Avocado helps to normalize metabolism

If you regularly include in your diet avocado, it is possible to improve not only the quality of food, but many health indicators, say researchers from Nutrition Impact.

After analyzing nutrition 17 567 adults over a seven-year period, which covered the period between 2001 and 2008, scientists have found evidence that avocado improves metabolism in the body. 2% of study participants (347 people) every day eat half avocado of medium size. In addition, the diet of these people in General was present more healthy components: dietary fiber, healthy fats, and less carbohydrates and sugar.

It was also noted that regular consumption of avocado has a beneficial effect on weight. The problem of excess weight among fans of the avocado did not occur. They weighed on average 3.6 kg less than those who did not pay attention on this fruit, and could boast of a slimmer waistline (average 5 cm).

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help to avoid the development of heart disease. In previous studies it was found that the probability of Contracting coronary heart disease decreases by 19%, it is only necessary to increase the intake of monounsaturated fat is only 5%.

Despite the fact that evidence of a causal dependence is not, the researchers still believe that the avocado plays an important role in nutrition and lower likelihood of development of metabolic syndrome.