Brussels sprouts increases the possibility of conception

As a result of researches scientists came to a stunning conclusion: it turns out that Brussels sprouts can positively influence the possibility of conception. So for those couples who are concerned about increasing his family. you must enter into the diet of their food as many dishes containing this vegetable.

English scholars, summarizes the statistical data showed that approximately 9% of children were conceived in the last month of the year, which is much higher than any other month. For a long time it was believed that this is due primarily to the fact that during the Christmas holidays, people behave quite freely under the influence of a benevolent mood and, of course, alcohol. However, the data are to some extent questioned previously unshakable theory. Scientists investigated the diet of the festive table of the British and saw that those in large enough quantities to consume Brussels sprouts, which are known to be rich in folic acid.

Folic acid increases fertility (fertility) for both sexes, while significantly reducing the possibility of miscarriage. For couples who have the conception of a child is an acute problem, intake of Brussels sprouts increases the chance to be parents at times.

According to scientists, in addition to folic acid, Brussels sprouts are rich in different vitamins that increase sperm concentration and leading of the uterus to tone and also it contains diindolylmethane, which helps to regulate the estrogen level in women.

In addition Brussels sprouts has anti-inflammatory properties and contains substances that reduce cholesterol in the blood.