Diet Elena Malysheva slimming at home: the main rules. What to eat on a diet Elena Malysheva: examples of menu

Diet Elena Malysheva slimming at home so popular with the merits and availability of practical experience from leading in the field of dietetics.

Weight control many people are led, but not all do it safely and effectively. A nutritionist in the presence of a variety of developments and methods that will not cause harm to health and will prove to be effective.

What principles are important in the diet of Elena Malysheva slimming at home

The technique for losing weight Helen malyshevoy not lose its relevance due to the menu, including the most simple dishes from products available. Their cooking will not take too much time, and at the same time, you can enjoy a variety.

Will have to abandon such goods and groups:

• white flour products;

• muffin;

• potatoes;

• sugar;

• carrots and beets;

• alcoholic beverages.

The entire diet in this diet will be based on products with low calorie content, which include:

• boiled chicken, beef, Turkey;

• buckwheat, millet, barley and oat cereals;

• leafy greens and juicy salads;

• unsweetened fruit such as pineapples, apples, pears, kiwi, grapefruit;

• natural yoghurt with low fat content without added sugar and other ingredients;

• vegetables rich in fiber – all varieties of cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant.

The main principles of the diet there are three that sound like the motto:

• should you eat to lose weight;

• you should drink purified or boiled water at least 2 liters a day;

• each serving should be placed in a faceted glass or not to exceed 250 grams in weight.

Diet malyshevoy of such simple rules:

1. From the list of used products should be deleted salt. This product keeps the liquid in the body, which takes up to 30% by weight.

2. The same motives induce you to give up alcoholic beverages.

3. To start the process of losing weight, you should consume every day a certain amount of calories. For men this number should not exceed 1400 and 1200 for women. With the active way of life, frequent physical exertion, this rate may slightly increase.

4. It should be possible to reduce or try to eliminate all the contents of animal fat. For example, pork have to replace boiled chicken breast, butter vegetable. Although oil is in principle necessary to try to refuse.

5. Common diet is the appropriate diet for 24 days 5 times a day and 4 days of fasting, you can eat rice or buckwheat porridge. Five meals a day suggests the presence of small portions.

6. Fasting days should preferably be held in the moments of high employment, to leave no chance the thoughts about food haunt you.

7. To avoid starvation, not to turn a diet into an unhealthy and even harmful to the body.

8. It is important to correctly pre-configured. Nutritionist Elena Malysheva sure that a positive mental attitude will depend a good absorption of the product and further converting it into necessary energy.

9. When feelings occur, you must drink a glass of water. Such a method and a hunger to satisfy, and bowel function will improve, and water balance will be restored, and even withdraw from the body of harmful substances, toxins. Water is the best friend in the normalization of metabolism and fat burning, if it enters the body in the right quantity.

How can I replace forbidden foods with a diet Helen malyshevoy slimming at home

Usually the list of prohibited products most diets are the favorite or vital Goodies, to abandon them is very difficult, especially the first time. Diet Elena Malysheva, as a democratic variant of weight loss, allows for the possibility of replacement of prohibited products of its counterparts, or at least similar products.

1. If difficulties arise at refusal of juices with sugar, you can drink them, pre-diluting with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Juices orange the most calories, so it is possible, you should refrain at least from them.

2. Fans of mashed potatoes or potatoes in any other form will have while you are losing weight without a favorite vegetable difficult. Leading advises to replace it with cauliflower, contain far more useful minerals, which are perfectly assimilated and has lower calories.

3. But the replacement of sugar cannot serve as a sweetener. This product is saturated with substance cyclamate, which is unhealthy.

To choose for your menu, you need only fresh and quality products, paying attention to their composition. You need to avoid those products with a high content of dyes and food additives.

The development of the menu for the diet of Elena Malysheva slimming at home

Sample diet menu for 7 days, one of which will be unloading:

• a portion of buckwheat porridge with carrot salad with dressing of lemon juice and a small amount of sunflower oil;

• portion of oatmeal with large flakes without salt, for taste you can add chopped apples or any berries;

• egg white omelet of 2 eggs and 2 tbsp milk, salt to add, if you wish, you can vary the herbs, green onion, a quartered tomato.

• muesli with milk;

• a portion of barley porridge with a small piece of butter;

• low-fat cottage cheese 100 g with 1 spoon of sour cream with a low percentage of fat and berries, as well as a handful of nuts, except peanuts and salt.

is usually 1 any fruit of your choice: Mandarin, banana, Apple and other fresh. You can cook small portions of fruit salads.

• a side dish of broccoli with egg, chicken breast cooked 90 g;

• cauliflower with carrots and onions for a side dish, and 100 g of cod, steamed;

• potato-squash cream soup with the addition of a breast, you can have it plain with a slice of black bread;

• stuffed peppers large size, cabbage salad, beets and carrots;

• cream of mushroom soup with cream, salad with garlic and carrots with dressing vegetable oil;

• 100 g of Turkey breast baked in the oven without oil, as a side dish – beans, salad peppers, cherry tomatoes and celery with vegetable oil.

• dried fruit, a Cup of coffee or tea without sugar;

• dried fruits and a granola bar;

• cottage cheese or plain yogurt 100g;

• any allowed fruit;

• carrots and a green Apple;

• nuts 50 g.

• beef cutlet, steamed, mix salad leaves and eggs with dressing and vegetable oil;

• buckwheat and chicken fillet 100 g;

• meatless pilaf, you can add mushrooms, mix salad leaves, carrots and radishes with vegetable oil;

• chicken meatballs for a couple of 2 pieces of 70 grams, omelet of 1 egg, onion, cauliflower and paprika;

• stewed cabbage and minced lean beef;

• salad of green beans, chicken breast, sweet pepper, onion and cucumber. You can add the sesame seeds and season with vegetable oil.

Fasting day is Wednesday. This day is recommended to eat rice or buckwheat. Menu example with brown or unpolished rice is an alternation of the product in its pure form and rice with added vegetable oil, green Apple or greens to choose from.

Important features of the diet of Elena Malysheva slimming at home: what you should pay attention

So, a few tips:

1. Always count the calories consumed. Optimal for women, the number of 1200 calories allows the body to feel good and comfortable, thus gradually lose weight.

2. In the presence of various diseases with a chronic character or diabetes to diet you must be careful, and even better under the strict supervision of doctors.

3. Physical activity and sport during the diet allowed and even recommended, but it does not imply exhausting workout hours in the gym. Enough will be Hiking at an accelerated pace at a distance of 2-3 kilometers.

4. According to a leading, slow diet much more useful and effective fast. So no need to reduce your diet to a minimum, starve, Deplete your body to quickly lose excess weight.

5. An important feature of diet – compliance with the order of the day. It is not required, but compliance with it will significantly improve the flow diet, will help to form good habits. Recommended serving size can be reduced and to increase the number of meals, but most importantly, never starve. Correct mode of the day looks like this:

• 7:00 – waking, immediately drink a glass of water;

• 8:00 – Breakfast in an hour glass of water;

• 10:00 – again a glass of water and fruit to choose from the list in an hour new glass of water;

• 12:00 – lunch, then every hour to drink a glass of water (until 16:00);

• 16:00 – snack, dessert, again every hour a glass of water up to 20:00;

• 20:00 – dinner in an hour and water again;

• 22:00 – sleep, which is also important in the diet as a proper diet.

If necessary, the time frame can be joined, for example, to move dinner to another time.

With the right combination of diet and a healthy lifestyle can also quickly get rid of the excess pounds. It is desirable to observe the correct mode of the day, to abandon the use of harmful, fatty, high-calorie foods, bad habits that the body was easier to carry diet.