A hearty Breakfast is detrimental to any diet

German nutritionists have refuted the view that a hearty Breakfast is not a hindrance to any diet.

The experimental group consisted of 380 people, most of whom had a problem with excess weight. The first group was given the task to fix within 10 days of lying and the amount of food consumed, and the second is every two weeks.

All subjects in the morning eat a lot of different food, the same evening their diet was significantly reduced. Some of the participants in the experiment were consumed for Breakfast from 120 to 130 kcal, other 600-670 kcal, and for dinner approximately 500-550 calories. During the observations none of the participants was not lost.

Of course, doctors say, tomorrow is able to charge a rich person with energy for the whole day, however to decrease appetite during the day and help in reducing weight.