Diet after Pevzner for weight loss help? Table No. 8 diets on Pevsner: the principles of diet

Overweight and obesity is a real problem of today, which every year are faced more and more women and men of different ages.

A set of extra pounds due to a sedentary lifestyle and improper nutrition. The desire to lose weight brings a person to the point that he resorts to fasting and other debilitating diets that harm the body.

Diet after Pevzner table No. 8 is a health food, designed in a way that ensures a safe gradual weight loss, stimulates the digestive tract, improves metabolism.

The main advantages of therapeutic table No. 8

1. Weight loss happens gradually. This month you can get rid of 2-3 kg. the Main advantage is that the weight does not return.

2. For the period of weight loss, restores the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes digestion, removes toxins and slags.

3. The menu is very varied and designed to not feel hunger, and could afford a snack.

4. Metabolism is normalized, the body at the end of the diet learn how to manage your weight and say «stop» overeating.

Diet after Pevzner: the main rules of nutrition and principles of diet

Diet after Pevzner is a health food, so initially you need to familiarize yourself with all the rules of building diet.

1. Diet requires that a person have trained myself to eat small portions 5 times a day.

2. The amount of meals eaten should be such that the stomach felt the saturation, but not heavy.

3. Frying should be discarded, the dishes are cooked by baking, boiling or steamed.

The allowable daily caloric intake and chemical composition

1. Fats – 30% of them must be of plant origin, the maximum number of 80 grams.

2. Carbohydrates – not less than 150 grams.

3. Protein – 60% of daily intake should be of animal origin, the maximum amount of 150 grams.

4. No more than 6 grams of salt for the entire day.

During the day definitely need to drink 1 liter of clean water without gas. It is also important to observe the calories. During the day, allowed 1800 Calories to achieve a gradual weight loss and avoid overeating.

Allowed and forbidden foods for diets on Pevsner (table No. 8)

Diet after Pevzner, like any other power system, has its own list of products that need to be included in the diet, and which should be excluded. Knowing these nuances will not be difficult to make a useful daily menu meets the required calories.

The list of allowed foods

1. Breads made from bran, bread only from wheat flour. The maximum allowable rate per day – 100 g

2. Any soups on the vegetables. Special preference is given to beetroot, okroshka, borscht. Daily dose – not more than 200 g.

3. The meat is lean. It’s chicken, Turkey, beef. A day are allowed not more than 150 g

4. Seafood and lean fish is especially helpful when the diet №8. A day allowed 200 g

5. Milk and dairy products is not prohibited, as long as it was low fat. The norm of the day – 120 g.

6. Eggs can be used in omelettes, and boiled (hard boiled). A day shall be allowed not more than 2 pieces.

7. From cereals the preference is given to ACCA, barley and buckwheat porridge.

8. The recommended vegetables are seasonal and fresh. Particularly useful cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers and tomatoes, lettuce.

9. Sweet and sour berries.

10. Lovers of sweets should not worry about the diet after Pevzner table No. 8 are allowed to include mousse, jelly and other desserts with artificial sweeteners.

11. From drinks allowed organic coffee, vegetable and fruit juices, green tea, herbal teas.

12. It is advisable to cook with olive oil – it is a much healthier plant.

Diet after Pevzner implies the rejection of the list of the following products

1. Cakes from fancy and puff pastry, bread from flour of first grade.

2. Potato, beans and milk soup.

3. Canned foods, fatty poultry or meat, sausage products.

4. Canned, salted or smoked fish.

5. Baked milk, dairy products high fat.

6. Fried eggs in vegetable oil.

7. From cereals is strictly prohibited pasta, rice, oat and semolina porridge.

8. From potatoes, a variety of pickles, it is desirable to refuse.

9. The sweet varieties of the fruit fall out of the diet. It is grapes, bananas and dried fruits

10. Ice cream and high-calorie bakery products is prohibited.

11. All the spices, ketchup and mayonnaise need to be excluded from the diet.

12. Drink the forbidden juice of the grape, cocoa, jelly.

Diet after Pevzner: sample menu for 7 days (dietary table No. 8)

Diet after Pevzner is a therapeutic menu, in which a person is guaranteed to get rid of excess weight and cleanse your body from toxins.

