Apple cider vinegar: benefits and harm. What you need to know about the composition, properties, scope and benefits of vinegar

The existence of Apple cider vinegar has been known to mankind since ancient times.

Its useful properties, harm to health was known and used by Egyptians, the ancient Chinese.

The product is widely used in the treatment of diseases and in the preparation of food.

Apple cider vinegar: composition, caloric value, as used

Apple cider vinegar is a product which has preserved all the useful properties of fresh apples.

It has unique properties due to the presence of:

• vitamins of groups A, b, C, E, R;

• pectin;

• acids;

• amino acids;

• enzymes;

• phenolic compounds;

• antioxidants;

• mineral substances.

Due to the presence of all these components, Apple cider vinegar is used in traditional medicine and nontraditional. Use Apple cider vinegar for the body is that it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal activities.

Useful properties of vinegar manifests in the treatment of:

• autoimmune diseases;

• obesity;

• diabetes;

• sore throat;

• arthritis;

• atherosclerosis;

• hypertension;

• existing cholesterol plaques;

• constipation;

• poisoning of the body.

The ability of vinegar to reduce the appetite, speed up metabolic process is used in dietetics. In cosmetics applied during the procedures for getting rid of dandruff, hair breakage, acne, to improve skin condition.

Is one of the components of mayonnaise, marinades, canned goods, seasonings. In the food industry is a good preservative, flavouring and acidifier.

Product found use in cooking. Seasoning is added to many salads, sauces, meat dishes, fish. Often Housewives for canning and pickling vegetables, salads for winter use Apple cider vinegar because it is a good natural preservative.

In tropical countries in order to prevent decontaminate fruits and berries in a solution of Apple cider vinegar.

Calories it low:

• in 100 g of vinegar 6% contains 18 calories;

• vinegar 5% — 14 kcal;

• 3% of product total – 11ккал.

The product can be produced from the juice of apples, dried fruits and cider. It has a mild taste, pleasant flavor and high nutritional value.

Apple cider vinegar: what is good for the body

For the treatment of diseases vinegar can be applied externally or inside. Its correct use allows to prevent or to get rid of many health problems:

• speeds up the metabolic processes;

• removes toxins and waste products;

• enhances immunity;

• leads to a normal pressure;

• normalizes the intestinal microflora;

• reduces headache;

• speeds up healing of the affected skin;

• improves blood circulation;

• leads to normal sugar level;

• improving the exchange process;

• cholesterol level comes to normal;

• strengthens the bone tissue;

• lowers the appetite;

• relieves fungal infections;

• improves the functioning of many organs and systems;

• affects the skin and hair (fade fine lines and pigmentation, improves microcirculation of blood).

The benefits of vinegar for health will be observed in the case of lack of vitamins and some minerals. Good effect gives the use it as a wound-healing, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.

We should not forget that this product is acid and used in its pure form is prohibited.

Apple cider vinegar: what’s the harm

The richness of the vinegar trace elements, organic acids, enzymes, on the one hand carries the health benefits, but the opposite can cause irreparable harm.

Apple product is acid and it can irritate the walls of all internal organs. Primarily affects the stomach and intestines. There are a number of contraindications, which from the use it should stop:

• ongoing inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract;

• high acidity in the stomach;

• presence of ulcers of the duodenum or stomach;

• diseases of the bladder;

• hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver;

• a chronic form of pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis;

• diseases of the kidneys;

• colitis.

With great care should be taken to gargling Apple cider vinegar. Considerable damage it causes to the lining of the mouth, throat, tooth enamel. Making the enamel is thinner, the product increases the sensitivity of the teeth.

About contraindications to the use of Apple cider vinegar should not forget those who decided with the help of a product to correct some health problems: it is impossible to independently prescribe treatment.

Apple cider vinegar for kids: helpful or harmful

It is believed that Apple cider vinegar is a safe product for children. There are a few small limitations that should be remembered parents:

• fully contraindicated for use inside the kids up to 3 years;

• if you have kidney, liver, stomach, intestines.

Children older than 3 years do not use vinegar at:

• colds as a General tonic: dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in 0.5 cups of vinegar.

