Banana diet — a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about the banana diet and sample recipes.

The banana diet — description and General principles

Nutritionist to the British Olympic Association Jane Griffin has developed a banana diet for weight loss athletes. Japan had developed its own version of the banana diet, which broke all records of popularity in the country for some time was felt a shortage of bananas. With this exotic but has already become a mother for the fruit, you can throw three days three pounds. It is ironic that bananas, along with grape are not welcome in many diets as they have high calorie content.

In our country are delivered ripe and sweet bananas with lots of starchy substances. If you ask for to lose weight using bananas, you should try to find that special bananas from South-East Asia or Japan, that is, special varieties with low starch content. In extreme cases, to use immature varieties with a green skin. They need some time to wrap in newspaper so that they become soft, ripe, and containing starch was able to be absorbed by the human body.

Undoubtedly, the banana diet is a kind of fruit mono-diet, and all applicable General requirements. It is based on a full can be considered a therapeutic diet.

Doctors recommend it for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach ulcers, obesity, hypertension. It also shows and kidney diseases, diabetes, bacterial dysentery. Calories banana has high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals. For example, eating only one fruit, the body gets from a daily dose of vitamin C, half a dose of vitamin B6, and has the ability to regulate cholesterol levels, as bananas almost no fat. The flesh of this useful fruit has the following feature: getting into the esophagus, it facilitates the hard work of the gastric glands and the tissue cells. Mucus protects stomach from the harmful effects of hydrochloric acid.

The banana diet — what foods can be consumed

The Japanese creators of the diet believe that if you eat bananas for Breakfast, then weight can be lost regardless of what is taken in food during the day. But to lose weight surely several pounds, a special three-day banana diet prescribes eat nothing but bananas all day.

Potassium contained in bananas is necessary for proper work of the heart. It helps to cleanse the body, since it has a diuretic effect. Banana mono-diet conforms to the principles of separation of power. Rules fractional power here should also be true: you need to eat often, but small portions without overloading the body, but not causing it to starve. In General, as soon as I feel hunger — eat bananas until you eat, later you can add the egg. Allowed yogurt or milk, also drink pure water or green tea without sugar and sugar substitutes.

The banana diet — what foods should not be consumed

Preferably before beginning of the diet to spend the fasting day — that is to restrict calories and heavy foods: meat, fat, gift for oil and animal fats products, marinades, pickles and canned food, smoked meat, fish. Banana Express diet will be effective only under the condition that no other products has not! Stress to the body can not exacerbate alcohol and greasy and heavy food.

The banana diet — sample menus

Variants of banana diet there are many, but all of them are designed for a period of not more than 7 days. The duration is determined by feel, the classic option — three days.

Option 1. Stocking up on food: bananas( 3 pieces) and skim milk (or yogurt). With a mixer you can prepare the dish of bananas with dairy products. Increasing the number of days in the diet are eggs(2 PCs). Don’t forget that during the fruit mono need to drink a day not less than one and a half liters of water. Meals finish with hot green tea, of course, without sugar. With this diet weight loss should be 1 kg per day.

Option 2. More simple variant — bananas and green tea, that is, dairy products are not used. If you are migrating a large number of bananas and they are not «stale», three days will leave the largest number of extra pounds. The complex version was developed by Jane Griffin, it includes dozens of components of food for 5-6 receptions, but it is very bulky, combined, in practice at home is almost impossible.

Of delicious and nutritious bananas you can cook some interesting dishes for fasting days later or after a rapid diet days. Including them in your diet every day can be beautiful and healthy, and thus a single gram of excess weight!

1. Banana salad – a delicious vitamin bomb.

Ingredients: banana plus Apple, pear or peach. Another option: banana plus lettuce and walnuts.

2. Banana oatmeal

Classic oatmeal on the water add chopped banana and milk.

A Cup of yogurt plus a banana instead of sandwiches for Breakfast. This Breakfast will save you time and get charge for the whole day.

3. Banana ice cream

Yoghurt mixed with small pieces of banana and place in the freezer. Low-calorie ice cream does not go to any comparison with store-bought.

4. Banana pancakes: 2 soft banana, egg, glass of kefir, salt, sugar, soda, a little flour to a thick dough. RUB the banana and add the other components. Fry in a pan with vegetable oil. Served with honey.

Banana diet tips and reviews

This diet, like all mono offers uniform power to its end some people can absolutely not accept bananas and «pounce» on other food, which can lead to indigestion and subsequently to return weight. During the diet come in normal metabolic processes in the body, so a gradual transition and monitor your menu will ease the process of adaptation. This way to lose weight is only good the first few days, longer makes no sense to torture your body. Gentle option — fasting days every two weeks. Still, it’s very difficult, «hungry», but is it worth it to endure the inconvenience, everyone decides for himself.

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