Carbonated drinks increase the risk of depression by 30%

If You are experiencing depression and Outlook on life was filled with pessimism, perhaps we should abandon the carbonated drinks — they can cause depression, according to American scientists. It is better to drink a Cup of coffee, they say.

Staff Academy of Neurology in the United States examined the effect of drinks that contain a lot of synthetic chemical ingredients, among 265 thousand people diagnosed within 5 years prior to the study depression.

It turned out that people who regularly drank per day about four sodas had a 30% higher risk of becoming hostages of the doldrums, however, the greatest danger to the psyche represented diet drinks.

According to scientists, such an unpleasant effect can be associated with the presence of a large number of artificial sweeteners, one of the most dangerous among which is the artificial sweetener aspartame.

During the decade-long study also found effects on the development of human depression with caffeine.

Thus, the experts found that coffee has the effect is quite the opposite of what was observed in carbonated beverages.

The study showed that people who consume about four cups of coffee, suffer from depression an average of 10% less of those who prefer to drink soda.

«Most likely, this is due to this property of caffeine as brain stimulation. Nevertheless, the underlying biological mechanisms unknown to us» — said the study’s lead author Dr. Chen.