Beef liver: benefits and harms, calorie. The scientific facts about nutritional properties of beef liver, the rules of its use

Today beef liver – useful common and popular by-product, which does not particularly surprise.

But even two hundred years ago, beef liver was considered a delicacy of the nobility.

To prepare her trust only recognized chefs who kept the recipes of this dish in the strictest confidence and passed on by inheritance.


Beef or veal liver – beef product freshness and the use of which is most easily defined by the color – it needs to be dark red or brown, building fabric should be fine without the bile veins. Fresh product has a slight sweet smell. After cooking it retains a soft, melting taste and characteristic aroma.

This product is stored refrigerated no more than two days, frozen – 3 months.

Beef liver: composition, caloric, application

Useful properties of beef liver are determined by its chemical composition:

the element Property in the body Contents per 100 grams.Calcium Provides vital functions of all body cells, is responsible for the strength of the hard tissues, blood clotting, nerve impulse 9mg Magnesium Protects blood vessels, prevent kidney stones, breaks down sugar 18мг Sodium Expands blood vessel walls, maintains electrolyte balance, produces gastric juice 104мг Potassium Normalizes heart rhythm, provides oxygen to the brain, lowers allergic reactions 277мг Phosphorus is Responsible for the growth and repair of bone and dental tissue, breaks down proteins, promotes healthy metabolism 314мг Chlorine Removes fluid and salt from the body, cleanses the liver of fat, produces blood cells 100mg Sulfur is Responsible for cellular respiration, maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin, is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and insulin 239мг Iron Ensures the formation of blood immune cells, synthesizes thyroid hormones and 6.9 mg Zinc Affects mental activity, prevents diabetes, and is involved in the formation of bone tissue 5 mg Iodine Stimulates oxidation processes in the brain, protects the thyroid gland and 6.3 µg Copper Synthesizes the hormones of «happiness», it ensures the absorption of vitamins, supports the growth and reproduction of cells 3800мкг Manganese Regulates glucose in the blood, affects lipid metabolism, stimulates the growth of cartilage and connective tissues 0,315 mcg Selenium Prevents the formation of tumors, controls reproductive function, and destroys free radicals of 39.7 µg Chromium takes cholesterol and breaks down fats, stabilizes weight, promotes tissue 32мкг Fluoride Protects the hard tissue, stimulating the growth of hair and nails, blood formation provides 230мкг Molybdenum Regulates enzymes, prevents diseases of the genital organs, provides the synthesis of vitamins 110мкг Cobalt Provides the synthesis of amino acids breaks down proteins, fats, carbohydrates to 19.9 micrograms of vitamin a Converts fat, restores structure of skin and hair, supports eyesight, slows aging 8.2 mg Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 Provides energy metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system, stabilize blood composition, increase resistance to stress and disease 270мкг Vitamin C Cures scurvy, increases immunity, accelerates healing, restores thyroid function 33мг Vitamin D is Necessary for curing tumors of bone and dental tissues, coordinates the production of insulin 1.2 µg Vitamin E Improves the nutrition of cells, stimulates the formation of capillaries, maintains muscle tone, prevents cancer of 0.9 µg Vitamin K Regulates blood clotting, improves the absorption of calcium, protects the liver from cancer of 3.1 mg

Nutritional value and caloric content of beef liver:

Energy value 127 kcal

Proteins of 17.9 gr.

Fats 3,7 gr.

Carbohydrates, 5.3 GM.

Water of 71.7 grams.

Saturated fatty acids 1.3 g.

Cholesterol 270 mg

In medicine beef liver – the first product prescribed by doctors for different diseases: iron deficiency anemia, eye cataract, kidney disease, nervous system and even cirrhosis of the liver, obesity. By the way, on a diet of beef liver you can lose 5-8 kilos in just two weeks! Combined with vegetables and dairy products such a diet not only takes all the waste from the body, but make up the balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body.

Also, beef liver is required to be included in the diet for osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, disorders of the glands.

Useful properties of bovine liver have been widely used in folk medicine. Plate of raw liver apply on the face for rejuvenation and skin tone.

Recommend cooked beef liver with weak immunity, problems of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes.

