American diet: the diet «roller coaster.» Basic principles, peculiarities, and results of the American diet

A roller coaster is not only most exciting attraction in the world.

The name given to an efficient diet that has gained immense popularity among the fair sex.

She appeared in the eighties. Creator psychologist Martin Katan.

He developed the American diet on his experience, proved the possibility to obtain effective results in the allotted time.

The diet «roller coaster»: the positive and negative sides

Perfect power supply system does not exist, each has both advantages and disadvantages. The American diet is no exception.

The advantages of the diet

1. The most important advantage is that strict adherence to the menu is guaranteed to get rid of the hated extra pounds.

2. At the end of the method, the weight will not be returned. It has been tested women from different parts of the globe.

3. Very few restrictions in the choice of products. Following the basic rules do not deprive yourself of your favorite dishes.

Some drawbacks of the diet

1. Health workers believe that the sharp cuts in daily calorie intake (to 600 units in the first 3 days) are negatively affecting the health losing weight. The human body lacks energy, so there may be dizziness, nausea and weakness.

2. It is difficult to overcome the feeling of hunger, the probability of failure. Due to lack of calories and constant feeling of weakness, the body will require to fill in the energy balance. The first three days of the heaviest, if not to hold, then further reason to continue the diet roller coaster there.

3. The power system is not suitable for those who want to quickly get rid of extra pounds. American diet continues for 21 days, gives after this period, effective results.

American diet the essence of the power mode and the basic principles

Every woman at least once in life, but was on a diet. In most cases, body weight at some point either stopped out, or back. To explain this trend is not difficult. The body simply gets used to the monotony. American diet has a bit of a different approach. It is built on several periods, each of which is designed for a certain amount of calories.

The diet «roller coaster» was named so because the steps are «irregular». Only it lasts for 21 days.

1. Day 1,2,3. They’re fasting – the hardest to survive in the beginning. These days it is used at 600 Kcal.

2. Day 4,5,6 – 900 Kcal.

3. Day 7,8,9 – 1200.

Further, all on the same principle. Every day is a new stage. American diet has one basic rule – do not exceed the permitted number of calories in this diet is the essence of getting rid of excess weight.

It turns out that in the early days the body is under stress for the reason that you give him during the day, only 600 Calories. Further, the amount of energy increases slightly, and on the 10th day over 600 Kcal. There has to be much easier, the body will get used to the spikes.

The diet «roller coaster» gives a good «jolt» to the woman who has a positive effect on getting rid of unwanted pounds. The best part is that there are no big restrictions in diet. The main thing is to use as less products with chemical additives, preference is given to natural ingredients.

The diet «roller coaster»: permitted foods

Despite the fact that strong restrictions in the selection of the no diet, eat anything horrible, it is impossible. It is important to count calories in order to give their body the necessary amount in accordance with the next stage. However, food consumption should be useful, contain in their composition vitamins and minerals to maintain normal functioning of all body systems.

A great list of «good» products includes the following items:

• leafy green salad;

• beets;

• mushrooms;

• lean meat (can be chicken, rabbit or beef pulp);

• cucumbers and tomatoes;

• celery;

• zucchini (in season).

A little secret! Thermally processed foods give the body more saturation than the raw. For example, if you overcame the feeling of hunger, you can stew the squash with a carrot. Get a hearty and healthy dish. The same compromise with any vegetables.

American diet: forbidden foods

A list of products, undesirable for use, can continue indefinitely. To rid yourself of unnecessary information, it is enough to use common sense.

Main Smoking products:

• mayonnaise and other sauces;

• semi-finished products (sausages, store-bought frozen dumplings and croquettes);

• carbonated beverages;

• too spicy and too salty dishes (cause strong appetite);

• potatoes – one of the most useless vegetables, contains «empty» calories;

• confectionery;

• alcoholic beverages.

By purchasing products at the store for the proper organization of the diet you must think of whether or not they are useful and contain a part of the important for the body vitamins. Just guided by this principle, the diet «roller coaster» will give excellent result within a specified period of time.

The diet «roller coaster»: sample menu for the different stages

To make a correct and useful menus for each stage is not easy. Not to be mistaken, you can use the provided ration of 600, 900 and 1200 calories.

