Apricots: benefits and harms of solar fruit. The use of apricots in combination with a low calorie = dietary product

From March to April blooming apricot trees fill the streets with their fragrance.

And, starting from June to the end of the summer, you can enjoy a healthy fruit apricot.

They are able to quickly satisfy hunger, cheer up and give energy, improve your health and are low-calorie product.

Apricots: calories, composition, application

The caloric value of 100 g, the apricot is 44 calories. Eating one fruit, we get only about 11 calories, and a lot of useful elements and vitamins:

• Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E, H;

• Calcium;

• Magnesium;

• Iron;

• Sodium;

• Potassium;

• Iodine;

• Phosphorus.

Useful properties of apricot are such that including them in your diet can improve the functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular systems. Eat apricots in the fresh form, in dried apricots, apricots, as well as used for cooking various dishes and drinks.

Due to the fact that apricots contain all the vital vitamins, macro and trace elements low in calories, they are ideal for effective diet the process of losing weight.

Apricots: what is good for the body?

Daily eating a couple fruits or a handful of dried apricots, you can soon feel the beneficial effects of apricot on the body. The skin becomes smooth, elastic, the hair regains lost Shine and health markedly improved. And this is only the visible and palpable changes. But the reason for harmonization is much deeper.

Apricots contain large amounts of natural fiber, which beneficially affect the bowels. In diseases due to fermentation processes in the intestine and when constipation, fresh apricots or the juice will have a mild laxative effect and bactericidal effect. At the same time will be the process of normalization of gastric acidity. Overall, after a month of regular consumption of apricot fruit, juice, compote or dried apricots, gastro-intestinal tract will cease to disturb failures in their work.

The high content of potassium apricots makes them beneficial to the health of those who care about the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. B vitamins and magnesium strengthens the heart muscle. In addition, heals and restores the nervous system. Apricots with their useful reducing properties include in the daily diet of patients suffering from vascular disorders and hypertension.

Useful for the organism properties of apricot will help to avoid iodine deficiency and, consequently, to exclude the possibility of thyroid disease.

Apricots supply the body with all necessary vitamins. And, importantly, dried apricots and dried apricots do not lose all the properties of the apricot. This allows year-round to feast on the fruits of the apricot tree with health benefits.

Anemia and lowered immune power of the body to eat apricots on a daily basis. It activates the protective function and contribute to blood formation. In addition, apricots are effectively removed from the body of toxins and cholesterol.

To treat for a long time the feeling of hunger, apricot help to fight obesity.

Apricots: what’s the harm?

With all their unique and useful composition, apricots can harm your health. Especially it concerns those people who have diabetes mellitus in anamnesis. Because the different varieties of the apricot contains from 60 to 80% of various sugars. In the dried apricots and the apricot sugar even more.

Eating an apricot before Breakfast or after a heavy lunch, it is possible to provide a «hard» stomach. Digestion is complicated, given the richness of the fruit.

For problems of the stomach and liver should minimize the consumption of apricot that will bring only harm in the presence of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, gastritis or pancreatitis.

It is possible to feel the apricot overdose. Excessive consumption of the fruit leads to diarrhea. Naturally in such a situation, the beneficial properties will be lost more than it received before. Dizziness, low blood pressure and rapid heartbeat are symptoms of the same overdose apricots bringer of harm.

Food is not only flesh, but bone. Inside the bone is delicious nucleolus, eating you can get serious poisoning. However, to achieve this effect, you need to eat a lot of seeds, and the pulp is catalyst poisons in them.

Apricots for kids: helpful or harmful?

All varieties of apricot are useful. Even wild delicious apricots contain a lot of useful components. It is important that the fruit was ripe. Green apricots will certainly lead to disruption in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cause strong diarrhea, which will cause harm to the body.

In the absence of disease of the stomach and intestines during normal functioning of the liver, fresh apricots and dried apricots should be present in the infant diet. After all, the apricot benefits for health:

• Prevents beriberi;

• Strengthens the nervous system;

• Protects the heart;

• Stimulates the immune system;

• Enriches the brain, causing the active operation;

Apricot diet

As a reduced calorie product, apricots actively help to lose weight health benefits. Moreover, they are able to eliminate the problem of obesity.

There is a three-day method of unloading the body and cleansing. Each day you will need to cook a dish from 500 g of fresh apricot and 300 gr of dried apricots. Fresh fruit pressed juice, which is added finely chopped dried apricots. It is necessary to eat throughout the day. It is necessary to drink purified water before meals or one hour after taking the apricot dishes. After three days the effect is obvious. Thus, it is possible to cleanse the body from various harmful accumulations to get rid of 3-4 kg and regain ease.

It should be recalled that this diet is contraindicated in those who have problems with the stomach and intestines, impaired liver function, or elevated rate of blood sugar.

Apricot pits: calorie, benefits and harms

At that time, as the pulp of the apricot contains just 44 calories per 100 grams, its kernels have an energy value of 450 kcal per 100g. They are eaten especially those who adhere to a diet that helps to gain weight.

Although the calorie content of apricot kernels are based on 100 g of seed, such quantity to eat them in any case impossible. A handful of over 30g, can cause severe poisoning that would require hospitalization.

Seeds of apricot in ancient times was used as a cough medicine. They help to fight against diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Apricot pits prevent cardiovascular disease. And destroys potentially dangerous cancer cells in the body.

In dosed quantities of apricot kernel useful besides more delicious.

Apricots in cosmetology

Our body is able to eat not only from within but also through the skin. Apricot will have her taste. He will give it a fresh, moisturize, get rid of excess sebum, gives even tone, eliminate imperfections such as rashes and wrinkles:

• Standard mask for any skin type – the pulp of two apricots applied on the face and after 15 minutes wash off with warm water;

• Face mask for dry skin – the pulp of the fruit of their a pair of apricot added a tablespoon of sour cream or olive oil, the mixture is applied on face and washed off with warm water after 15 minutes;

• For oily skin types – apricot puree add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, leave on face for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

Oil from apricot kernels is not only unique cosmetic properties, but can even produce a therapeutic effect, why is used in medicine.

Apricot oil obtained from the seed, is part of many creams and masks of various brands. But it is possible to take a simple face cream suitable for your skin type, and add a few drops of apricot oil. Do it better not the total capacity, and a La carte. Absorbed by the skin, the oil begins to provoke the production of natural collagen. It smoothes wrinkles, gives elasticity, improves the complexion.

Firming works oil to the eyelashes. Applying it on the eyelids for two weeks, after this period you can evaluate the use of apricot. And lashes will be strengthened and crow’s feet in the outer corners of her eyes smoothed.

All the useful properties of apricot kernel oil and contain the crushed bones, which are part of the apricot scrubs for the face and body. Depending on the grinding of the seeds is determined and the purpose of the scrub:

• Fine particles – gently scrabulous face, smoothing the surface of the skin;

• Average particle seeds efficiently remove dead skin cells on the entire body;

• Large grinding seeds – only suitable for feet removes corns, makes feet soft and supple. The skin is not damaged, which prevents the appearance of cracks on the heels.

Apricot oil is good for the body and well absorbed by the skin. So it is often used in massage. With its help it is comfortable to massage, leaving no visible oil on the body and thus does not spoil clothes. In addition, apricot kernel oil relaxes the muscles. To remove aches and pain in the joints will also help the apricot oil. Massaging an inflamed joint should not simply apply the oil onto the aching part of the body.