Diet after gallbladder removal: especially food. What you can and can’t eat on the diet after gallbladder removal

The patient who has undergone removal of the gallbladder throughout later life you need to follow the diet because his body no more on that previously accumulated bile. The main objective of this diet is the desire to ensure bile does not stagnate in the bile ducts. About this diet and will tell in this article.

Diet after gallbladder removal: what you can

After the operation, the person can eat such foods and dishes:

1. Vegetables. Of them it is better to prefer carrots, zucchini, potatoes mashed, pumpkin and beets boiled. Also very useful of vegetables to cook casseroles and stews (without the tomatoes).

2. Eggs you can eat, but only in a boiled (soft-boiled). No more than twice a week, you can eat steam protein omelet.

3. The majority of the fats in this diet is strictly forbidden, but absolutely without them it is impossible. For this reason, the menu must be present in vegetable oils and butter in limited quantities (30 g).

4. Bread can be eaten with bran. It needs to be dried or a yesterday’s freshness.

5. Sweet resolved light desserts – jelly, marshmallows, marmalade, honey, jam. All you can eat, but only in very small quantities.

6. From drinks are allowed to eat a light green and white tea, decoction of dried fruit, broth hips, compote and fruit jelly. It is desirable that the drinks did not contain sugar. As for juices, they can also be used, but they should not be acidic. Also juices should be diluted with a little water.

7. Fruit resolved melons, watermelons, and apples baked. Sour berries and fruits should be abandoned.

8. Allowed to eat herring, which you need to pre-soak.

9. You can eat milk porridge, unless they cause indigestion.

10. Very useful all dairy products – cheese, kefir, yogurt. The main thing that they were free of grease.

11. Of seasonings you can use Bay leaf, parsley, dill, turmeric, cinnamon.

12. Meat is desirable to choose a low-fat diet varieties – Turkey, rabbit, chicken.

Diet after gallbladder removal: what not to eat

After this surgery person is necessary to abandon the consumption of such foods:

1. Sweet fizzy drinks.

2. Products that irritate the intestines (garlic, horseradish, radish).

3. Hot spices and sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard).

4. Fatty fish.

5. Fatty meats (goose, duck, pork).

6. Sour fruits (lemons, tangerines, pineapples, oranges, etc.).

7. Meat and fish rich broth.

8. Almost all the sweet pastries. To treat this eating chocolate, candy, ice cream, cakes, pastries and other sweets.

9. Mushrooms and dishes with their addition can not eat because they are much weight the process of digestion. For this reason, a man after gallbladder removal is not recommended to eat legumes (peas, beans).

10. Various pickles and preserves.

11. Smoked meats and sausages.

12. Canned fish.

13. Fats, contained in fried foods and foods of animal origin (lard, fatty meat, sausages, etc.).

14. You cannot eat cabbage, especially in pickled form, because it causes fermentation in the stomach.

15. All kinds of semi-finished products and fast food.

16. A very strict ban on all alcoholic beverages. They cannot be consumed in any form and quantity.

Diet after gallbladder removal menu for a week

Consider the example of a weekly menu which you need to follow after the transfer of such operations. All meals if you wish, you can swap and complement other diet recipes to diversify their diet.


1. For Breakfast you can submit a cheesecake with apples and nuts. Drink fit tea without sugar with milk.

2. For lunch, prepare a glass of kefir and app cookies.

3. For lunch you can serve borscht with sour cream, mashed potatoes and boiled chicken. From drinks – compote of berries.

4. Snack – dried fruits and fermented baked milk.

5. For dinner you can cook baked fish with vegetables and beet salad with vegetable oil. From drinks — broth hips.

6. Before retiring for the second dinner should drink warm milk.


1. For Breakfast make two boiled eggs and buckwheat. From drinks suitable fruit jelly.

2. Second Breakfast – fruit salad.

3. For lunch, you should cook rice porridge, vegetable stew of zucchini and chicken meatballs. From drinks you can apply the yogurt or fermented baked milk.

