Diary starving, or I was on a diet

«You’re not fat!» — Exclaims the best friend in your critical review of my own body. But what to do once you do feel the extra pounds. We must take himself in hand because spring is coming!

Timidly knocking at the psychologist’s office, go inside: «the fact that I want to go on a diet. But first of all tell you that they have deep and complex to own the figure. Therefore, in addition to diet and exercise, I need advice.» The verdict of the psychologist was as follows:

The power of auto — suggestion — great force. Once you’ve decided to lose weight, I’m sure you will succeed. But for some small weakness (in the form of a cupcake) you can’t punish your own psyche. That is, in any case, don’t call yourself fat. You should block out that thought completely. Do not get carried away with strict diets and forget that food is the only source of energy required to maintain the health of the body. Hard dietary experiments over the body to anything. No stress! Picking a diet, focus on your health and consider physical activity. And during the incessant attacks of hunger you have to come up with a fascinating exercise.

The first day

Monday — the perfect time to start a new life. Having studied the relevant literature, identified a diet called «Japanese», instead of the gym decided to do modern dance, as always wanted to dance.

For greater certainty resisting the temptation, I pinned to the refrigerator door, the image of Hollywood beauties with their incredible figures. Would look like, just want to become one step closer to this perfection.

Menu for today: Breakfast — black coffee, diet biscuit; lunch — two boiled eggs, boiled eggs, cabbage salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. of tomato juice, dinner — fried or boiled fish.

At 7 PM training. An hour. My whole body aches, I want to eat. The mood is below average. Falling asleep, imagine yourself at the beach during summer. Despite the hunger, the smile stretched from ear to ear.

Day two

Hmm … quite strange. Last night thought in the morning eat an elephant, but it turned out that the feeling of hunger during the night, even dim.

Menu for Tuesday: Breakfast green tea with crackers, lunch — fried fish, vegetable salad. For dinner and a yogurt drink with a slice of black bread. In order to calm the little, lie on the couch and watch youth Comedy.

Day three

The most difficult, as they say all nutritionists. And it’s true. Woke up in a dreadful mood, missed the bus, had to drive a busload of as sprat in the Bank. Here! Even the bus compared to the food … the Horror. Maybe her diet is this? People love us for who we are. But — no, or I should two days in pain? The inner struggle was short, the victory of reason.

For Breakfast Hercules on low-fat milk, lunch — carrots with cheese, dinner — fruit. And — to sleep, sleep …

Day four

Slept, feel the lightness throughout the body. Classmates said my face glows. What I have done! Breakfast — tea, large Apple. For lunch I ate scrambled eggs with fresh cabbage salad. But will eat yoghurt and Mandarin. Training was great, the coach said I was a good dancer. Happy day today … On the way home went to the store and bought jeans a size smaller. Now is definitely not retreat from its path. Jeans cost a lot …

Day five

Dressing in the morning to study, noted that the strap buttoned on one hole further. Look in the mirror and felt attractive. It’s time! Breakfast, lunch and dinner have the same menu of the first day. From 6 to 8 days repeat the diet from the beginning. Soak!

A visit to the psychologist

Well … I congratulate you with all my heart, but now you don’t have to retreat. So often is lost, and to celebrate, I think: «reward yourself a cake, I’m so clever!». Then another, and another. Weight gain is twice faster than dumped. When you complete the diet, you will need to constantly refrain from the extra piece. You are willing to make such sacrifices? «

My mind screamed, «No!» All available force. Aloud I said, «Yes!». And my body is just glad.