7 myths about sugar

All of us from childhood taught: too much sugar is bad for you. As adults, we begin to consciously avoid sugar and without parental supervision: someone refuses sweets, afraid to get better, but someone seriously fears for his health. Is it really as bad as all this is ambiguous, but (why we confess) everyone’s favorite product?

Myth # 1: Sugar is absolutely useless

Doctors recognize that people today eat far more sugar than they should. However, they are all unanimous in the opinion that complete elimination of sugar-containing products from the diet is impossible: glucose saturates the body’s cells with energy, important for proper functioning. The consequences of full refusal of sugar can be a violation of pressure, fatigue and memory impairment.

Myth # 2: the Main source of sugar – sweetness

Although chocolates and biscuits contain large amounts of sugar, they’re not the main source of glucose. Most sugar we get from seemingly quite savory products – sauces, juices, sausages, bread. Also contains sugar in sweet fruits, cereals, nuts, milk. To avoid excessive consumption of sugar, nutritionists strongly recommend not to give up your favorite sweets, and reduce the consumption of processed foods, packaged juices, yogurt and other foods with a high content of so-called «hidden» sugar.

Myth 3: Fructose is healthier than cane sugar

Contained in fruits sugar cane properties similar to its sibling, and the abuse is capable of harm. However, necessary for the body glucose really is recommended to obtain from fruits, not cakes, because the concentration of sugar in them lower and in addition they contain many vitamins, acids, and other nutrients.

Myth 4: Sugar causes diabetes

The main «culprits» of emergence of diabetes of the second type is the systematic overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. These habits lead to spikes in blood sugar levels and health problems. In itself the consumption of sweets is not the main cause of the disease.

Myth # 5: sugar makes you fat

Fascination with sweets leads to extra pounds only in the case if the person constantly consumes more calories than his body needs. Exactly the same effect, by the way, excess fatty foods or alcohol. If you put do not exceed a daily intake of calorie, chocolate or cake will not harm your body.

Myth # 6: the Substitute is a healthy alternative to sugar

Artificial sugar substitutes have the same or even higher in calories than natural sugar. In addition, because of their synthetic origin, some substitutes like aspartame in large quantities can cause serious health problems.

Myth # 7: Sugar is addictive

Scientists believe that the sweet tooth is a genetic trait. In ancient times, when the only source of food was hunting and gathering, sweet taste of the product testified to the fact that it is nutritious and non-poisonous, and so edible. Today, the rich sugar foods help us to deal with stress: sweet promotes the production of serotonin, elevates the mood. To avoid unpleasant health and shape effects, it is recommended to find another way of dealing with melancholy-sadness, for example, sports.