Detox diet to cleanse the body and effective weight loss. Sample menu detox diet and principles of the organization of the diet

The modern pace of life does not always allow a person to watch what he eats.

Very often people do not pay enough attention to his stomach, content with a quick bite of fast food.

All this leads to obesity and the «littering» of the body with toxins and impurities.

Detox diet is a great way to normalize the digestive system, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Moreover, following the simple rules of methodology, it is possible to get rid of excess weight and normalize your body quickly and efficiently.

The performance of the detox diet and its benefits

The method of purification of an organism allows to notice a significant weight loss after the first week. It takes at least 3 kg, it all depends on the individual person. Some women also note the fact that cellulite is reduced and skin becomes firmer.

The detox diet has a positive effect on health. A week later, normalizes the flow of bile and stabiliziruemost intestinal peristalsis.

Other benefits:

• prevention of high cholesterol;

• eliminate toxins;

• reducing the number of pimples and other skin rashes;

• cleanse the blood;

• restoration of the intestinal microflora;

• prevention of diseases related to the urogenital system.

It is believed that a diet of detox diet is characterized by antioxidant properties, can prevent the formation of cancer cells and tumors (malignant and benign).

The basic principles of the detox diet

Duration and repetition of the technique is 3-5 days. For a more effective detox and weight loss this period can be extended by not more than 10 days. Next, you need to take a break.

The basic rules that underpin detox diet

1. The method of purification of an organism it is necessary to start to prepare in advance. About a month is recommended to reduce to a minimum the consumption of fatty foods and high calorie meals.

2. Not recommended easily digestible carbohydrates.

3. 10 days before the start of the weight loss from the diet completely excluded fish, meat and poultry. The emphasis should be placed on foods of plant origin.

4. You need to eat often but in small portions, to eliminate the feeling of hunger.

5. Spices and salts should not be used when cooking, as they provoke the appetite.

6. So after waking up in the intestines and stomach started, you need to drink on an empty stomach a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Only half an hour after that allowed tea or coffee.

7. An important role in the detox diet plays a drinking regime. During the day you want to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

8. You can’t go to bed late, you need to give your body a rest. The recommended time of going to sleep is 9-10 PM.

9. It is important to constantly monitor your emotional state and avoid stress.

It has been proven that the human digestive system is very sensitive to emotions. Constant stress and emotions affect the stomach and intestines, provoke strong appetite. If a person has set a goal to cleanse the body, he must learn to deal with emotions.

The detox diet: allowed and forbidden foods

Permitted foods for weight loss methods and cleanse the body

1. Cereal and grain crops.

2. Seasonal vegetables, green sprouts and Wheatgrass.

3. Broccoli, beets, carrots, asparagus, sea Kale.

4. Fruit. Special preference is given to bananas, grapes and apples.

5. Drinks based on herbs.

Prohibited products

1. Confectionery and chocolate milk.

2. Flour products.

3. Black tea and coffee.

4. Alcoholic beverages.

5. Fat of animal origin.

When planning your menu it is important to know what to eat and what is not, otherwise, detox diet will not give desired result. If one can not without a Cup of coffee in the morning, you can try to do for yourself chicory – it is perfectly invigorates, moreover, very useful. Instead of black tea you can make herbal teas and compotes of dried fruits.

Sample menu detox diet 7 days

If a person is planning to follow the method of cleansing the body and weight loss longer than 5 days, in diet 1 time, you need to include lean meat poultry or fish to fill the balance of protein.

Sample menu detox diet for a week

1. Monday

Morning. Ginger tea and a slice of whole wheat bread.

Lunch. Rice porridge with vegetables – 200 grams.

Snack. One banana or green Apple (baked).

Dinner. Two boiled eggs and steamed greens – 150 grams.

Before bedtime is recommended to drink a glass of prune juice.

2. Tuesday

Morning. Vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil and green tea with mint and lemon.

Lunch. Vegetable soup-puree.

Snack. One whole grapefruit.

Dinner. Vegetable salad with the addition of goat cheese 150 grams.

Before going to sleep, as in the first day – a glass of compote.

3. Environment

Morning. 150 grams low-fat cottage cheese with grated green Apple, chamomile tea.

Lunch. Green soup – 200 ml, without frying.

