A bowl of cereal from whole grains protect against chronic diseases

Scientists studying atioxidant, we are confident that whole grain products should be given more attention, since only one morning a bowl of cereal protects against heart diseases and diabetes. Professor Stefan, Liliya (Research Institute Illawarra) conducted an analysis of 11 studies on the use of whole-grain products.

We studied the records of hundreds of respondents, which was recorded almost ten years. As it turned out, people ate about 40 grams of grain were more protected from other diseases of a chronic nature. For comparison: a big bowl of cereal contains about 45 grams of whole grains.

Meanwhile, almost 80% of people do not consider it necessary to use whole grains in sufficient quantity, not suspecting that the effect is directly associated with the number. Most importantly, the bran and the germ, you should not delete (bran contain substances necessary for the growth of grain). Otherwise, the nutritional content of meals is reduced significantly.

Reduced the fiber content, which brings great benefits to the intestines. It has no vitamins and nutritional compounds, however, it significantly lowers cholesterol. Due to the positive effect on digestion, fiber protects the body from the formation of tumors of the intestine. Scientists are not tired to remind: aleyron, which is beans, extremely rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins of different groups, and Frolovo acid, which is known for its antioxidant properties and protivoopujolevam action.