Coffee: pros and cons

Many scientists conducting research on the effects of coffee on the body, in one voice say about his undoubted benefit. Consider the main points of the results of these studies.

Coffee with caffeine

Caffeinated coffee enhances mental and physical activity. People who consume large quantities of this drink, according to reports, less depressed.

Just two cups of caffeinated coffee a day could reduce the risk of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and to improve reproductive function in men.

The known benefits of coffee with caffeine in the fight against obesity: lessons in the gym are much more intense, and getting rid of excess fat faster.

Also, this drink, containing in its composition of antioxidants, helps to preserve the beauty and youth.

Coffee can give a good mood and ask a day rhythm. So, Wake up, go to brew Turkish coffee. A few minutes of waiting skraste gymnastics. After a drink, which almost immediately will give you courage, do not discard the thick.

According to reports, coffee grounds, if you use it as a massage mask that can give your face and body, elasticity and velvety.


This is also possible. Decaf is treated with special substances, depriving him of the «harmful» caffeine. This coffee is neither the taste nor aroma not different from the usual classic and is considered harmless, very popular in Western countries.

However, scientists of the American heart society believe that decaffeinated coffee has a harmful effect on blood vessels, forming the «bad cholesterol», contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on their walls.

Green coffee

Grain (seeds) is not subjected to roasting, contain, according to scientists, more vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. Present in green coffee the chlorogenic acid that promotes the breakdown and removal of fats, which is destroyed during processing.

This effect did green coffee the basis of many diets for weight loss, by consuming the rate of decay of fat (compared with classic coffee, with the same property) is much higher.

The body of each person is different, no General opinion can not be here. It was a proven fact that the tonic properties of coffee have been lowered over time. To coffee had the expected effect, nutritionists suggest to do in his hand a break of 10-12 days. However, to make a choice, of course, need focusing only on our own feelings.