Chicken effective diet for weight loss. The principles of building diet diet plan on a chicken breast sample menu

Chicken diet will suit those who find it hard to abandon the use of meat products. The weight loss system is constructed in such a way that a person will not experience the hunger, and the calories to his daily diet will not exceed 1200 Calories.

There are many varieties of diet on chicken breast. Each technique has its advantages, each contributes to a substantial reduction in weight in a short time. The main advantage of diet is that, in spite of a rapid loss of extra pounds, they’re not going back.

The essence of the chicken diet, its benefits and use

During the diet chicken you need to eat meat without the skin. It has its own reasons.

1. In chicken skin a lot of fat, which is poorly absorbed by the body.

2. Suppliers of chicken meat often make the bird injection, so she quickly gained weight. All these harmful substances accumulate in the skin, so its use is not recommended.

Chicken diet belongs to the category of protein. The body lacks carbohydrates, forcing the body to absorb the oil. The result of excess fluid, break down fats, the person loses weight.

The advantages and the benefits of a diet on chicken breast

1. Chicken meat is very easy and is quickly absorbed by the body. Besides, it has been proven that the chicken is useful for human health. The consumption of poultry meat allows you to boost immunity and strengthen the muscles, and prevents heart attacks.

2. Diet menu is very satisfying, no need to invent special dishes – everything is very simple, the products are available at cost.

3. The main advantage of the diet is its efficiency. The method of weight reduction allows you to quickly get rid of annoying extra pounds, the person will not feel hunger, weakness, and other ailments.

4. In chicken breast contains vitamins E, A, N, and also valuable amino acids and minerals beneficial to the body.

5. The product normalizes metabolism, cleanses the liver. Also chicken breast is useful for «women’s beauty». Due to the presence in the composition of the high amounts of vitamins, meat-eating birds helps to strengthen the nails, hair growth, strengthen tooth enamel and improve the General condition of the skin.

Are there disadvantages to a chicken’s diet? The main disadvantage of the technique is that Sol is strictly prohibited. All meals will cook it without seasonings. However, in this case it is possible to find a solution. If a person can not eat fresh meat instead of salt he can throw chicken in soy sauce without additives.

Classic diet chicken breast for 7 days

Chicken diet for a week allows a person to lose 4-5 kgs of excess weight. This is an approximate result, it all depends on the starting weight of the individual. The basic rule of the system is that you need to eat 5 times a day. It will allow people to be free from hunger, to constantly get nutrients.

Sample menu diet for 7 days

1. On the day you have to prepare 350 grams boiled rice, 500 grams chicken fillet. All data products are divided into 5 equal parts and used for 5 times. Morning allowed to drink a glass of juice (vegetable, fruit). Coffee and tea are not banned.

2. The principle is the same as in the first day eat all 5 times. On the day prepared 700 grams of cooked chicken and canned pineapple (400-500 grams).

3. The menu is the same. On the day – cabbage (150 grams), green apples (4-5 pieces), carrots (2 pieces). If the carrots and apples separately people do not like, they can grate, mix and season with lemon juice – will be a very appetizing salad.

4. The last two days – chicken Breasts (700 grams), yogurt low fat and lettuce (100 grams per day).

It is possible that the person may experience hunger. «Mute» it will help a glass of still water with lemon.

Chicken diet for 9 days

This method significantly differs from previous one, as it was built on the principle of monopatia. However, the result will be better. Diet chicken breast for 9 days allows you to reset at least 5-6 kg, if you strictly follow the diet.

Menu for 9 days

1. The first three days are fasting as you can eat only green apples. Allowable number of fruit – no more than 1.5 kg per day. If you stand those 3 days, then it will be easier.

2. Days 4, 5, 6 – chicken. Per day are allowed to eat 1kg of cooked chicken. It is hearty, the body had already accustomed to small portions, so hold out will not be difficult.

3. The last 3 days allowed to eat chicken breast and canned pineapple. On the day – 500 grams fillet and 500 grams of pineapple. The last meal 2 hours before bedtime. Desirable products to thin out for 5-6 meals.

