Himalayan salt: benefits and harms of a trendy food item. Than beneficial pink Himalayan salt, not harmful?

Natural Himalayan salt – a valuable food product. If rock salt is indeed mined in Pakistan, its composition is unique.

What is Himalayan salt

Pink crystalline salt, mined in Pakistan’s Punjab province, has a special origin. It was formed over 600 million years ago in a unique natural environment. Sea salt ancient ocean Tetis mixed with the fiery lava of the volcanoes, forming the Himalayas. That lava gave the product a pinkish tint and wonderful structure, which is one of the types of salt crystals found on Earth.

Use Himalayan salt due to the concentration of its constituent minerals:

• calcium;

• iodine;

• magnesium;

• bromine;

• strontium;

• salts of sulfuric acid;

• Borat.

Scientists found in the composition of Himalayan salt 84 mineral, the total number reaches almost 15 percent. The rest is accounted for by sodium chloride – regular table salt.

However, the smaller the content of this component is not very healthy due to not only the mineral composition but also differences in the structure of the crystal lattice. Himalayan salt, unlike sodium chloride, the crystals have a larger size.

Use Himalayan salt

The product is produced in limited quantities at the salt mine in Pakistan. The quantity annually extracted from the mines product reaches 325 thousand tons.

As the volcanic salt lies away from the manifestations of industrial civilization, it remains pristine clean. Even sea salt, which is considered very useful because of its high salinity, is extracted from pollution emissions from the ocean.

However, the benefits of Himalayan salt the purity is not confined. The product has a beneficial effect on human health as a whole:

• provides the cells an optimal amount of liquid, regulating water-salt metabolism;

• supports normal exchange of cations (chlorine, organic acids) and anions (sodium, potassium), i.e. provides an optimal electrolyte balance;

• facilitates the absorption of minerals and vitamins from food;

• maintains normal function of the thyroid gland due to the high content of natural iodine;

• normalizes such important indicators of health, such as hormones, blood pressure and blood sugar;

• helps to cleanse the cells of toxins;

• improves bowel, slightly weaker and has a diuretic effect;

• maintains normal levels of acidity in the body (pH balance);

• profilaktirujut osteoporosis, which is especially important for women;

• strengthens the nerves, makes your sleep peaceful, minimizes the effects of stress;

Using Himalayan salt, it is possible to stimulate the process of weight loss due to persistent reduce swelling of tissues. Compare: conventional rock salt, on the contrary, retains water and prevents to lose weight.

Of course, pink salt from the Himalayas cannot be considered a cure, but its useful for the organism properties need to know and use. for example, when a tendency to constipation or the formation of kidney stones, you can replace ordinary table salt pink Himalayan salt. The harm from such replacement will not be accurate, and the condition will change for the better.

Himalayan salt in many natural minerals and trace elements needed by the body for the coordinated work of all its systems. Podsalivaya food in this kind of salt, you can strengthen bones, nerves, muscles, immune protection.

Harm Himalayan salt

The market today, you can find four kinds of salt: common table, it is also iodized, sea, and Himalayan. Regarding the first view, then about the damage this product says a lot. Not accidentally, common salt called white death. The fact that it is not digested fully, putting off the joints and tissues and the resulting development of various diseases.

Little good can be said about iodized salt. Yes, it is more useful and desirable for regions poor in natural iodine in the diet and the air. But the fact that the iodine in this synthetic salt and its absorption by the body – rather, it is a pleasant delusion. The rest of iodized salt acts on the body in the same way as usual. It retains water, violates water-salt balance, and causes arthritis and hypertension, formation of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys.

Sea salt is definitely more useful, because it has valuable trace elements and minerals: iodine, potassium, zinc, iron. However, if this salt is evaporated from sea water is dirty (and guarantee that it is not, to give is almost impossible), it may contain toxic substances.

As for pure Himalayan salt, the harm from it may be associated with excessive dosage and any allergies. Do not forget that this is also a salt in which sodium chloride is the main substance. Add some salt foods this salt is needed in smaller quantities than white table salt.

Secure Doha sodium chloride is 4 grams per day. But it, along with the food that people consume during the day. So pure Himalayan salt in the diet should be no more than 0.5-1 gram per day. The excess is fraught with edema, reduced amounts of calcium, dietary disorders.

You can’t use the product, if it is diagnosed:

• tuberculosis;

• acute inflammatory disease of the internal organs and systems;

• problems with vorachivaetsya blood.

If you use Himalayan salt for the first time, be sure to follow the reaction. Allergies can manifest in various ways, but most often in the form of rash, swelling, itching. If this happens, then pink salt – not your option, use it.

How to use Himalayan salt

Unique natural salt can be used not only as a wonderful food product with unusual properties. Yes, it is possible to fill salads, first and second courses, to make pickles. But in addition to cooking, Himalayan salt is used in alternative medicine and cosmetology.

Pink salt is used in medical practice in the form of baths, compresses, inhalations, with the following objectives:

• rassakova body and relax, neurological diseases (bath);

• promotes tissue regeneration when ulcers and inflammation (poultice);

• easier breathing with SARS (inhalation).

As a means of home cosmetology is Himalayan salt used in the form of wraps, masks and scrubs. The effect of the application of such remedies is excellent: the pores are cleansed, the skin is rejuvenated, leaving swelling, returns a healthy complexion.

Llama salt pink salt is good as an additional means of air purification in residential premises against fungi, germs, bacteria, and ionization. It is believed that this lamp restores the positive energy in the house and generally healthy.

Himalayan salt is more expensive than usual. But it will pay off handsomely. It makes our food not only tasty but also very useful: revitalizes, helps to cure some illnesses, strengthens the immune system.