Cooking has countless recipes from beef liver. Prepare a variety of meats, aspic, salads, pies, cakes, side dishes. It is eaten boiled, fried, stewed, cooked on the coals, steam, grill.

Beef liver: what is good for the body?

Include in your diet, beef liver, You will immediately feel its benefits for the body.

Firstly, it reduces swelling and removes excess fluid from the body. This means that in the morning You no longer have horrified recoil from the mirror, he saw his swollen face and bags under the eyes.

Beef liver in any form improves the heart and blood vessels, destroys cholesterol plaques, increases the lumen of the vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots.

A useful property of the liver to stimulate the formation of new blood cells. Due to the high content of vitamin A and carotenes, it is possible to cure anemia and to increase hemoglobin and purify the blood.

Under intense physical and mental stress are also advised to consume this product. Part beef liver phosphorus get rid of anxiety and stress, potassium, muscle tension.

Eating beef liver is helpful during intense visual load, dry eyes, or vision correction.

Amino acids the liver is able to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol and Smoking, will save brain cells from free radicals, i.e., relieve headache, migraine, returns clarity of mind after a hangover or a sleepless night.

A huge benefit beef liver – a low calorie and low fat. Easily digestible ingredients in this product improve metabolism and permanently satisfy your hunger. The high content of b vitamins actively break down fat cells and reduce blood sugar levels. Hepatic protein will improve digestion and bowel function. Important: intake of beef liver – no more than 400 g. a day.

Beef liver: what’s the harm?

Despite the obvious benefits of this product, some damage and contraindications for beef liver is still there.

To overeat this dish is not: elementary possible digestive disorders and chair. Vitamins the liver also can play a cruel joke: from a surplus of vitamin A causes nausea, dizziness, inflammation of the cornea of the eye.

Overdose of b vitamins (which is in beef liver a lot) will cause food poisoning, dizziness, redness and itching of the skin, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

Problems with stomach ulcers and gastritis can be aggravated by eating beef liver.

Beef liver contains cholesterol, so the elderly and people with high cholesterol are advised to limit its consumption may increase heart rate, heart pain, angina.

Use beef liver for pregnant and lactating mothers

The first question asks the gynecologist in the antenatal clinic: «beef liver to eat?». In the first trimester of pregnancy this by-product in large quantities is not! Damage beef liver here – the high content of vitamin A, resulting in physical defects in the fetus. Also, this product may cause allergies in pregnant, which is not desirable.

However, with 16-weeks of pregnancy beef liver recommended in the diet of the expectant mother.

The dish:

1. Protects skin from stretch marks and cellulite, hair, hair loss, bone and teeth from fragility;

2. Increases hemoglobin, improves blood composition, which is useful for the circulatory and nervous systems of the unborn child.

3. Part of the liver, Folic acid is essential for oxygen supply of a baby in the womb;

4. Eases morning sickness, because it normalizes the liver and kidneys.

5. Vitamins and minerals serve as the building blocks of all organs and tissues of the unborn child.

Consumption rate of beef liver during pregnancy from the second trimester – 100 gr. a week.

If the time of pregnancy beef liver consume with caution when breastfeeding. it is vital. This product is useful for mom and baby from the first days after birth.

The high protein content contributes to the skeleton of the baby and development of the musculoskeletal system.

Vitamins strengthen the immune system of the child, increase its resistance to infections. Potassium, fluorine, phosphorus will protect the nervous system of the baby and contribute to the growth of brain cells.

Beef liver fill breast milk with nutrients and saturated fats. The child will be well-fed and calm, it will be good to take the breast.

Beef liver for kids: helpful or harmful

Beef liver is the first meat product that is to enter into the child’s diet, starting from the 7-8 months. It is easy to digest and does not cause allergies (except individual intolerance).

For children of any age this product is useful. Children often get sick, and beef liver, increases immunity, promotes faster recovery and prevention of respiratory infections, all due to folic acid, vitamins A, V.

Minerals beef liver contribute to proper mental and physical development to the reliable operation of the organs of the circulatory system and visual apparatus.

The use of beef liver from an early age will be a reliable prevention of many adult diseases: anemia, scurvy, tumors, obesity, problems of musculoskeletal apparatus.