Absurd way to lose weight: milk tea

Today, no one popular publication is complete without tips on how to safely and quickly lose weight. Perhaps among the hundreds of tips and techniques are effective, but, alas, to expect that they will bring health benefits is not always necessary. Many fans of easy weight loss prefer tea with milk. What attracts them in this way? Most likely, lots of «rave» reviews and the many recipes that are published on the initiative of the advertiser. Maybe this drink is truly effective and useful? Try to understand.

On the Internet the most common are two ways of cooking:

1. Brew green tea with hot milk;

2. Pour in the brewed tea warm milk.

Despite the debate between the lovers of this drink on the benefits of a particular method, it should be noted that none of these recipes is not useful.

To give advice to drink molokochay can only be an illiterate person. Tea and milk are mutually exclusive products. Of course, if you really want, you occasionally give your body a possible, but not every day. Cannot be combined molokochay with cucumber, as advised by «experts». This «mixture» will cause digestive problems – diarrhea, and against the background of General malaise will lead to a decrease in appetite. It is possible that some believe it is an effective way to lose weight. Probably should think not only about losing weight, but about health in General.

Serious contraindications

The hypothesis that molokochay beneficial effects on the heart, purifies the gall bladder and kidneys, is wrong. In fact, the enzymes do not give tea to absorb calcium from milk: he settles on the walls of blood vessels making them brittle and fragile. As a result, heart problems, rosacea, bruising. In people with low blood pressure this drink can cause fainting.

The myth that drinking tea with milk helps to cleanse the body – is absurd. Molokochay, on the contrary contributes to the formation of kidney stones. And most importantly, the combination of these ingredients does not affect weight loss. With daily use they dehydrate the body (what is the outgoing kilograms), and further does slow down the metabolism.

The danger of tea, brewed with milk, is that it increases the amount of carcinogens, respectively, the risk of developing cancer increases significantly. In addition, this combination of mutually neutralizes the beneficial properties of both products. But individually green tea and milk, will benefit, rather than together.

About the benefits of dairy products

For losing weight dairy products are a must. They contain milk fat, which includes linoleic acid. Without it, the body is unable to burn excess fat. The slimming process is not possible without the calcium, or rather, without a one-time use of calcium and linoleic acid. Dairy products perfectly combine moderate calorie content, the necessary amount of linoleic acid and high in calcium.

Green tea is a fighter for the harmony

Green tea is a great assistant in weight loss. The case in its unique composition. Green tea contains a broad array of vitamins, chemicals, and organic compounds. So, tannin normalizes metabolic process, and theine helps to burn fats. The catechins in green tea maintain the blood sugar at the right level, gently relieving the body from extra pounds. It should also highlight glutamic acid, it to play an important role in the body to normalize metabolism.

Green tea at least 3 cups a day, will help you to lose about two pounds per month. So to kill all its useful properties of milk completely useless.