The decoction of oats are a storehouse of vitamins: can they do harm? What are the benefits the body the decoction of oats seem to take it without harm

In many English families for Breakfast porridge.

It is delicious and healthy.

However, a decoction of oat also has beneficial properties.

A decoction of oats: composition, calorie content, how to prepare and apply

According to its useful properties oats is in second place after the buckwheat. It contains all substances necessary for normal functioning of all organs of the body. It is, first and foremost, vitamins a, K, E, b group, iodine, iron, fluorine, phosphorus, zinc, sulphur, cobalt, manganese, etc.

Vitamin a is necessary for the body. He is involved in oxidative-improving processes, forms bones and teeth, affects fat metabolism, and cell growth.

Vitamin K (phylloquinone) normalizes blood clotting, promotes the absorption of calcium and vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, neutralizes toxins.

Vitamin E makes the body grow old before its time, restores the activity of the reproductive system in men and women, reduces the level of cholesterol.

B vitamins to normalize metabolism, promotes the synthesis of hemoglobin, regulate the nervous system, heal damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Iodine necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, regulate energy, protein, fat metabolism, controls the speed of chemical reactions in the body.

Iron is responsible for blood cell activity, oxidation-reduction reactions. Getting enough iron in the blood maintains health, helps to cope with stress.

Fluorine is involved in mineral metabolism, in the proper formation of bones, is responsible for the growth and condition of teeth, nails, hair.

Phosphorus is needed for growth of bones and teeth, for normal functioning of the heart, kidneys, supports the metabolism.

Zinc is necessary for insulin production in the pancreas, improves memory, prevents the formation of cataracts.

Sulphur is an important macronutrient, making healthy skin, nails, hair.

• The trace element cobalt , is involved in the formation of red blood cells, affects the process of hematopoiesis.

Manganese helps to absorb vitamin B1, iron, copper. Responsible for the construction of the cells in the body.

Interesting fact: Decoction of oats have recently gained popularity due to the doctor from France, Jean de S. Katerina. He called the broth is the elixir of health and longevity. Doctor daily drinking healthy drink two glasses before meals for many years. He was able to live to 120 years.

A decoction of oats low in calories, so its use will help to maintain a slim figure, improve health. 100 g of the liquid has 0.6 g protein, 0.4 g fat, 3.5 g carbs, calories 21 Kcal.

To take from the cereal all the vitamins and minerals, you can prepare a decoction of oat, useful properties which are beneficial to health. To drink it is recommended daily.

The recipe decoction of oats:

Two cups of oats to pour one glass of cold water, leave to swell for 12 hours.

After some time add water to closed grain, bring to boil, then put on a moderate fire and cook for half an hour, constantly pouring water.

Strain into a separate container a liquid, then cooled the grain to cool, grind them in a blender and mix with the broth.

Boil to a state of thickened jelly.

Drink a decoction of oats for an hour before meals, in small SIPS. This beverage is useful for the treatment of kidney stones. Per day need to drink about a liter of the drink. The course lasts for 3 months. To prepare a new portion of the drink each day, as it is very perishable. In the summer time it is best stored in the refrigerator.

A decoction of oats is of great benefit to the body. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates advised to drink a decoction of oats for energy recovery and enhance the protective functions of the immune system. Healthy drink it is used to eliminate various health problems, slimming, cosmetology.

Bath of oatmeal broth helps eliminate calluses and heals cracked heels.

One Cup of oats fill in with water, insist all night, in the morning bring to a boil and immediately remove from fire. Strain the liquid, add the same amount of water. Your feet in a bath with a decoction of oats, hold for 20 minutes. As the cooling water, pour warm. After feet are rinsed, dried with a soft towel, heels treated with a nail file for the feet, cleanse from dead skin, grease soothing cream.

A decoction of oats: what’s the use for the body?

Useful properties of broth oats help ulcerative diseases of stomach, gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis. It has diuretic, antipyretic activity. Eliminates swelling, used in the treatment of the kidneys, inflammation of the bladder, enuresis.

• For the treatment of gastritis half a Cup of oats ground in a coffee grinder, pour half a liter of water, simmering on low heat, covered for about 20 min. the Cooled beverage filter, liquid add boiled water to make 600 ml. forms a jelly, which you should drink during the day in three reception.

• When pancreatitis the drink is prepared in several stages. First grain add water and sprout for about 3 days. After that, the sprouts are washed, dried, grind in a coffee grinder. 1 tablespoon of the resulting powder pour a glass of water, boil for a few minutes. To insist about an hour, to drink at one time.

• Detoxification and elimination of constipation grain oats and grind in a coffee grinder 2 tablespoons of powder sugar and two cups of hot water, to insist in a thermos 12 hours. Strained drink take half a Cup half an hour before meals.

A decoction of oats: what’s the harm?

Despite the fact that a decoction of oats can be considered a storehouse of vitamins, this drink can harm health.

• It cannot be drunk by people with low blood pressure.

• An overdose of the decoction may lead to more frequent headaches.

• If in the gallbladder there are stones or sand, treatment with a decoction of oats should only be conducted after consultation with the therapist. Cut in the gallbladder drink made from oats not.

• Broth is not recommended for people with kidney and heart failure.

• Some people have allergies to grains, so in the case of individual intolerance need to stop taking drugs.

For pregnant and nursing mothers: the use of a decoction of oats

For pregnant women decoction of oats is very useful. Valuable vitamins and trace elements included in its composition, necessary for the growth and development of the baby. If a woman caught a cold, you can prepare a decoction for cough. One Cup oat grains pour one liter of milk, simmer on low heat for about 3 hours. Strain, taste to add to drink butter and honey. To drink during the day half a Cup.

Nursing mothers can drink oat milk, which increases lactation. To do this, 1 Cup of grains, pour a liter of water, boil until the consistency of jelly. Strain in the resulting liquid to pour as much boiling milk, cool. To drink all day.

A decoction of oats for children: helpful or harmful

The decoction of oats are beneficial for children.

• normalizes the stomach and intestines

• increases the protective functions of the body

• treats diathesis

• recommended for bronchitis, anaemia

It can be given crumbs from 2 months of age, but it is better to consult first with a pediatrician. Vitamin drink to kids is prepared from one liter of milk, Cup of oats, three tablespoons of honey. First, the oats and pour water and cook until creamy state. Then add milk and cook until the broth will not resemble a thick pudding. After cooling add honey.

Diathesis and eczema can be treated with applications of a decoction of oats. This unrefined whole grains are steamed with hot water, mash with a fork and applied to the problem area of skin for 10-15 minutes. Such procedures reduce inflammation and refresh the skin.

A decoction of oats: harm or benefit for losing weight

A decoction of oats helps to get rid of unwanted pounds, cleanse the body from toxins and nourishes it with vital substances.

• A decoction of oats acts on the intestinal wall, enveloping it with a viscous lubricant that protects the body from toxins and unnecessary substances. Intoxicated in the body quickly accumulate fat, broth oats clean of excess, accelerating the process of weight loss.

• The starch in the decoction of oats for a long time to digest, so reduced appetite, thereby reducing the number of meals.

• Drink plenty of vitamins, raising immunity.

• A drink made from oats improves the functioning of the thyroid gland. The problems associated with the endocrine system, lead to the appearance of excess weight.

Since the drink is low in calories, it does not add extra calories. The broth improves metabolism, restores the metabolism, charges vigor and energy.

Rightfully considered medicinal oats cereal culture. The ancient physicians of Egypt, India, China used it to treat various diseases. It is best to buy unshelled oats or «horse». It turns out a valuable medicinal drink.