Chicken diet for 9 days allows for the use of yogurt in between meals. The main thing – to choose a drink low fat. The norm of yogurt a day is 500 ml.

Other variants of dieting on chicken breast

Variants of chicken diets very much. If for some reason methods of weight reduction on the 7 and 9 days the person is not suitable, choose a different is not difficult.

Rice and chicken diet

The methodology is designed for three days. After this period of time goes 2 kg.

Approximate daily menu

1. Morning. Rice porridge without salt and sugar with grated green Apple serving of 100 grams.

2. Through 1-1,5 hours to drink 250 ml of unsweetened green tea.

3. Lunch. Boiled chicken (fillet) – 150 grams.

4. After an hour of drinking green tea and eat 1 Apple.

5. Evening. Vegetables (it is desirable that it was the cucumbers or tomatoes), 100 grams of chicken breast.

Kefir-chicken diet

This technique is unloading. Duration – 2 days (longer, otherwise the person will feel weakness and malaise). The result – weight loss of 2-3 kg.

The technique of weight loss is that within two days you are allowed to eat 500 grams of chicken meat (without skin) for a day and drink 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt.

Buckwheat-chicken diet

Possible duration – 1 month. If you follow the menu, every week we will go 3-4 kg. of Buckwheat for menus need to be steamed in the evening without salt and other spices.

Approximate daily diet

1. Morning. 100 grams steamed in the evening buckwheat, unsweetened tea.

2. In an hour, be sure to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

3. Lunch. 150 grams of chicken breast and coleslaw.

4. In an hour again to drink a glass of yogurt.

5. Dinner is the same as was the Breakfast.

Cottage cheese and chicken diet

Duration – 5 days, possible to dump 4-5 kg. you need to Eat every 2 hours.

Sample menu

1. In the morning to drink unsweetened tea.

2. 2 hours – grated carrots, seasoned with lemon juice (150 grams).

3. After another 2 hours – 2 green Apple.

4. Following ingestion of 100 grams of boiled chicken breast.

5. 2 hours – cottage cheese (100 grams).

6. Have dinner at 19:00, too late to not eat it, otherwise your digestive system will not have time to process products. At this time you are allowed to eat 150 of lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes, dressed the dish with olive oil.

Cucumber-chicken diet

It is designed for three days, the result – loss of 3-4 kg of weight.

During this time you are allowed to eat only cucumbers and a chicken breast. On day – 1 kg of cucumbers and 500 grams of meat. The method is very strict, forbids sweet tea and coffee.

Fasting diet for chicken breast

The maximum duration is 3 days. The result is daily weight loss of 1-1,5 kg.

During the three days allowed to eat only chicken breast boiled. On the day – 500 grams of product. It is desirable to divide the meat into 5-6 equal parts and eat it with a window of 2 hours. This will prevent hunger and make it easier to transfer the fasting diet.

Important aspects of the organization of the diet the diet on chicken breast

Regardless of what kind of chicken diet for weight loss is chosen, there are some important points of the organization of the diet that you need to know.

1. Any diet deprives the body of certain vitamins and other beneficial substances. For this reason, according to the time sequence of the method of weight loss need to additionally take a multivitamin complexes.

2. It is extremely important to drink daily 2 liters of pure water without gases. When the body lacks fluid, slowing down metabolism, hence the process of weight loss.

3. Diet chicken breast allows you to eat meat only boiled peeled – fry the fillets in any case impossible, as it contains less nutrients and more calories.

4. At the time of weight loss need to give up all confectionery and flour products, alcohol. It is also recommended to give up Smoking is harmful to health in addition, Smoking slows down the digestive system.

5. Salt, sugar and other spices, it is desirable to minimize, it is best not to exclude them from the diet.

6. When a person loses weight, his skin loses its former elasticity. To avoid «sagging belly», it is recommended to accustom themselves daily exercise. You can perform squats, push-UPS, rock press, jump rope. Importantly, the training session lasted 20-30 minutes.

Chicken diet allows you to lose weight without harm to the body of the individual. She tolerated quite simple. If a person wants to achieve the best results, be sure to follow all the rules of building diet. At the end of the diet it is important to continue to follow your menu, perform morning exercises.