Mixed cashew, what is its benefits and harms. Only important information about cashew, its calorie content, the benefits and harms

Cashews, useful properties of walnut can be applicable not only in the food environment, but in the medical and cosmetic purposes. The Indian walnut has hit our shelves recently, and for the first time on them and spoiled. Over time, the girls learned the cashew fruit and at the moment actively use it and use.

Cashews, beneficial properties and what it consists of

Cashew, benefit to the body which we study, is a small curved fruit in a rigid sheath. It is inedible and perhaps even poisonous, so I advise you to buy in shops and markets is already cleaned and ready to eat product. The shell of the cashew has found application in medicine. It is crushed, milled and injected into the liquid, which is subsequently used to protect the wood from beetles bark beetles.

The Indian walnut is very soft and pleasant to the taste, some species even leave on the tongue a buttery aftertaste. It quite often leads women astray, who mistakenly believe that the harm of cashew is precisely that. However, the fat in this nut is much less than in the same almonds or peanuts.

The main components of one cashew nut, which we are studying are:

• proteins;

• fats;

• carbohydrates;

• starch;

• dietary fibre;

• natural sucrose.

As for the vitamin component, it is also present in the person of vitamins b, E and PP. If we talk about minerals, one cashew has: calcium; magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron and manganese.

Cashews, its benefits for the body also make omega-3 acids.

As you can see, the composition is more than useful. This does not mean that you need to use a nut from morning to evening, it can cause you allergies or nausea. But if you eat up to ten nuts a day, you’ll be able to supply your body with all necessary useful substances.

Cashews: good for the body it is impossible to overestimate

Cashew nuts good for the body are several factors. To list all the advantages of the Indian walnut is a very long time. We will identify the main points that will help you to get an idea about cashew and its benefit maximized.

1. A promising composition of the cashews gives it antibacterial, inflammatory and tonic properties. It also can be used for recovery after illness or exhausting workouts.

2. Regular consumption of nuts significantly improves the memory.

3. The cashew nuts can be consumed as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It also strengthens the walls of blood vessels making them more elastic and ongoing.

4. Cashew normalizes blood composition, improves and saturating it with vitamins and minerals.

5. Due to the high content of calcium in the nut benefit cashew health is that it strengthens teeth, nails and hair. The last less likely to fall out, nails get stronger, teeth and gums do not bleed.

6. Thanks to strengthen the action of the cashews, with it, any mom will be able to prevent some diseases their children, associated with patency of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pharyngitis, bronchial asthma).

As for non-food application of this amazing nut, and grated cashew waste is often applied to the open bites of nonpoisonous snakes in the prevention or treatment of dysentery. Skin lesions in the form of warts and cracks can also be treated with walnut

Cashews, harm and contraindications

Cashews, harm as such, can bring. The only exception is individual intolerance to nuts and their excessive use. However, there are a number of contraindications to consider before you take on a rule regularly eat cashews.

1. People who have previously found the stones or sand in the kidneys, strongly recommended the use of cashews. The nut can only aggravate the situation.

2. If you or your child is prone to allergic reactions, then refrain from eating nuts even the most minimal amounts. Because in the list of the most powerful allergens they are in the first place. Known cases when cashew caused anaphylactic shock, so that caution should be treated very carefully.

3. Walnut can harm any man, if he has not passed thermal processing.

4. Not recommended for use for babies up to three years. More adult children it is best to consume cashews, coupled with something (sweets or ice cream).

Methods of cooking cashew health benefits

The use of cashew for the health, treatment, prevention, or care may be positive only in the case when nuts are cooked with the mind.

So, here are some recipes that will help you make the most of the Indian fruit maximum benefit.

If you plan to use walnut in the home, the recipe will be the following: maximum grind the cashews and mix it with honey. Leave the starter in for a few days.

This tool will help you at the first sign of a cold and sharp pain in the stomach. For healing cracks in the skin, lacosta nails and hair loss you just need to RUB the mixture into the injured place and leave to absorb. If the mixture get too thick, you can add a pinch of vegetable oil.

With walnut you can also heal and dry wounds after burns. But in this case the recipe will be slightly different. Purchase a nut butter made from cashews, then add two drops of geranium and/or lavender. Shake tincture and allow the ingredients to react with each other during the day. After that, a thin layer smear tool on the affected skin.

On the basis of cashews, you can also prepare your own homemade cream. It will serve you good cosmetic product as cashew also has regenerative properties. It will rejuvenate your skin, giving it freshness and natural Shine.

The recipe is ridiculously simple: take several large cashew nuts and grind out as much as possible. Next, mix the fruit with low-fat yogurt (even with fruit). Alternatively, you can use sour cream, however, in this case, the cream will get a little thicker. In not you can add the juice from the fresh berries.

Use cashews for cooking lotion. To do this, you will also need a small handful of nuts, you want to fill with hot water. All this need a good mix regular table spoon, and then carefully strain through cheesecloth.

Next, 100 grams of hound of the water melt a little baby soap. If you have beeswax, you can also melt in hot water. After these procedures blend the strained nuts and the resulting infusion. The lotion ready and can apply.

Use cashews for the body of pregnant women and nursing mothers

To any products that will eat pregnant and lactating women, always special requirements. As for the former, they use cashews not only contraindicated, but also very useful for the following reasons:

1. Most pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency, in other words, anemia. Moderate consumption of cashew nuts will fill them with needed supplies.

2. As soon as the baby grows in the womb, it takes her all more vitamins and other components for the normal development of the organism. We have previously listed the vitamins and minerals contained in the Indian nut. If a pregnant woman will eat cashews a small handful several times a day, she will be able to replenish its supply of necessary substances, and supplies your growing toddler.

3. Numerous studies have also shown that eating cashew pregnant women can reduce the risk of dystrophy of the newborn. With walnut you can also prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

If to speak about those women who are already lucky enough to become mothers, and they confidently entered the post-feeding your baby, they can use the walnut for the following reasons:

• for stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract;

• as the primary source of protein and fiber;

• to improve and strength of the skeletal system of the baby;

• to improve the immune system, which allows mother and child to resist infectious and allergic diseases.

Lactating and pregnant women should also pay attention to the fact that even if originally they did not have allergies to nuts, as they will daily use of cashews, it can develop. At the first sign of this disease makes sense to immediately stop its use. In this case also need to consult with a doctor and possibly get tested.