Bananas relieve migraines more effectively than drugs?

Twenty long years Lisa Poyner suffered from severe migraine. Traditional therapy did not bring relief. To get rid of pain helped regular bananas. Sensing the impending attack, Lisa immediately ate a banana. The woman is trying to eat bananas regularly, but there is a caveat: eat a banana a must before a migraine played out in full. To lose time, absolutely can not, otherwise women have numb limbs, and there is a disorientation in space.

For the first time Lisa Poyner felt the painful effects of migraines when I was a teenager. After the birth of children symptoms increased significantly. The doctors find it difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the pain, although the woman passed all the necessary examinations.

Not waiting for effective help from the medical profession, Lisa eventually revealed a definite pattern: the attacks began, if she experienced the feeling of hunger, which is manifested in low level of sugar.

Bananas contain a significant number of carbohydrates, so maintain normal sugar, preventing nausea, headaches and other «charms» of a migraine. In addition, bananas are extremely rich in magnesium, potassium and vitamins B12, B6. That is why these fruits should be there in periods of mental and physical stress. No wonder the banana is considered the fruit of the «good mood», because it contains tryptophan transformed into serotonin, which improves mood and helps to relax.