As I propose to use the soda for weight loss. Expectation and reality from taking baking soda for weight loss

In the struggle with excess weight are increasingly common recommendation to use a normal soda for weight loss. The basic technique is a bath containing soda, sea salt and ginger or soda, similar to those that even grandma is recommended to take with the stomach issues. Medical studies show that the effect of them certainly are, but what caused it and what can be contraindications, we need to understand more.

Why is it recommended to use the soda for weight loss

The main argument is the claim that soda is able to break down fats and remove them from the body. Thus, some reviews says that it works by itself, without any additional exercises and diets, while others claim that the result will be noticeable only when a radical change in lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, proper nutrition, avoiding alcohol and Smoking, fatty foods and flour products. Ie all the same that is recommended by nutritionists and without the use of baking soda.

Scientific substantiation in order to use soda for weight loss, based on its chemical properties. This is an alkali that partially or fully neutralizes the acids and fats, and works equally well inside and outside. As a result, we should expect the following effect:

• salts formed by the reaction of baking soda with gastric juice, are absorbed into the blood, increasing the activity of the lymphatic system;

• cells are cleansed from toxins due to the breakdown of fat deposits prevent normal operation of the body;

• improves metabolism, because the baking soda restores essential body PH value;

• in addition to the direct effects of soda on body fat, hot baths relax and relieve stress, which is one of the reasons for the increased appetite.

The impression is that the beneficial properties of baking soda purposefully hidden. Why tell everyone about a free way to get rid of the hated extra pounds, improve skin condition and body? Better all use the advice of dieticians and pay for the gym.

To understand how this is a correct statement, it is enough to refresh school knowledge of chemistry and biology, which will help to simulate the impact of soda in liquid for ingestion, and when adding it to the bath.

Why and how to drink soda for weight loss – myths and reality

Designed the whole regimens of soda, which show when and how it should be drunk. They must take into account its alkaline effect and explains for whom soda is contraindicated in General, is any disease due to which the gastrointestinal tract occurs in low acidity. If the stomach is normal, it is desirable to observe two basic rules:

1. Can’t drink soda before and after meals to eliminate its participation in the process of digestion – acidic sodium bicarbonate will not promote good digestion products.

2. In the interaction of baking soda and gastric juice produces a chemical reaction, accompanied by active emission of carbon dioxide. This causes the stomach lining to produce a new portion of acid (which consists of the gastric juice), which leads to its irritation. So take a soda it is only necessary when the stomach is neutral Wednesday – about an hour and a half after eating.

The effects of soda on the body comparable to the influence of salts, of course, essential elements. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acidic environment and increases the alkali reserve, maintaining a balance between them. Alkaline water breaks down into hydrogen ions are positively charged and the elements contributing to the improvement of biochemical processes.

The next element of the chain is the duodenum, which digests coming to her food in an alkaline environment, again facilitated soda. Alkalis also help to preserve teeth and prevent the appearance of worms and similar parasites who feel well in an acid environment.

What is worth considering

It all sounds nice and contains a grain of truth – studies do show that people consumed the soda for weight loss, quickly dropping a few pounds of weight. Unfortunately, these results obscure the main point of impact of soda on the body. When it hits the stomach, it breaks down into a neutral substance and salts, which enter the blood and then distributed to cells.

And the effect of alkali salts one – they contribute to dehydration. As a result, the body begins to lose accumulated in the tissues of moisture, which affects the total body weight. The fact that this does not remove the fat first, no one cares, the main thing that started to lose weight… But it goes on for a short time and subsequently leads to problems with skin that is dry, and «happy» dermatitis other troubles.

Bath with added baking soda for weight loss

This can be considered the perfect recipe for losing weight. Costs are 200 grams of soda on the tub water, while sodium bicarbonate acts only on those areas of the body that are submerged in water. Additional effects of the method is the destruction of cellulite, cleaning the lymphatic system, removing radionuclides, tightening and smoothing the skin. In addition, water treatments by themselves help to get rid of edema. Also bath a provides the removal of physical and emotional stress that equally affects health.

The temperature of the water is recommended to maintain at the level of «not-yet-hot but not just warm» — usually this is 37-38 degrees. Another measure is maintaining a temperature, that when it was warm but didn’t start sweating, because sweat salts will react with the baking soda.

After a bath should be rinsed under cool shower, wipe dry and an hour to go under the blanket. The procedure must be repeated through the day, and the effect of it will be visible after completing the full course, which lasts 20 days. Before the next course is a break of 50-60 days.

If for some reason the bathroom can’t be adopted, it is permissible to merely pouring water with soda. This applies to hypertensive patients, pregnant women, those who have on the body open wounds, people with diabetes, women during menstruation and nursing mothers. To apply the procedure is necessary in those places where it is necessary to reduce fat deposits.

What about the bath with soda for weight loss, says science

The first thing you have to remember is the structure of human skin. It is designed so that nothing can pass into the body. Through the pores on the skin comes sweat, but back through them to penetrate nothing. Otherwise people would constantly poisoning – who knows what he is constantly in contact.

To ensure this protection the outer layer of skin is covered with a protective film (mantle), which is based on lipids (fats). Their composition differs from subcutaneous fat and is aimed at moisturizing and protect the outer layers of the skin. They prevent the penetration into the body of infections and other microorganisms.

While taking a bath with baking soda, this film is destroyed, and without it, the skin quickly loses moisture, and when very dry, it is prone to eczema, streptoderma and similar diseases. Thus, even when the protective film is destroyed, the skin shrinks the pores and still does not pass into any particles, so any interaction soda with subcutaneous fat excluded.

As a result of exposure to soda – the skin loses moisture, which leads to insignificant weight loss. While no one promises overclocking for 3 weeks soda baths roughly predict the loss of two to three kilograms of weight. Given that the result is a bonus to skin irritation, it is worth considering if it’s worth it.

Brief summary – if we can use soda for weight loss

By itself baking soda for weight loss cannot be used. If you start to drink or take her bath, it will cause some loss of weight due to dehydration. Expect the same the result of consolidation or burning of subcutaneous fat is not necessary.

Dehydration negatively affects the skin resulting in its dryness, accompanied at best by the peeling and itching, and in worst – emergence of infections that cause irritation or a larger rash or Acme.

It should closely relate to is this method of weight loss, as unscrupulous manufacturers can offer the usual mixture of bath salts and baking soda as a miracle cure that allows without any effort to lose excess kilos of weight in a short period of time. The cost of these mixtures typically ten times more expensive than the same salt and baking soda, which can be freely bought in pharmacies or store.