4. Afternoon tea – cheese and a decoction of the dried fruit.

5. Dinner – soup with vegetable, fish cakes steamed beet salad.

6. Before sleep you can eat milk porridge or pumpkin pudding.


1. Breakfast – oatmeal soup with potatoes, bread with bran, baked Apple, tea.

2. Second Breakfast – yogurt with fruit.

3. For dinner you can prepare stewed rabbit with potatoes and fried zucchini. From drinks suitable compote.

4. Afternoon tea – cheese souffle, juice.

5. For dinner, you should cook the porridge and meat boiled chicken with milk gravy.

6. Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.


1. Breakfast – cereal with milk, cheese, tea.

2. Second Breakfast – casserole and an Apple with honey and nuts.

3. For lunch you can cook soup, fish cakes and rice porridge. From drinks suitable decoction of dried fruit.

4. Afternoon tea – baked pumpkin, dried fruit.

5. For dinner you can steam cook cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes and beet salad.

6. Before bedtime drink pumpkin and carrot juice.


1. For Breakfast serve soup with meatballs and green tea.

2. Second Breakfast — yogurt and apples kiln.

3. To cook for dinner soaked herring with dill stewed potatoes and cheese. From drinks fruit juice.

4. Afternoon tea – cheese souffle, jelly, compote.

5. Dinner should submit baked fish with vegetables. On second – and-milk soup and broth hips.

6. Before going to bed to drink milk with honey.


1. For Breakfast serve soup-puree of pumpkin with milk sauce. From drinks suitable carrot-Apple juice.

2. Second Breakfast – yogurt, nuts.

3. For a served dinner barley porridge with stewed beef, carrots and onions. You can also drink mint tea.

4. Afternoon tea – milk soup with vermicelli, green tea.

5. For dinner you can prepare stewed rabbit with mashed potatoes, boiled beets and an egg. From drinks you can take stewed fruit or tea.

6. Before bedtime drink chamomile tea.


1. For Breakfast porridge with nuts and fruit, yogurt.

2. Snack – banana and baked apples.

3. For lunch apply for a vegetable soup, rice porridge and chicken roll with vegetables. Drink prepare milk mousse.

4. Afternoon tea – cheese souffle, marshmallows, fruit compote.

5. For dinner apply steam chicken patties, buckwheat porridge and vegetable salad with greens. The drinks — fruit jelly.

Diet after gallbladder removal: principles of nutrition

There are the following recommended nutrition guidelines after the surgery:

1. To make liquid foods need to use a vegetable (not meat) broths. They are also allowed to add cereals – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.

2. At least twice a week after gallbladder removal you need to eat fish. It should be no fat varieties and is served boiled. Especially useful for marine fish species.

3. Breakfast is best served dishes of cheese – all kinds of casseroles, puddings, curds with sour cream and fruit.

4. Meals should not be large — sized handful of the patient.

5. Frequency of eating is determined individually by a doctor. Typically, a person shows a fractional power, that is, you need to eat at least five times a day. Thus, it is possible to stay fed, but not to overload the stomach.

6. It is advisable not to dwell on the monotonous diet. The menu should be a rich variety of dishes. Fortunately, today the diet table gives the possibility of a rich selection.

7. All products for food should be fully cooked (half-baked products should not be).

8. The day a person needs to drink at least two liters of pure water without gas, excluding liquids from soups and juices. The patient is also useful to drink mineral water.

9. The last meal should not be later than two hours before bedtime. Night meals are forbidden.

10. Vitamin supplements you can take, but only after a meal. They should appoint a doctor.

11. All dishes should be boiled, baked or steamed. Other methods of thermal processing (frying) are discouraged.

12. It is advisable to consume food with a liquid consistency (puree). Thus, the stomach will be easier to digest them.

13. You should not drink liquids immediately after eating. You need to wait about half an hour and then drink the juice or compote.

14. Sour fruits should not be consumed raw. Best to cook from them compote or jelly. So they will lose some of their acidity and will be easier to digest without irritating the intestinal wall.

15. It is not necessary to combine in one meal of indigestible foods: fish and meat, liver and cheese, legumes and cereals. So it is possible to avoid congestion of the stomach and facilitate digestion.

16. In the first days after the operation, the menu should consist mainly of vegetable harsh, mashed potatoes, because they are more easy to assimilate.

17. Dried fruits are better to eat after they were steamed with boiling water. So they are easier to digest.