Bergamot: useful properties and is the main contraindication. Why you need to use bergamot benefits and medicinal properties

Refreshing and inviting notes of bergamot is familiar to everyone.

This scent makes the tea taste more rich, is often used among perfumers and aromatherapists.

However, that bergamot is nothing like citrus, obtained by crossing of bitter orange and lemon, know far not all.

Pear-shaped fruit with a sour taste nourishes the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Bergamot, useful properties of which do not cause doubts, it is recommended for both adults and children.

The composition of bergamot and useful properties

The composition of citrus enriched with valuable substances, which determines its useful properties and taste.

The composition contains:

• b vitamins, calms the nervous system;

• vitamins a, E, C, folic acid;

• unsaturated and saturated fatty acids;

• iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and other minerals.

Bergamot, which is good for the human body is invaluable, in addition to medicinal properties and is characterized by the diet. 100 grams of citrus accounts for only 36 Calories.

Bergamot: useful properties for the human body

Find bergamot in the sale in the form of fruit almost impossible, but it is possible to buy tea based on this product or essential oils, take the opportunity to «squeeze the maximum benefit» for himself.

Why the body needs bergamot (use citrus)

1. Fruit effectively combats viral infections and colds. It has been proven that its use promotes expectoration, lowers the fever. In addition, strengthens the immune system.

2. Based drink of bergamot increases the skin’s elasticity. Also its regular use tightens pores, which lowers the intensity of the sebaceous glands. Especially important to drink this tea in the summer time.

3. Bergamot is beneficial to the condition of the scalp and hair, strengthens the structure of hair, making them more manageable and soft.

4. Why even use the bergamot? Beneficial properties also apply to the nervous system. Citrus relieves fatigue and anxiety, eliminates stress and depression, improves mood.

5. Regular consumption of bergamot contributes to the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby accelerating the metabolism and improving the digestive process. This reduces the person’s predisposition to weight gain.

Bergamot: the benefits of citrus in a variety of applications

Bergamot has many beneficial properties so use it in various fields – medicine, cosmetics, cooking and other.

1. Antibiotics and pills once was. In that time, the ancestors used the citrus as an antiseptic. He had prepared a balm that copes with inflammations and skin infections. If a person was a serious wound, the fruit is simply cut into two parts and the pulp applied to the affected area of the skin.

2. Bergamot tea, the beneficial properties of which many are unknown, it is recommended for adults and children with colds and viral diseases. It tones, stimulates digestion, reduces fever and helps the body fight off infections.

3. Bergamot essential oil is frequently added to shampoos and other cosmetics for care of hair and body. It soothes the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing sweating.

4. Often used the citrus oil in combination with other aromas in the perfume industry. Gentle, slightly sour aroma of bergamot blends into any composition.

5. Inhale the oil of the citrus recommend psychologists to people who have problems with thinking and communication skills. Breathing in the aroma of the fruit, increases concentration, calms down the nerve cells.

6. To keep our spirits high for the whole day is recommended in the morning to take a shower with soap or shower gel, which is composed of bergamot.

7. Bergamot can be found in most biological additives are designed to enhance immunity.

Important! If nursing mothers are not hypersensitive to the fetus if it is recommended to drink tea with bergamot to enhance lactation. You should consult with your doctor to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Bergamot orange in cooking: a recipe for delicious homemade marmalade

In cooking as a separate ingredient in the fruit is not used so often because it tastes a little bitter, a little sour. However, in some countries, citrus is very popular. They cooked delicious candied fruit or marmalade. The recipe is not complicated, dealing with it can every woman.

You will need the following ingredients:

• 1.2 liters of clean water;

• bergamot – 5 fruits (they removed the skin and rubbed on a fine grater);

• 1 large lemon;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. Grated rind filled with cold water covered with a lid. She needs to stand for three days, with water changed daily.

2. After 3 days the scabs should be boiled, drained, remaining ground cover with sugar.

3. Content is placed on a slow fire, cooked the same way as jam.

4. At the very end squeezed lemon juice, the mass is poured into moulds and sent into the fridge. The next day you can have tasty and healthy marmalade.

If the fruit of the bergamot in the sale could not be found, they can be easily grown at home, as citrus is very unpretentious, is perfectly resistant to any weather and is not afraid of direct sunlight. The plant will delight your interior an attractive appearance, and the fruits can then be used to make tea or jelly.

The main contraindications to the use of the product

Bergamot, useful properties which positively affect the General condition of the body, has its contraindications, like any other citrus.

1. Strong tea-based citrus is strictly forbidden to use at night people who have sleep problems. Drink advisable to drink in the morning.

2. The use of bergamot in any form is prohibited in the presence of individual intolerance in humans to citrus.

3. Aromatherapy not recommended for children who have not attained the age of 12 years. Then only after consultation with your doctor.

4. When using bergamot in cosmetic purposes it is impossible to go out in the sun for a few hours, otherwise skin may become pigmentation.

5. During pregnancy and lactation can not be too often to use citrus, because an allergic reaction can occur in Chad.

Bergamot is a very useful citrus, contraindications it is not so much, so the basic rules of eating to follow is not difficult. The fruit actually has a positive effect on the immune system, so if not allergic to citrus, delicious and aromatic tea can be drunk daily, and once a week to spend time at home and aromatherapy for the whole family.