because the need to look at the recommendations.

It is prohibited to:

— Legumes (beans, peas) as well as sorrel, spinach, onions garlic, radishes. In General, substances containing a large number of essential oils, irritating the stomach wall. The pickers will have to forget about this product, since mushrooms are also becoming a taboo product.

Fatty pork, lamb, goose, duck, fatty fish, kidneys, liver.

— Chocolate, cocoa products, pastry.

Please note: unlike other options, this diet prohibits various spices and rich broth, meat, mushroom, fish.

Diet for cholecystitis — the examples menu

In acute holetsistita menu will differ considerably. In the first days of the diet needs to minimize the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, therefore only drink drinks: fruit or berry teas or compote from a dogrose. In the next two days there is only pureed porridge. Subsequent a diet very similar to diet No. 5B, after 10 days the patient is transferred to a diet 5A, then on treatment table 5.

Menu for chronic holetsistita should be very sparing to the liver and to promote bile flow. Instead of sugar, candy and sweets are eaten only fruit shown low-calorie diets – for example, watermelon, or yogurt. Drink plenty of water ( 2-2, 5 liters) and small portions, split meals — here are the basic principles of nutrition at this stage.

Gentle menu:

Breakfast: omelette steam of the protein (110 grams) semolina porridge ( half portion), tea.

Additional Breakfast: cottage cheese (100 g), rosehip tea.

Lunch: oatmeal soup with vegetable broth, minced boiled meat steam, in the form of a cream (100 grams) with mashed potatoes (half portion), jelly made from fruit.

Afternoon snack : baked apples ( 2 PCs).

Dinner: mashed potatoes ( half-caf), tea.

At night: jelly, yogurt.

During the day to distribute 200 grams of white bread flour high quality, sugar (30 grams).

Diet in cholecystitis — useful tips and reviews

— The diet per day should include 3,5 kg of food, such volume is obtained, including a large amount of liquid. Dishes are recommended boiled.

Good positive effect for treatment of the disease give the pears, they need to eat a day for several pieces. The chemical composition of pears promotes healing, so eat them in unlimited quantities.

— Beneficial effect on the gallbladder provides a chicory drink from chicory is very useful, you can use them along with tea or compote.

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