Celery for weight loss

Celery is, without exaggeration, an amazing vegetable. And for those who want to use celery for weight loss must know about its beneficial properties. Regularly eating the celery, we cleanse and rejuvenates your body. Celery is able to relieve fatigue, increase vitality and performance, soothe the nerves and improve sleep. It includes an active compound capable of reducing the stress hormone levels.

In celery contains important human mineral substances in the form of potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins. Therefore, eating celery for weight loss, you can not only lose weight but also improve health of skin, hair and eyes. Other indications for the use of celery — gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, constipation, allergies, various inflammatory processes.

Celery for weight loss valuable because we get energy from it, but it is famous for its low calorie which is only 18 kcal per 100 grams. That is, in 2 tablespoons of chopped celery contains a large dose of vitamins and minerals with only 3 calories! In addition, the caloric content of celery is «negative» – so say, when the product is in use gives the body fewer calories than it has to spend on its absorption.

Use celery for weight loss you can in different types. Its root, juicy and fleshy, most often boiled or roasted; stems are used in food raw, steamed or roasted; the leaves are traditionally used as herbs and seeds used for seasoning various dishes. Dishes with celery, perfectly saturating, permanently eliminate hunger. That is, not only during the diet, you can use celery for weight loss: they can enrich your diet permanently, by cooking of salads, soups, feeding him meat, fish, seafood. Nothing except benefit it will bring.

Celery for weight loss: how to use the juice

Celery juice is a very valuable product for those who have extra pounds. It’s a great diuretic and laxative, it also helps to cleanse the body from toxins, slow the aging process, normalize metabolism. So it is very appropriate in the diet of those who want to lose weight. Juice made from celery root, should be consumed daily, before meals, up to 3 times for 2 teaspoons.

You can enhance the effectiveness of celery juice daily if taken along with carrot juice. And eating celery juice, adding the juice of nettles and dandelion, you not only lose weight but also to purify the blood and cure many skin diseases.

Taking before eating of celery juice mixed with honey can significantly reduce the appetite and improve digestion. It is noticed that with regular use of celery juice weight loss takes place more easily and without losing the joy of life.

Celery for weight loss: recipes

Recipe 1: Celery soup for weight loss

Most popular celery for weight loss in soups. This soup is perfectly nourishes and at the same time has very low calories. To add to the original soup taste a hint of celery before adding to the soup you can fry, add crushed garlic. Cabbage can be replaced color. In a word, experimentation with vegetables, the most important is that the main ingredient of the soup still remained celery, and calorie meals were within dietary boundaries. If possible, it should be prepared without salt, but if you will not be able to eat it in this form, the salt may be added to soup. Eating celery soup for weight loss in a week, you can lose up to 8 kg.


300 gr. celery in the form of roots and leaves;

4 tomatoes:

500 gr. cabbage (sauerkraut),

2 bell peppers,

the taste of the greens.

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the vegetables in any form, drop them in boiling water and boil on high heat for about 10 minutes. Then diminish the fire and govarival until tender.

2. Finely porubov greens at the last moment, add it to the soup, turn off the heat and tightly closed the lid, give the soup to infuse.

Recipe 2: Oatmeal meatballs with celery

Oatmeal and celery — the perfect Duo! Oatmeal perfectly nourishes, celery gives the body nutrients and promotes weight loss. Making this dish is a frequent guest at your table, you will soon feel positive results on your health and appearance.


300 gr. rolled oats,

300 gr. roots and stems of celery;

1 egg;

2 bulbs;

2. tbsp lemon juice;

crackers for breading.

Method of preparation:

1. Bay oatmeal with a little water and leave them for about half an hour. Then, drain the water, squeeze well.

2. Finely chop the roots and stems of celery, onions. Add to it the prepared oatmeal and lemon juice, all mix well.

3. Sformovat from the resulting mass small patties and roll them in breadcrumbs, fry in small amount of vegetable oil.

Recipe 3: celery Salad with carrots and turnips

Celery for weight loss is often used in salads. This is the easiest of them, and this is one of the most useful.


200 gr. of celery;

200 gr. turnip;

2 carrots;

1 tbsp lemon juice;


Method of preparation:

Grate raw celery, turnips and carrots, season them with lemon juice, add chopped parsley, mix well, and our salad is ready!

4 recipe: celery Salad with carrots and eggs

This salad perfectly nourishes, he is very healthy and tasty. To lose weight with such dishes a pleasure!


200 gr. celery;

2 carrots;

2 eggs;

1 cucumber;

50 gr. yogurt.

Method of preparation:

1. Carrots and boil eggs.

2. Grind celery stalks, cut into thin julienne carrots with eggs and cucumber.

3. Combining all components, refill them with yogurt and all mix well.

Actually, the recipes of salads with celery, there are many. Those who want more nutritious food have to taste the salad of celery, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers and boiled chicken; or of stalks of celery, apples, boiled chicken and boiled eggs. Once you’ve mastered these recipes, you can without much of a hardship to lose excess weight.

Recipe 4: a Cocktail of juice of celery, apples and tomatoes

Great tasting vitamin drink, which will give your body the vitamins and give him energy for the whole day.


0.5 kg of celery;

250 gr. green apples;

100 ml of tomato juice;

to taste parsley.

1. Celery and apples to clean my. Squeeze out the juice, mix it with juice of tomatoes. Parsley wash, finely chop and decorate her glass with the cocktail.

Celery for weight loss: helpful tips

All recipes, which we are told can be included in the diet together or separately. For example, they can be used to conduct a one-day unloading or short-term low-calorie diet. Another option — such dishes, you can substitute the usual high-calorie food in your diet. This way you can ensure stable weight loss that will go away slowly (not over 2 kg a week), but securely and irrevocably.

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