Sample menu for a week of treatment table 8


1. Morning. A piece of boiled fish fillet, 50 grams salad and a glass of pomegranate juice.

2. Snack. Homemade pear puree.

3. Lunch. 100 grams cabbage and a milkshake.

4. A second snack. Mousse, made from apples and raspberries.

5. Dinner. A glass compote of blackberries, 100 grams of cooked chicken.


1. Morning. Barley grits (100 grams), cooked in milk and a glass of juice of sea buckthorn.

2. The first snack. A Cup of yogurt fat content of 1%.

3. Lunch. Steam fish cutlets and mashed seasonal vegetables. Common serving of 150 grams.

4. A second snack. Egg salad, crackers and fresh carrot, dressed with sour cream.

5. Dinner. Carrot juice and 100 grams of lean cottage cheese.


1. Morning. Egg omelette prepared on pair. A serving of 100 grams, a Cup of yogurt.

2. The first snack. Jelly from strawberries.

3. Lunch. Vegetarian soup – portion of 150 ml.

4. A second snack. Salad with cottage cheese and cucumber.

5. Dinner. A glass of pumpkin juice and berry puree.


1. Morning. Easy meat salad (100 g), 50 g stew of seasonal vegetables.

2. The first snack. Salad of fresh pumpkin and green apples.

3. Lunch. Vegetable beetroot with a slice of bread from wheat flour.

4. An afternoon snack. Mashed potatoes prepared with yogurt and green apples.

5. Dinner. Light vegetable salad, black tea with honey and lemon.


1. Morning. Casserole of vegetables, a glass of berry compote.

2. The first snack. Broccoli and carrots, steamed – a serving of 100 grams.

3. Lunch. Barley soup and 50 grams of boiled shrimp.

4. A second snack. Cheese low fat – 100 grams. For taste you could add some fresh berries.

5. Dinner. Pumpkin porridge and a glass of grapefruit juice.


1. Morning. Salad of fresh cabbage and tomatoes, dressed with sour cream.

2. The first snack. Berry jelly – portion of 150 ml.

3. Lunch. Vinaigrette, a slice of wheat bread and vegetable soup.

4. A second snack. Diet natural unsweetened yoghurt.

5. Dinner. Baked fish fillet with broccoli and garlic, a glass of fruit compote.


1. Morning. Puree of seasonal vegetables, croquettes of chicken and buckwheat.

2. Lunch. Cheese low fat and add fresh berries.

3. Lunch. Tomato soup and a few slice stewed in sour cream chicken.

4. A second snack. Baked with honey apples.

5. Dinner. Puree zucchini, scrambled eggs with carrots for a couple.

This is only an approximate menu for a week diet table No. 8. If desired, some of the dishes must be replaced, based on the lists of permitted and prohibited foods.

Healthy recipes

Besides the standard dishes, the diet after Pevzner is possible to diversify and other interesting combinations of products.

1. Souffle of carrots and apples

Peel the carrot, finely chop, then skip the boiling water for about 10 minutes. In the same saucepan, added the peeled apples. All to boil for another 15 minutes. In the mass of added 30 grams of milk, after boiling 10 grams of semolina. The protein is separated from the yolk. The yolk is added to steamed food. Protein is well whipped with a small amount of sugar, they greased baking dish. Then there poured the boiled mixture and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

2. Fish cakes, steamed

Lean fish fillet (500 grams) is well crushed. There is added 30 grams pre-soaked in milk bread and one egg. Everything is stirred until a homogeneous mass. Molded from minced meat patties – they are preparing for a couple about 30-35 minutes.

Diet after Pevzner: the duration and results

People who withstood the principles of diet dietary table No. 8, speak positively about the method of weight loss. It is believed that such diet need to follow no less than 30 days. The menu is designed so comprehensive that feelings of hunger people experience will be. In addition, the body constantly will come useful vitamins and microelements, which eliminates the risk of sickness, dizziness.

The results of the diet after Pevzner is very good. If you follow all the recommendations and tips, every month people will lose an average of 3-4 kilograms. This is the optimal rate that does not adversely affect health. Weight loss is uniform, then the person back gets better.

Reviews prove, that after several weeks of reviewing your diet start significant improvement in General health – normal stool and digestive system, permanently lost the feeling of hunger and bloating. A person feels lightness.

Diet after Pevzner is an opportunity for everyone to get rid of extra pounds and do it for the benefit of the body.