A healthy diet can stop the cancer epidemic

The world health organization issued a forecast growth of cancer. If diagnosed today, they have 14 million people in the world, and by 2035 the figure will reach 24 million, i.e. will increase 1.7 times, experts say. Scientists are concerned that the population only knows about a limited number of causes of cancer: chemical carcinogens, ultraviolet radiation, Smoking. The role of nutrition remains undervalued.

The highest number of annual cancer deaths is due to lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer. In the Russian Federation, breast cancer ranks first in incidence and mortality among women. According to a Rosstat study, conducted in 2012, more than 23 thousand women die each year because of the appearance of malignant tumors in the breast.

Changes in the breast are gormonozawisimami and are associated with excessive production of the steroid hormone estrogen. On its levels in the woman’s body directly affected by the diet, namely the consumption of fats. The abundance of saturated fatty acids contained in food of animal origin (red meat, sausages, milk fat, butter), increases the concentration of estrogen in blood plasma, which starts the process of carcinogenesis.

The Harvard medical school and Women’s hospital in Boston during the joint observations of the diet of 714 women over 8 years found that consumption of fatty dairy products and red meat increase the risk of developing cancer.

The decline in the diet of animal fat and partial replacement of their plant, contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, can reduce the content of estrogen in the blood plasma. A reduction level of 17% should lead to a 4-5-fold reduction in the risk of breast cancer.

However, in addition to saturated fat on cancer occurrence may affect another type of fatty acids which we regularly consumed with food – TRANS fats. Unlike saturated fats, which are associated with breast cancer, TRANS fats are a potential cause of all existing types of cancer. The reason for their destructive action on the cells of the body is twisted molecular structure. TRANS fats are formed during hydrogenation, the artificial hardening of vegetable oils, but also are constantly produced in the stomach of ruminants due to natural hydrogenation. Therefore, it is worth to remember that the TRANS fats contained not only in fast food and sweets, but also in fatty dairy products.

Scientists world health organization believe that to ignore diet as a factor in the occurrence of tumors in healthy organism impossible. The orientation of the population to a more healthy balanced diet, fight against Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol is able to two times to reduce the sad statistics and save the lives of millions of people.