Snack. Kiwi – 2 medium fruit.

Dinner. Salad with fresh seasonal vegetables and a piece of boiled fish fillet.

30 minutes before bedtime 150 ml of juice.

4. Thursday

Morning. Fruit salad with walnuts – 100 grams, green tea with ginger and lemon.

Lunch. Vegetable soup-puree.

Snack. One fruit of grapefruit.

Dinner. Vegetable salad, 1 boiled egg.

Before going to sleep you have to drink 150 ml of warm water with two slices of dried apricots.

5. Friday

Morning. Chamomile tea and 100 grams of vegetable salad.

Lunch. Carrot-pumpkin soup – no more than 200 ml.

Snack. Smoothies with green apples and natural unsweetened yoghurt.

Dinner. Steamed vegetables.

Before bed – compote of dried fruits.

6. Saturday

Morning. Freshly squeezed juice of carrot and Apple, a slice of bread from whole wheat flour.

Lunch. Green soup – 200 ml.

Snack. 50 grams of almonds.

Dinner. Salad of cabbage and cucumber, 1 boiled egg.

Before going to bed to drink 150 ml of a decoction of prunes.

7. Sunday

Morning. Ginger tea and carrot salad, Apple, nuts and raisins.

Lunch. Soup made from cauliflower, broccoli and herbs – 200 ml.

Snack. 1 banana.

Dinner. Boiled cauliflower 100 grams of canned green peas.

Important! Ginger tea is recommended to drink every day for 200 ml, as it promotes more rapid and effective excretion of toxins, accelerates the process of burning fat.

Recipes of some dishes for detox diet

1. Soup from vegetables

This dish is very well absorbed by the body and gives a feeling of satiety for several hours. To prepare you need the following ingredients:

• zucchini – 2-3 pieces;

• zucchini – 1 fruit;

• fresh milk – 200 ml;

• sweet pepper – 2 pieces;

• onions – 2 pieces;

• 1 eggplant.

The ingredients are selected with the expectation of 1 liter of water.

All the vegetables are thoroughly washed, cleaned and cut in large pieces. The mixture was placed in a deep pan and stew until soft with olive oil. Then I type everything in a pot, pour clean water. The soup brought to a boil, boil until tender. Then the contents of the pan are crushed in a blender.

2. Rice with vegetables

For this recipe you can use frozen vegetable mixes, and fresh food. In a deep frying pan fry half Cup rice in olive oil for 10-15 minutes, then there is filled with vegetable mix, all poured a glass of boiled water. The dish is stewed until tender (20-25 minutes).

If the dish will be prepared with fresh vegetables, it is recommended to take seasonal. For example, it can be carrots, zucchini, eggplant, green beans. Potato dish is not added.

3. Soup-puree of pumpkin

Pumpkin is very useful to the organism product, it improves intestinal motility, enhances immunity and detoxifies.

To prepare the soup you will need the following ingredients (in 900 ml of water):

• milk – 700 grams;

• carrots – 2 pieces;

• 1 onion;

• milk – 100 ml;

• low-fat sour cream – 50 ml;

• half of a green Apple.

All vegetables are cleaned, cut and cooked with olive oil for 10-15 minutes. I type everything into the pot, filled with water, there is added 50 grams of chopped ginger root. The soup is cooked until tender and crushed in a blender.

Side effects and contraindications for detox diet

Detox diet involves the rejection of meat and other foods, which have carbohydrates. This can lead to reduced immunity and deterioration of the General condition of a person. In order to avoid exhaustion, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes. They will help prevent drowsiness, constant feeling of fatigue.

In the period following the technique of cleansing the body, it is desirable to exclude severe physical and mental stress. However, walking in the fresh air before bed will be useful.

A detox diet is not suitable for everyone. There are some cases when following the diet strictly contraindicated.

Detox diet is not recommended for:

• stomach ulcers and gastritis;

• lupus;

• all diseases of a chronic nature;

• rheumatism;

• osteochondrosis.

Methods of cleansing the body is strictly prohibited for women during pregnancy and lactation, athletes and adolescents.

Detox diet is a great way to cleanse your body and get rid of excess weight. Given the contraindications and side effects should consult a doctor before you start to adhere to the system power supply.