Children’s diet — diet on baby food: interesting variant weight. The efficacy and menus diet on baby food

In pursuit of the perfect figure of women torture your body with hunger and other debilitating diets.

However, doctors proved that to lose weight fasting is the wrong approach.

To bring yourself back to normal enough to balance your diet.

Very popular today is the diet baby food.

It has been proven that it satisfies the appetite. Due to its low calorie jars of sauce do not harm the figure.

Children’s diet: the basic principles

If you adhere to the basic principles of nutrition, children’s diet will help to get rid of a week to 4-5 kg. Is the average result. Losing pounds is individual. It all depends on the weight at the initial stage.

The basic principles that involves children’s diet

1. To choose the right baby food. Special preference is recommended to give mashed fish and vegetables, spinach.We must not forget about the meat sauce, as they are necessary for normal functioning of micronutrients.

2. Fresh fruit and vegetables diet on baby food is not prohibited. However, you need to eat them in moderation, preferably seasonal.

3. Cheese you need to buy only child. Its minimum shelf life is proof of absence of various chemical additives.

Foods that slow the weight loss process

1. Baby cereals. Despite the fact that they were designed for kids, in the diet they cannot be activated. The fact that producers of cereals for feeding their children nutritious calories that the baby grew well.

2. It is not recommended to eat bananas because of their high energy value.

3. If you have decided to radically change your body, then the diet restrict itself in the use of pastry and confectionery.

Do I need a sports

Playing sports is one of the principles of any diet. A woman will never acquire your dream figure, if not to approach the issue comprehensively.

Why do I need to do sports during the diet

1. During physical activity the body burns calories. Morning simple daily exercises will enhance the result of diet.

2. Improves metabolism and increases endurance, which is useful for any person.

3. Children’s diet and physical combination of home exercises will not only help you lose a few pounds, but to make the skin taut, to solve the problem of cellulite.

Diet on baby food: the arguments «for» and «against»

There is no perfect system, which helps to lose weight without any consequences. Diet on baby food is not an exception. Proceed to it only after you studied all the arguments «for» and «against».

Key benefits

1. Children’s diet is an ideal option for busy business lady. If there is no time to stand at the stove and cooking for low calorie meals several jars of vegetable or fruit puree is perfect for a snack.

2. Undoubted benefits for the body. In jars with puree for babies contains only natural ingredients. This allows the well to clean the body of toxins and impurities, normalizing bowel function.

3. Baby food is a great alternative to «sweet». If a woman is not a day can go without delicious chocolates, it can be replaced with a sweet fruit puree.

4. Control calories. This is one of the main advantages. A jar of puree is characterized by a small energy value, it gives a sense of fullness and satisfies hunger for a long time. If a woman has problems controlling eaten, children’s diet will help her learn to monitor themselves.

5. Convenience. Jars with puree small in size, they easily fit into any woman’s handbag. In addition, it is optional to carry, because baby food is now sold almost everywhere.

Some disadvantages

1. Despite the fact that in jars with the mashed potatoes have vitamins and minerals, their quantity is designed for a small child. For an adult this will not be enough.

2. Cost. It is no secret that baby food is not cheap. If you consider the fact that to maintain a diet will have at least 7-10 days, it will cost an impressive amount.

3. Great weight loss this diet does not. Rather, the diet baby food just controls it. During the week it can be removed only from 2-3 kg to Lose 4-5 kg will be only the fairer sex who have very big problems with excess weight.

4. «Boredom» diet. For a long time to eat only healthy food is not easy. The body through a few days begin to show strange signals – «I want what he don’t know.» As a result of possible breakdowns and «attack» on the refrigerator in the middle of the night.

5. The lack of fiber. If a woman is planning to continue the diet longer than 7 days, the diet will need to add green vegetables, celery. Otherwise worsen the condition of skin and hair, teeth.

Despite all the shortcomings, it is worth noting that children’s diet really gives great results. After a week, significantly reduces excess weight, improves the General condition of women – the color of the skin, nails, hair gain a healthy glow.

Children’s diet: a sample day menu

Children’s diet is much more diverse menu than one might think. A sample meal plan for a day will help set a diet for yourself individually.

Morning: the children’s cottage Cheese (about 100 grams), one jar of fruit puree and a glass of green tea without sweeteners.

Second Breakfast: One jar vegetable or fruit puree.

Lunch: meat baby food (2 jars), fresh citrus juice or vegetable.

Afternoon snack: Herbal tea and 100 grams of baby cottage cheese.

Evening: a Glass of green tea without honey or sugar, one jar of vegetable puree.

Snack: Fruit puree – 1 jar.

It is important not to forget what menu it is desirable to vary the fresh vegetables or fruit. Salad with celery and fresh herbs, for example, the figure can’t hurt, but it will speed up the fat burning process.

Diet on baby food: important points

1. Lumpiness. Given the fact that baby food is characterized by a small energy value, the day you can drink 10-12 cans of fruit or vegetable puree, two fish or meat. This number will allow you not to feel hunger and not to break with the regime in a few days.

2. The supply frequency. Children’s diet is good because the jars of sauce you can always carry. Even not always possible to carve out 5 minutes to eat. Daily rate (12 bottles) should be divided into 6-7 meals. A bit like a fractional power. Such principle will allow to continuously feed the body, relieve the feeling of hunger.

3. Water. During the day it is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water. This applies to any person. If a woman doesn’t drink enough fluid, then get rid of the extra pounds she never will. Water stimulates the elimination of toxins, supports normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

4. Vitamins. As already mentioned, the jars of puree for toddlers contain minerals in amounts desired for a child. For an adult this is very little, even if you can eat 12 of these jars. Children’s diet can cause a few days of slight weakness and sleepiness. To avoid this, it is recommended to purchase pharmacy vitamin complex (too big) and drink it within a month. It will be helpful for the body.

5. Sport. If the lady wants to not only lose weight, but and maintain your new weight, you need to teach yourself to exercise. It is not necessary to spend money on the gym. It will be enough every morning to pay the charge for 20-25 minutes. Simple squats, push-UPS, crunches will give excellent results. Habituate yourself to that, you can be confident that the weight will never come back.

Children’s diet: conclusion

Diet on baby food lasting 7-10 days is a great way for women to normalize your figure. There are no contraindications, therefore, such a method is available for each. Main strictly follow all the principles and rules, not to drink alcoholic beverages and do exercises every day.

After the course of diet on jars of puree needed to take a break for 2 months, then diet again.