Diet for a week — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews on the diet for a week and sample menus.

Diet for a week — a detailed description, reviews, useful tips

On the Internet there are constantly more sophisticated system for weight loss different miracle diet that gives magical results. But for some reason they scare their scientific definitions, and follow them absolutely do not want. And the old tried and tested methods remain popular and effective. Why is this happening?

Mono-diet for a week

Take, for example, common mono-diet. To lose weight they can very quickly, enough to choose a product and stick to mono menu during the week. Why is it so difficult to fulfill all the mission? In fact, the answer is simple – almost any diet for weight loss can give your results. Stops us is that these options are more like ordinary fasting.

The number of products that are offered to eat in a day – just miserable compared to what we used to consume. Apple, kefir, chocolate, watermelon, and many more options included only the use of one useful low-fat product for weeks. To withstand such stress to the body is difficult, if not impossible. Because long-term use of products can cause even disgust, so mono diet it is better to use not more than 3-4 days, and certainly not in anyone case not to use them longer than 7 days . There are many more varied and tasty diet. It is desirable to select a combination of vitamins and take daily along with dishes.

Diet for week menu examples

But the fastest diet in a week is weight loss programs based on reduced caloric meals. If you think of menus as detailed as possible, and following it, replace the product only of equal value, also you can lose 6-10 pounds.

Breakfast: half a Cup of milk, a slice of rye bread with butter, salad portion of the salad.

Second Breakfast: slice of brown bread, low fat cottage cheese (100 grams),

Lunch: salad vegetables with vegetable oil, soup with vegetable broth, rye bread. Snack: poison or cook in the steamer fish ( 150 grams), a slice of rye bread.

Dinner: cereal porridge (semolina not use) milk — half a glass a piece of black bread.

Breakfast: cook egg hard boiled, chop the vegetables and prepare the salad, brown bread and butter — 1 slice.

Second Breakfast: a small piece of rye bread with milk (200+25 grams).

Lunch: soup with vegetable broth without meat, salad , slice of rye bread and boiled meat.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese — 100g.

Dinner: vegetable salad , a glass of milk, a slice of rye bread.

Breakfast: boiled vegetables or salad, rye bread with a slice of butter and cheese, 10 grams of honey.

Second Breakfast: milk (half a Cup) rye bread — 100 g rye bread — 25g.

Lunch: serving of soup, vegetarian vegetable salad boiled meat ( 100 grams), a slice of rye bread.

Snack: 150-170 grams of lean cottage cheese.

Dinner: vegetable salad (vinaigrette), a Cup of tea with herbs. A piece of black bread with butter.

In the following days, the menu is repeated, that is to prepare again the same dishes in a certain order already. The last day of the diet handling. Reduce calorie intake to 600 calories (in 2, 5 times).

Diet: the basic principles

Women more than men, are hostage to the taste buds. The figures lose their form mostly because of the gastronomic delights – how can you resist with such an abundance of culinary delights. In order to look attractive is going on a diet. But not debilitating, and nutritious. It is possible to eat meat and vegetable dishes, deciding for yourself – which one to cook today. This week meat diet you can lose 6 kg:

Every day you need to eat 300-500 grams of vegetables (potatoes and carrots are an exception);

— protein foods — eating a day not more than 450 grams of meat or fish or eggs. It is desirable that the daily number of calories consumed does not exceed 1500 calories.

allowed drinks: tea without sugar, coffee. Mineral water without gases.

But do not think that this is too simple a way — all other products are banned. The diet should be divided into equal intervals between meals. For 2, 5 hours of sleep is better not to eat anything. Meals can be boiled, stewed or steamed, but nick in no case do not fry. The maximum effect is obtained by the complete rejection of fats, such as vegetable salads to fill with lemon juice. Good service could do with a diet convection ovens or steamers.

Diet «7 lbs in a week»

A strict diet is stressful to the body. Undoubtedly, this diet is stressful, especially when the weight is so low, and the excess is only 7 kg. But if you are in a hurry and still decided to try it for yourself, do not try this time to do additional exercise. It is better to limit simple walks in the fresh air and light exercise, as quick weight reduction can lead to poor health. This option menu based on the proteins.


Day 1 – Cook soft-boiled 6 eggs is 1 egg per day in 2-3 hours

Day 2 – distribute the 5 times 1 kilogram of fat-free cottage cheese,

3 day – 500 grams of boiled chicken (without skin),

Day 4 – Cook 100 grams of rice. Distribute on 3 times in between to drink water and tea without sugar,

Day 5 – Bake in their jackets 6 potatoes boiled,

6 day – 1 kg of apples

Day 7 – all day you can only drink kefir or water.

Low-carb diet for a week

If we consider this diet as a system of power, we can expect normalization of weight and maintaining it for life. Discomfort will only be present when the addictive at first. Therefore, a diet is difficult to sustain only the first days. It is lighter, and over time it may become a habit. A week you can throw up to 5 kg.

First, you want to reduce the amount of starch and sugar. Because of this, the body produce glucose and use ketones from fat stores and proteins present in the body. Inside the body decreases the amount of fat, as they are involved in the synthesis, the body begins to use those fats that are excess weight.

This process is achieved with the exception of primarily cakes and pasta. All flour products should be limited, as well as fruit and starch. Unlimited you should only eat greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans. Not prohibited meat and fish, only they have to be separate from other products. preferably white meat poultry, lean pork and beef.

As with any diet, be sure to withstand the treatment of drinking (2 liters per day of pure water). Adapt the body for proper metabolism faster will help multivitamin.

Sample low carbohydrate menu

Breakfast: cottage cheese 200 grams, a small Apple, coffee or tea without sugar. Supplement Breakfast you can in a couple of hours a salad of vegetables, zapravleny lemon juice and tablespoon of olive oil.

Lunch: make a salad of cooked meat and green leaf lettuce, fill with juice, lemon juice or mix it with vegetable oil.

Dinner: vegetarian vegetable soup, with broccoli, a slice of cheese.

Diet for a week — useful tips and reviews

Many diets are necessarily associated with daily consumption of servings of salads, vegetables with lemon juice. Use a little vegetable, and a small amount of salt. Instead of salt you can use garlic, if there are no special contraindications. If the seven-day diet seems too long, try one day to cook fat burning onion soup.

To do this, take a bow ( 6 pieces), celery (greens), cabbage (small head), tomatoes ( 2 pieces), bell pepper (2 pieces), chop the vegetables finely and cover with cold water. Boil 10 minutes and simmer for a further 40 minutes. This low-calorie soup you can eat all week, adding every day any number of raw vegetables and fruits. Some nutritionists advise not to drink a lot of raw vegetables and fruits not to stretch the stomach wall, however, along with the onion soup it’s not scary — you will still lose a few pounds.

Expert opinion

Most diets are accompanied by a haunting feeling of hunger, Svyaznoi with drastic caloric restriction. It is the most common cause of «failure» — early termination of the diet. How to overcome it will tell the dietitian clinic, «Bormental» Olga Morozova: «willpower in such cases, as a rule, is not enough, the body needs help — a direct impact on the hunger center in the cerebral cortex. For example, with the help of the drug Cefamadar: its active ingredient acts directly on the receptors of the hunger center, reducing food cravings. Due to the absence in the composition sibutramine, its action is soft, without any negative side effects. After completion of reception does not occur a sharp increase of appetite and a new set of weights».

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