Apples: the benefits and harms, calorie. Baked apples and dried apples: useful properties, indications and contraindications

All fruits are not only tasty treats but also beneficial to the body.

The leader among them is Apple.

Due to the unique set of vitamins, microelements, biologically active substances, this fruit is used in cooking, cosmetics, medicine.

The benefits of apples for health was known for a long time.

No wonder this fruit has become the main attribute of many legends, myths, even a multi-billion dollar company Apple chose his logo in their products. Affordability, rich taste, useful properties of apples are the main advantages that allowed him to be one of the most popular fruits in the world.

The composition, the calorie content of apples

Useful properties of apples can not be underestimated. The composition of the fruit is composed of 86 % water, when it is used to satisfy thirst, in addition, it contains:

Potassium. This microelement is essential for the heart muscle, kidneys, has a slight diuretic effect. In 100 g of product contains 270 mg of this macromineral.

Calcium strengthens tooth enamel, bones.

Iron is necessary to prevent anaemia, are effective in combating anemia. Fruit contains 2.2 mg of the substance, because the benefits of apples for our body especially great for children, pregnant.

Phosphorus, zinc in sufficient quantity provides immune protection, improve brain activity.

• More than 2 mg of iodine normalizes the thyroid gland.

Vitamin C (9mg) in greater numbers contained in sour fruits. It strengthens blood vessels, reducing their permeability, binds toxic substances, takes part in the synthesis of collagen. Also, all known antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. Apples improve the body’s resistance to infections, strengthen the immune system. One medium fruit contains a fourth of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Pectin accelerates the excretion of toxic substances, poisons, excess cholesterol.

Acid and normalize intestinal function, do not allow fermentation, the development of putrefactive processes. The most useful is Apple, citric acid.

Quercetin prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, slowing the death of nerve cells.

• Fiber improves motility, prevents the absorption of harmful substances.

Apples with the peel or without?

The debate on this issue for a long time, one party recommends to use a fruit with peel, one without. But if you want the benefits of apples for health was the maximum, to peel is not necessary. It contains all the nutrients: vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, pectin. This applies to home fruits. When buying in store, especially in winter or early spring, it is likely that the apples will harm more than benefit. Because in the skin accumulate pesticides, nitrates. To protect yourself, it is better to take small, not so pretty fruits than large, with a glossy surface.

Attention! Often there are situations when the pulp we eat and bones. Despite the high content of iodine, zinc, and the heartwood is a source of hydrocyanic acid. This substance poisons the body in a large number of bones are harmful to health. Because more than 3-4 pieces a day not to drink should not be.

Caloric content of apples

If we analyze the composition of all diets and recommendations on fasting days, you can conclude that Apple is the most common. Such regularity can be traced not in vain, because the calorie content of apples is only 45 calories. Of course, there are small variations depending on the variety. Red and yellow are the sweetest, while green – juicy, sour, less sugar. Useful properties of apples green colors are often used in medicine.

The energy value of this fruit low protein and fat minimum amount (0.4 g), carbohydrates – 10 g. This product with a low glycemic index, so blood sugar rises slowly after eating fruit. Dietary fiber inhibit the absorption of fructose, the number one fruit is equal to 10% of the daily value.

Apples: what is the use for the body?

The fight against cholesterol. This substance in excess amounts it causes clogging of blood vessels, and in the end it leads to ischemia of the heart muscle, development of heart attacks, strokes. Useful properties of apples are directly fiber prevents the absorption of bad fat in the intestine. At the same time, the pectin removed from the body of endogenous cholesterol, which is formed in the liver.

Antioxidant action. Quercetin, vitamins prevent oxidative processes in the body. Also the risk of breast cancer, pancreas, intestine is reduced with regular use of the fruit. These data were obtained from the tests on rats where the percentage of tumors decreased by 45% after the appearance of apples in the diet.

• Pectins activate intestinal motility, preventing the occurrence of constipation.

• Use apples for the body is the high content of iron that helps in the treatment of anemia, anemia.

Patients with gout, rheumatoid arthritis, you need to eat a few fruits a day. They contain biologically active substances that eluted oxalic acid from the joints, thereby reducing pain and swelling.

• Potassium and calcium are good for the heart muscle, normalize blood pressure, vascular tone.

• A moderate choleretic effect and prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder, stagnation. Useful properties of apples are the reduction in the number of cholesterol that is one of the major components of gallstones.

• This fruit is a great helper of the liver. Pectin, cellulose bind and excrete toxic substances, products of decomposition, thereby performing the detoxifying function. The load on the liver is reduced.

Apples – diet product

Caloric content of apples allows you to include them in any meal, even for dessert. One medium fruit is only 5% of daily intake even while on a diet. About extra pounds can be easy to forget to replace the intake of sweets raw or baked Apple. In the composition of the fruit is dominated by water, fat, a small amount of carbohydrates gradually increases the level of glucose in the blood.

If there are no contraindications, it is often used in fasting days on apples. The day allowed to eat 1-1.5 kg of these fruits in 4-5 receptions. But often times in a week to repeat this discharging is impossible. Despite the benefits of apples for health, the body needs proteins, fats for normal functioning.

Application in cosmetology

The high content of vitamins, minerals, makes the fruit an indispensable product that gives beauty and youth. With regular use, skin becomes firmer, more elastic. This is a great way to combat wrinkles, age spots. The fruit rubbed on a fine grater or use a blender to puree whipped consistency. Ready mixture is applied on face, décolleté, after 15 minutes wash away. For oily skin fit green apples, dry – sweet, you can also add olive oil, a teaspoon of honey.

Apples: is it possible to harm to health?

Despite the benefits of apples for the body, in some cases they are best avoided. This does not affect all people. The fruit has a lot of fiber, coarse fiber, ‘ cause in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, apples can damage. They cause aggravation of peptic ulcer, gastritis, colitis.

There are some nuances about apples. People with high acidity of the stomach should be preferred sweet varieties. At reduced function, on the contrary, red apples harmful, it is better to choose green.

Buying this fruit in the store, especially in winter, is good for the body Apple to buy the chemical «bomb». Fruit surface is treated with paraffin, other compounds to extend the shelf life. In this case you need to rinse the fruit, peel it is better to crop.

Red varieties can cause an allergic reactionif there is a predisposition to allergies, you should eat green fruit.

Use baked apples

Cooked in the oven, apples are a delicious treat, especially for people that stick to diet. After heat treatment, the fruit becomes soft, sweet, with a unique aroma. Thus its composition remains the same, the amount of vitamins, minerals decreases slightly, but the use of baked apples huge. They are softer impact on the bowel without irritating it, is indicated for gastritis, diseases of the digestive system. A slight stimulating effect helps to fight constipation. This product is well absorbed, normalizes microflora.

The dried apples?

During drying water is evaporated, because a product more calories. Dried apples can harm the figure, if you consume them in unlimited quantities. Because they are calories – 250 kcal. This is 5 times more than fresh fruit.

Dried apples keep longer good for the body, they activate intestinal motility, metabolism, have antitumor, tonic effect. The product normalizes blood composition, lymph, useful for the heart muscle.

Abuse dried apples are not worth it, they can lead to bloating, flatulence. Patients with diabetes should limit them, as the sugar content is quite high – 60 g (for comparison, the raw fruit is only 10 g). Therefore give preference to fresh fruit.