Menu calorie 600 units

1. First meal – a glass of green tea with no added sweeteners and a piece of bread (rye).

2. Snack. A small amount of cottage cheese low fat. A serving of about 200 grams, no more.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, chicken broth or boiled buckwheat with a piece of beef pulp. The total portion of no more than 250 grams.

4. A second snack. Egg boiled and a glass of nonfat yogurt.

5. Dinner should be light, so as not to burden the stomach at bedtime. This can be a stew of seasonal vegetables or a piece of boiled fish.

Menu calories in 900 pieces

1. Breakfast. One green Apple and a Cup of black tea without honey and sugar.

2. Snack. 200 grams of oatmeal, water, tea and a slice of rye bread.

3. Lunch. Chicken broth with homemade noodles (without adding contents). Vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil. In a pinch, you can add a little sunflower.

4. A second snack. Low-fat cottage cheese and one banana. Can be separately, but you can beat everything in a blender with natural yoghurt for obtaining smoothie!

5. Dinner. A piece of boiled fish and a salad of seasonal vegetables or fruit.

Menu calorie 1200 units

1. The first meal of the day. Black tea without sweeteners, 200 grams of nonfat cottage cheese with chopped green Apple.

2. Snack. Oatmeal, steamed water, tea and a slice of bread.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad, baked chicken, or vegetable soup.

4. A second snack. Natural yogurt and one banana.

5. Dinner. A glass of nonfat yogurt and fruit salad.

Most popular recipes

American diet is not necessarily the above menu. The diet can be planned independently, followed by the required number of allowable calories.

For example, for the first stage are also suitable for the following dishes:

• toast and coffee without sugar for Breakfast;

• two boiled eggs and spinach for lunch.

• vegetable salad as an evening snack.

For a menu of 900 calories:

• freshly squeezed juice in the morning;

• fat burning drink for lunch, made with yogurt, cinnamon and red pepper;

• dinner steamed zucchini and vegetable patties.

For the third phase of 1200 calories will fit the following dishes:

• banana smoothies are based on fat-free yogurt;

• chicken soup and a slice of salted salmon;

• Ratatouille of vegetables.

The diet «roller coaster» is strict. If the stages 600, 900 and 1200 Kcal are difficult, they can be replaced in stages to 1200, 1400 and 1600 Kcal. Such a diet will also allow you to balance your diet and get rid of annoying kilos.

American diet should be continued for 21 days, then mandatory body needs a break, otherwise the metabolism will be disturbed.

Important nuances of nutrition

The diet «roller coaster» gave the desired result you need to know and other aspects of the organization of their daily diet.

1. Lumpiness. You need to teach yourself to eat small portions. Forget the big plates. Better to fill a saucer. It will be a visual trick to the body.

2. Water. Drinking regime is very important for any diet. During the day a person must drink at least 1,5 liters of water. It is important to remember that the juice and the compote is a liquid and effective weight loss need is water.

3. Cuts in caloric content leads to lack of nutrients. In order to avoid feelings of drowsiness and weakness it is recommended for the American diet to buy in a drugstore vitamins. The choice is now quite large, to choose for themselves the best variant will not be difficult.

4. Without sports to forget about the extra pounds. This does not mean that you need to waste your time and money on attending classes at gyms. It will be enough to do every morning simple exercise for 15-20 minutes. It will help start the metabolism, improve the metabolism and trigger increased fat burning.

5. If a woman could not accustom myself to drink tea without sugar, you can add a little honey.

The diet «roller coaster»: the performance of

Statistics show that the American diet actually provides effective results. The number dropped kilograms depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Other factors that affect the performance of

1. The initial weight.

2. The structure of the body.

3. Passive or an active lifestyle.

4. Attitude on the result.

In an average week, women are able to get rid of 5 to 7 kg. Maximum weight loss after all the stages up to 12 kg in 21 days is a break, resume a diet is permitted after 3-4 months, but the weight loss will not be as significant.

The diet «roller coaster» was tested with women from all corners of the globe. The positive reviews attest to its effectiveness. In addition, the weight doesn’t return. The body gets used to eat right, and in the future will not require large amounts of calories.

American diet is not just diet menu, a proper organization of their daily diet. An effective method that has no contraindications, will help the woman to attain the figure of your dreams. The main thing is to tune in a positive and strictly follow all the rules and principles.