The effectiveness of proper nutrition: list of protein and carbohydrate products for weight loss. What are proteins and carbohydrates will help to reduce weight

Most women are dissatisfied with their figure, many of them choose this way of losing weight is hard, exhausting system power in finding the most effective diet.

Hateful pounds may go through such radical methods, but they are replaced by chronic diseases and health problems due to the dramatic weight loss. In fact, to lose weight safely is possible with proper nutrition.

A list of protein and carbohydrate foods for weight loss: weight loss with carbohydrates

Usually the concept of weight loss and carbohydrates it is difficult to combine with each other.

Any person, whose way of life became diet, I can say that carbohydrate foods should be stricken from the menu.

And to refuse their admission to and the diet period, and after that the extra pounds could not return. This approach is fundamentally wrong.

The body equally needs proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. The lack of one of the components leaves an imprint on the health of the person at first, and later develops into serious health problems.

Insufficient carbohydrate intake leads to metabolic disorders, reduced performance and fatigue. It is known that carbohydrates can saturate the body with energy and maintain alertness.

Of course, back to the carbs that we are not talking in this case about sweets, sugar, pastries and other similar carbohydrates.

They certainly do not in any way contribute to weight loss. However, only on these foods carb list does not end there.

What carbs to eat and which to exclude from the diet: a list of protein and carbohydrate foods for weight loss

1. Fast carbs – the first thing to be abandoned. For weight loss they are not suitable. They are fairly easy to remember and exclude from your menu. It is sweets, chocolate, pastries, cakes, cookies, candies, pastries, popcorn, condensed milk, dates, bananas, watermelons and sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup. To quick carbohydrates applies to beer, so if you seriously intend to lose weight, forget about it many a favorite drink. Exceptionally, it is possible to use these products only in cases, when between meals is too long period, and the famine has come. Especially good if you, for example, physically working. Energy from carbs will be consumed by maintenance forces.

2. Complex or slow carbohydrates are different from fast that enter the bloodstream slowly, gradually, while maintaining a feeling of satiety much longer. When consuming complex carbohydrates, the energy in the body is spent, not accumulated. For example, a bowl of cereal will give you a sense of satiety for a long time, thanks to her, you won’t have an extra one, which is also a positive impact on your figure. Foods with slow carbohydrates should be taken in the morning or in the afternoon to charge the body with energy for the whole day, and dinner is better to be protein skimmed the menu.

List of foods good for weight loss content of slow carbohydrates:

• buckwheat;

• cereal;

• white and brown rice;

• barley;

• beans;

• peas;

• rye and branny bread;

• pasta – is allowed only from durum wheat;

• spinach;

• broccoli;

• bran.

White rice is often not recorded in such a list, which is very wrong. He was able successfully to establish itself as a tool for weight loss, despite a high rate of the glycemic index.

Included in the list of bread can be eaten in limited quantities. After all flour products consist of yeast and flour.

Most fruits and vegetables consist of fast carbs. Also part of the natural fiber slows down the process of their assimilation by the body that gives the ability to protect the body from sharp emission of insulin, as is the case with other fast carbohydrates.

A list of protein and carbohydrate foods for weight loss: the presence in the diet of species of proteins

Against proteins also are divided into 2 groups: fast and slow.

Fast proteins are absorbed by the body in a very short time, so it is better suited to athletes. In order to lose weight eat this protein directly before a workout for a few hours. The next meal should be immediately after training, and 2-3 hours later. So the body gets the opportunity to liquidate their fat accumulation.

Slow proteins are so named because of slow absorption in the body. Their caloric content is significantly lower than the previous group, however, their processing consumes more energy. They are useful proteins that stimulate weight-loss. With a slow protein to build muscle not work, as thanks to fast but they will contribute to the care of extra pounds.

The most common representative of the slow protein is cheese. It is absorbed fully in the body for 6-8 hours. The main use of slow protein – this is the time of admission. To supply muscles with the amino acids proteins you need to eat at night. Also it is good to eat those for a long time in terms of workflow is without food. For the duration of the assimilation of the feeling of hunger will not appear, but the body will be supplied with useful minerals.

In order to lose weight protein is also recommended for the night, namely the following products:

• yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or fermented baked milk – 300-400 ml of fermented milk products and hunger to satisfy, and good for the digestive tract will be;

• cheese low-fat varieties;

• fish, perfect in this case tuna;

• hummus or mashed chickpeas with spices and oil;

• poultry meat quickly saturates the body;

• soybeans and soy products are very useful;

• nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, but do not get carried away by them, the optimal rate – 35 g;

• berries;

• fruits, it should be avoided grapes, and bananas;

• dried fruit, such as dates, figs, pears – they are very useful;

• eggplant and squash caviar without bread appropriate;

• lettuce, carrots, avocado, spinach, broccoli – these foods can make a salad without adding salt.

Better absorbed in the body animal proteins, that they are often recommended by doctors. But in order to avoid allergies it is better to create a varied menu.

A list of protein and carbohydrate foods for weight loss: the preparation of the diet based on protein

1. Best the body treats and breaks down the egg protein. Recommended daily use of eggs, not exceeding the rate of 2 pieces.

2. A useful and needed product meat. You can cook chicken or lean beef for a couple.

3. To the meat add small side dishes, the first place among which belongs to oatmeal. This product is not only very good for the body, it is a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, low fat and minimal calories.

Effective diet using the list of protein and carbohydrate foods for weight loss

A list of protein and carbohydrate products for weight loss should consist of such ingredients that have a low glycemic index. In addition to this indicator should take into account the time of day when you plan to be eaten a particular product, the degree of physical activity, the duration of breaks between meals. The same bread with honey, eaten in the morning before heavy physical day – it’s just a way to store energy.

To eat properly and to lose weight, you must follow these rules:

1. The introduction of fractional power or in simple language eating small portions. Instead of the three techniques, this number increases to 5 times a day.

2. The refusal of a diet consisting solely of protein. The combination with other products necessary for example with vegetables.

3. Sauces permitted only soy and lemon, the remaining taboos in the right diet.

4. In the first half of the day to eat should be complex carbs, lunch – a light meal again, or carbohydrates, in the second half of the day – slow proteins.

5. The main ingredients of a balanced diet is chicken breast, boiled beef, fish, seafood (200 g). Method of cooking – steaming or water. You can complement main dishes salads or green vegetables.

Anyone who wants to lose weight for the New year — time to start!