• In the treatment of severe coughing: 6st tablespoons of vinegar added to 1 Cup of honey. Take a mixture of 1tbsp spoon 2 times a day.

• To remove the heat:

— to dissolve red clay to a pulp with the dissolved vinegar, applied to the soles of the feet;

— mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with a glass of water. The resulting solution wipe the baby’s skin several times with an interval of 5-7 minutes.

• In the treatment of angina: rinse your mouth with a solution of vinegar and then plain water.

For the child’s body taking Apple cider vinegar possible if indicated and only after consultation with the pediatrician. Self-treatment of a child this tool can harm the unformed body.

Apple cider vinegar: harm or benefit for losing weight

Most women use vinegar as menacing and weapons in the battle against excess weight. The main reason of obesity is the carbohydrates that are in unlimited quantities enter the body. They do not have time to be burnt in the body. The result of carbohydrate excess is the increase in the thickness of the fat layer. To lose weight should significantly reduce the amount of proceeds of carbohydrates or to use such that the blood came slowly, could provide the body with the necessary energy and do not lead to deposition in fatty tissues.

Such carbohydrates include pectin. This natural fiber is contained in large quantities in apples. To meet the daily needs of the organism in carbohydrates, Apple can be easily replaced by Apple cider vinegar. It is easy to reduce the feeling of hunger, saturate the body’s «slow» carbohydrates in the required quantity.

There is a great variety of diets based on vinegar, but they all boil down to the daily intake of this product. But to rely on it not worth it. The result of weight loss will depend on lifestyle, length and diet. It is important to reduce or completely abandon spicy, smoked, salty, sweet and starchy foods, limit sodas and coffee.

If diet for Apple product brought the expected effect, not to succumb to temptation and continue to lose weight. Had to take a break for at least a week. Otherwise, you may harm your health. This method of weight loss suitable for everyone, in addition to future moms and people who have problems with the stomach and intestines. Before you decide to use this diet, you should seek the advice of a dietitian.

Apple cider vinegar: use in agriculture and medicine

Apple cider vinegar has been known for a long time.

Its beneficial properties can be successfully used in agriculture:

1. Rinse the clothes, especially wool. It will help not to lose things of their color.

2. To remove traces of sweat, to rid clothes of the smell of the cigarettes will help rinse.

3. A trail of ink: the contaminated thing dipped in warm vinegar for 5-7 minutes, then wash in soapy water.

4. To clean the carpet from dirt: a dirty place to wipe with vinegar, and then wash off with soapy water.

5. To remove stains on glass and mirror surfaces.

6. Get rid of the smell of onions or fish is easy, if you wipe the skin with diluted vinegar, and then rinse with water.

7. The old Wallpaper off the walls easilyif they are sprinkled with water solution of vinegar.

8. To remove paint from clothes.

9. Cheese will keep longer freshness, if you wrap it in a cloth dampened with Apple cider vinegar.

10. To get rid of pain and itching after an insect bite can be, if they wipe the skin.

A large number of recipes based on Apple cider vinegar is used successfully in folk medicine:

• varicose veins: vinegar can be applied topically and inside:

— RUB with solution of vinegar varicose veins affected skin before and after sleep;

— RUB the prepared ointment: 1st spoon of vinegar, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of turpentine;

— the daily drinking water solution vinegar by 2 tablespoons.

• Diabetes mellitus: fasting morning drink warm water vinegar 1-2 tablespoons.

• Skin diseases, wipe the damaged skin can reduce irritation, accelerate healing of wounds.

• High temperature. Wipe the body the vinegar solution will help to reduce the high temperature.

• Corns and calluses. Soaked stale bread is imposed at night to the affected areas of the skin.

Has a good effect treatment Apple cider vinegar at:

• sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis;

• acne;

• hair care;

• diseases of the teeth and gums;

• pain in the joints.

Before external use of vinegar must be verified with the reaction of the body: apply a small amount to the skin of the hands, leave for a day. If after this time it appears with redness, we can safely use the product to care hair and skin.

It is important to remember that Apple cider vinegar is no miracle cure. Its use in the treatment of diseases has only a supporting effect and is a Supplement to medication.