Daikon – the maximum benefit for the body and low calories. The benefits and possible harm daikon: a white radish from Japan

Japanese daikon radish included in the daily diet of the inhabitants of East Asia.

In contrast to the usual radish or daikon radish is not bitter, since it does not contain mustard oil.

There are many varieties varieties of this root.

Often can be found daikon radish shaped like a giant carrot.

This white radish weighs more than a half kilogram and up to 60 cm in length.

Another variety resembles a large turnip white.

Cutting such a daikon, you can see that inside it is pink. Regardless of the variety daikon radish benefits for the human body. Its composition includes essential for maintaining healthy vitamins and elements.

Daikon: composition, calorific value and methods of application

Useful daikon is low in calories. In 100 g of product contains only 21 calories. However, he is able to cover more than 30% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. But even more content in the Japanese radish of b vitamins and, of course, a lot of other useful components:

• Vitamin C – normalizes the formation of bone and connective tissues. Is a powerful antioxidant and activates protective functions of the body;

• Vitamins B1, B2, B7, B9 – involved in metabolism, maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Maintain optimum level of hemoglobin. Responsible for the harmonious development of the fetus during pregnancy;

• Beta-carotene stimulates the removal of toxins. Necessary for the healthy state of the eye muscles;

• Calcium is responsible for the integrity and the fortress of bone and muscle tissue. Ensures normal blood clotting. Carries anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects;

• Iron – prevents anaemia. Enhances the body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses;

• Sodium – provides the health of the kidneys, nervous and muscular systems. Regulates the accumulation in the body of water and salts;

• Potassium is responsible for heart health and is also involved in the formation of digestive enzymes;

• Iodine – supports healthy thyroid gland and is responsible for the body’s resistance to external viruses;

• Phosphorus – participates in the normalization of the functioning of the nervous system, heart muscle, activity of the brain;

• Selenium – iodine assistant care the thyroid gland. Besides selenium minimizes the possibility of cancer.

Useful for human health just use daikon as a side dish with fish, add it to salads and use for cooking soups. However, note that during any thermal processing of the useful properties daikon still loses. Useful leaves of the Japanese root. They increased concentration of vitamin C. the leaves of the daikon are also suitable for the preparation of salads, soups, and stews. As for the freshly squeezed juice from this radish is sweet, it is doubly useful. But it is not recommended to drink more cups a day this drink.

Daikon: what is good for the body?

Daikon radish has a smooth aroma and taste, so it is nice to eat, adding to various dishes. This provides the body with vitamins, macro and micro elements required by him daily.

Use daikon is increased by the fact that this Japanese radish absorbs toxins when ripe. In fact, it is an environmentally friendly product. In addition, it removes toxic compounds from the body after its consumption.

Daikon does not contain allergic components, so it is useful to eat everything. Allergies can also feel the fact that their inclination to various food allergies lightly lower, once they get used to eat daikon in the food.

Experts have long said that cancer cells are in every organism. Predisposition to their development in all individual and depends on various factors, starting from genetics and ending with the way and conditions of life. Use daikon reduces the risk of cancer in any of the categories of people.

Fresh daikon, entering the body in its raw form, it derives from cholesterol. Thus retreating diseases such as rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis. The kidneys and liver and also clears even the stones that are in them, begin to dissolve and come out gradually.

Raw daikon is good for health. It normalizes the heart and eliminates possible problems in the urinary system.

Radish from Japan quickly and permanently eliminates the feeling of hunger. This is due to the large content of fiber. As well as the caloric value of this root is very low, it’s a real godsend for those who want to lose weight.

This white root vegetable and those who suffer from diabetes. Use daikon to the health of such people is that it controls the blood sugar level, reducing it to optimal performance.

Any person in our time knows what is insomnia and how sometimes a stressful situation out of the mode. Daikon helps to restore the nervous system and normalize sleep.

The benefit of daikon will discover even those who wish to get rid of a hangover. To do this, simply eat a handful of grated radish or drink fresh juice from it.

Daikon: what is the harm?

Daikon can cause harm only if it is excessive consumption. You should consider a high content of fiber in the radish. People with disruptions in the digestive system and bowel problems, it is better not to overeat the sweet root. This is explained by the fact that a large intake of natural fiber in the body, it can cause difficulties in the functioning of the stomach and, consequently, cause aggravation of existing diseases of the digestive tract.

In urolithiasis, to prevent harm from daikon, you should consult with your doctor about diet.

Acute gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer are direct contraindications to the consumption of daikon.

Daikon for children: helpful or harmful?

Daikon radish healthy children. Many parents introduce it in a child’s diet is already three years. With the use of prepared salads or just give children to eat the radish and train the teeth. In addition, the child’s body is saturated with vitamins and minerals, and even is developed by the jaw to correct the bite and dental health in the future. However it should be noted that not every baby daikon will taste.

Daikon is low in calories, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic vegetable. Therefore, it is beneficial for children and has a deserved right to be present in their daily diet.

Contraindications for the use of child Japanese radish can serve as the prohibitions of the doctor. If you have problems with the kidneys, liver and digestive system daikon can cause harm. Therefore, his presence at the kids ‘ table is minimized or completely eliminated.

Daikon in beauticians

It is known that the condition of the skin depends on the condition of the intestine. The slightest problem in the stomach – and all this is reflected in the form of rashes, fading, dryness, or Vice versa excessive oily skin. Including radish in your diet as often as possible, you can get a great natural way soft clean the intestines of toxins.

Juice white Japanese radish has a bleaching effect. Wiping with a cotton swab face with juice is useful daikon, you can:

• Whiten dark spots, freckles;

• To rid pores of impurities and remove toxins from the skin layers;

• To counteract the germs and get rid of the rashes;

• Smooth fine wrinkles;

• To give the skin a smooth texture and healthy tone.

Through the skin, our body is not worse than through the digestive system. Juice daikon, having soaked into the skin, saturate it with vitamins and useful elements.

To strengthen the effect and get more benefit from white radish for your skin, using a mask. For this you need to grate the root on a fine grater and mix it with olive oil. 50 gr of grated daikon just add a teaspoon of oil, which, however, can be not only olive, but any vegetable. Apply this paste to clean face and keep for 20 minutes. Then wash with warm water. This mask is maximally nourish the skin with essential vitamin compound, gets rid of excess oil and normalizes water-salt balance in the depth of the tissues. The skin is moist, wrinkles are gently smoothed, and the dark spots will become less noticeable.

Juice daikon promotes tissue regeneration and is useful bactericidal properties. This makes it a good helper in the treatment of skin ulcers. The compresses with fresh radish juice overlaid on affected area of the body. It’s better to use this helper method only in the course of a full treatment of ulcers and with the permission of the doctor.

To speed up the healing of scratches and smaller wounds also helps the juice of the white root.

Growing daikon

To grow daikon is not difficult. Soil preparation for planting is no different from how it is prepared for planting other root crops and vegetables. Our climatic conditions to plant Japanese white radish for open field only at the beginning of June. In order to grow it sooner or to get a late crop, you need to get a greenhouse. To water and care for growing daikon should also, as for all other crops for their own garden.

After 1.5-2 months harvest daikon ready to assemble. To make it better in dry clear weather. Then the roots will be easily removed from garden beds.