5 worst office snack

It is no secret that the work of most employees involves active work of the brain, which often, for the energy supply of the body, causing the need for frequent snacking. Part of the employees bring food from home in a box, part of visiting the nearby feeding stations.

Experts have identified a list of products, the use of which in the workplace can seriously affect the human health.

Scientists have found out that some products have a depressing effect on the nervous system affecting the brain.

Thus, in particular, loved by many cherries that contain a large number of useful substances also are composed of the hormone melatonin causing sleepiness. Doctors recommend eating these berries before bed. This will be especially relevant for those people who suffer from insomnia.

Coffee, which is famous for its invigorating effect, not as useful as it seems. Doctors say that the maximum the toning effect of this drink has only an hour and a half after its adoption. After this period of time, as a rule, the tone starts to decrease and the person feels a certain lethargy.

Bananas may be one of the most popular office snacks. However doctors believe that these fruits can cause muscle relaxation, leading to sleepiness. The same, incidentally, applies to seeds.

Meat is rightly considered a product that can perfectly satisfy hunger. However, doctors warn that the digestion of meat foods, the body spends a lot of energy, that interferes with normal blood circulation in the brain. And contained in the meat of tryptophan, can cause strong drowsiness. All this concerns and a variety of sweets, which are consumed at the work place need in quite limited quantities.