Diet 5 tablespoons: principles of nutrition. The effectiveness of the diet 5 tablespoons: how can it be reset and how to do it

Diet 5 tablespoons enjoys great popularity among the fair sex.

Balanced diet improves the metabolism, reduces excess weight.

The process of losing weight due to the fact that the amount of consumed food at one time is strictly limited.

The advantages of diet diet 5 tablespoons

The popularity of the diet is easy to explain, knowing all its benefits.

1. Due to the fact that you can eat all the body gets the required daily amount of minerals.

2. The only thing you need to limit yourself – it is sugar and carbonated drinks.

3. Simplicity and accessibility. No need to prepare a special fat-burning soup and to buy expensive low-calorie foods.

4. Efficiency. The first three days the body will be difficult to get used to the new regime of nutrition. However, if you survive, a great result will be noticeable within a week. In -dependence from the initial weight in an average of 7-10 days goes up to 6 kg.

Diet 5 tablespoons: principles of nutrition

Hard to believe that you can lose weight eating everything. However diet 5 tablespoons proves that it’s true. A woman can use favorite products, including confectionery. The important thing is to follow the basic rules.

Important rules

1. Per meal is allowed to eat no more than 5 tablespoons of food.

2. To control the frequency of meals.

3. Try to limit yourself to consumption of alcoholic beverages, as they slow down the metabolism.

Three simple rules will help to quickly and effectively lose a few extra pounds. The most pleasant, the power supply system can be repeated regularly to maintain a normal weight. Body fat will never be able to «hit» the waist.

Diet 5 tablespoons of allowed and prohibited products

Diet 5 tablespoons of the girls like what’s allowed in almost all foods. The main thing to observe a rule – no more than the allowed number of servings per meal.

However, to limit yourself is in the consumption of carbonated beverages. They not only have a negative impact on the body, but are empty calories. Also can’t drink tea and coffee with sweeteners. Try not to add any honey or sugar.

Very often the question arises about how to eat meat in this diet. It’s very simple, don’t have to eat it with a fork. Just need to cut the piece into 5 small pieces that could fit in 5 tablespoons. Meat to chew well that the body experienced a feeling of heaviness.

Diet 5 tablespoons: sample daily menu

If a woman wants to bring their body back to normal, to forget about cellulite and saggy belly diet 5 tablespoons is perfect. Menu for the day will help to figure out what about is a diet.


Never need to deprive yourself of Breakfast. It was proved that if the morning person would not eat, he runs the risk of overeating at lunch. In the morning it is best to cook up some oatmeal without sugar with dried fruit. Also a great option would be a puffy omelet with greens.

The first bite

You can use any fruit or other product, with a maximum mass of 150 grams. This may be a children’s yoghurt, green Apple, orange. Preferably from bananas to temporarily give up, so they awaken a strong appetite.


A little boiled fish or meat, stews, vegetables, soup. Lunch should be less calories than Breakfast, but hearty. Entrees and stews with seasonal vegetables – a dish that stimulate the metabolism and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

A second snack

Cheese is an important product for the human body. For this reason, it must be in the diet of women, especially during the diet. There you can add a little sour cream and fresh seasonal fruit, most importantly – no sugar.


It is recommended to eat 2 hours before bedtime so that the stomach could digest food. If a woman wants to really good to lose weight, preferably in the evening, have just a glass of nonfat yogurt, pre-stirred in him a spoonful of bran. This drink will give a feeling of satiety, it does not have a negative impact on the figure.

Of course, we must not forget that during the day to drink 2 liters of liquid. It should be not only tea or coffee but plain water.

Important aspects of the process of nutrition

Despite its simplicity, the diet 5 tablespoons has several important principles of organization of the daily diet, which are required strictly to observe.

Principles of food process

1. The size of the portions. One serving is 5 tablespoons. If we are talking about meat or fish, you can eat with a fork, the maximum number of the product is 150 grams.

2. The frequency of eating. One of the main advantages of the diet is that to limit itself in food not necessary. A woman can satisfy your hunger whenever necessary. A limitation in the frequency of eating is just one – between snacks should be at least 3 hours.

3. The use of liquid. It is not recommended to drink water during meals, as this stretches the stomach. Beverages may be consumed between meals, which gives an additional feeling of satiety and regulates the metabolism.

4. Intake of vitamins. Are the diet is not particularly restricts women in the diet, but, in any case, the reduced portions provoke a lack of minerals in the body. This balance needs to fill, not to feel weakness and light dizziness. Pharmacies are now presented with a huge choice of various vitamin complexes, which contain essential nutrients for maintaining normal health. The course is designed for 30 days. During this time, the fairer sex will not only get rid of fat but will also improve your health.

Morning exercise

Diet 5 tablespoons gives a great effect after the first week of following the diet. However, if the whole day lying on the couch at home and do nothing, from fat to get rid of will be impossible.

A woman must accustom herself to the sport. Excuses that there is no time for the gym in this case would not be relevant. Enough to do every morning the exercises for 15-20 minutes to enhance the effect of the diet.

Simple but effective exercises

1. Squats — every morning for 15-20 times. Allows you to get rid of cellulite.

2. Push-UPS. Provide effective control of sagging skin in the shoulder region.

3. Running on the spot. Best stimulates the metabolism.

Diet 5 tablespoons: summing up

Diet 5 tablespoons of has no contraindications, it is easy and accessible to all. Combining diet with exercises at home to achieve truly excellent results.

Of course, the number of past pounds will depend on the original weight. On average it takes 10 days from 3 to 7 kg.

If a woman wants to try out for yourself what diet 5 tablespoons, it should be ready that, despite the absence of prohibitions, the first days will be hard. A little willpower and the desire to look like milk and beautiful – everything will work out.